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    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2014 edited
    Those that like to make videos of their coasters will probably find this quite useful. I've already seen some interest in the ability to do this and I think this is the most user friendly way to implement it in NL2. So, here we go...

    What Does it Do?
    This script will create an external ride camera whose position will follow the track one coaster while the camera itself will target the train of another coaster. This is extremely useful for making some pretty cool video shots

    Why Would I Want it?
    because you can make uncut full-length off-ride videos and lots of other cool video clips! Check out the video of the NL2 stock coaster Hybris I made with it! It took me about 45 minutes to create the track for this entire video.

    Where do I get it?

    Right Here

    *note: most recent version: 18/07/2015

    How Do I Use it?
    The camera is packaged inside a scene object like the clearance envelope so it's quite easy. Here's a full set of instructions from start to finish:

    Getting the files ready:
    • Download the Scene Object here
    • Unzip the file and grab the folder labeled "Custom Tracked Target Camera"
    • Place it in the park directory where you want to film

    Setting up your park:
    • Make the rollercoaster that you want to film (<- This is the most time consuming part...)
    • Select the "Custom Camera" object from the park directory
    • Put the box next to the train you want to film
    • Make a new coaster in your park for the camera to follow. I recommend naming it "Custom Camera 1" as this is the default in the script, but it can be easily changed
    • In the simulator, go to where you placed the object (probably in the station of your target coaster). When you get close, a prompt will appear in the corner that says "Press E to enter Custom Camera 1" When you press E, you will warp to your camera.

    At this point, the camera should function properly. It should attach itself to the first car of the first train on your "track coaster" and target the train next to the box. However, the train of the track coaster will obstruct your view. Here's a way to fix that:
    • Set your track coaster to have invisible track. This is just in case you can't fully hide all the track successfully
    • Use the "move coaster" feature in NL to drop the ride below the terrain (or drop it as much as possible)
    • Then open the script "CustomCamSH1.nlvm" (can be done with any plain text editor). At the top, there is a section labeled "//CHANGE THESE PARAMETERS TO MATCH YOUR SETTINGS*****". Under that heading is the track coaster name (in case you want to call it something other than Custom Camera 1) and the vertical offset. Change the offset by however much you just moved your coaster. Note: Just remember to put your coaster name in double qoutes and end each line with a semicolon (like it is in the script)
    • Freeze the ride to make the track invisible
    • Access the camera as seen above. The access point will still be where you placed the box.
    • Make awesome videos clips!

    If you can't get it to work or if you have questions, let me know!
    • CommentTimeApr 17th 2014 edited

    I was going to bombard the 2nd half of the Heretic video with this stuff, but I never got it working. The camera was jittery when looking at the target for some reason, and so I had to scrap my big coaster camera rig track I made for it. (I actually used a small snippet of that camera track here, but with a handheld camera instead of scripted one. Which made it kindaaa rough.) I'm curious as to what this script has that makes it actually work this time - anything fundamentally different that fixes the problem? It seems that instead of having the camera be scripted to move along the track, you have it attached to an actual coaster car. I guess that somehow makes the difference.

    anyway you are my hero thank you
    • CommentAuthorsbdb2099
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2014 edited
    ^looking forward to what you will do with this AJ ...

    Very cool stuff JetPulse. Imo not only nice for videos, but also for just adding to a park to enhance the experience. I just added a camera track with transport elements and got a nice shot of a train going through a loop(first try, beginner's luck i guess ;D). I just think about "easter eggs" (how suitable with the upcoming weekend :D) you can hide in a park like a board with an instruction on how to find and use such a tracking shot. That should work if you copy the track you want to view but with a change of position of the station in the "not frozen ghost track". It also should be pretty easy to synchronize that with the reset button.

    Thank you JetPulse :)
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2014 edited
    That was amazing and useful stuff ! it also works well on CTR !

    but I have a small problem of it after following the instruction
    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2014
    Did you change anything about the object or script? That error message should occur when you try to run the script by means other than attaching it to an object. If you tried to implement the script on a CTR, this will happen. It does this because the script hides the box in the simulator so it can't be seen.

    Maybe on a list of stuff to do is make a camera script that can be attached directly to a CTR to allow for On-Ride video...
    • CommentTimeApr 18th 2014
    I tried to redownloaded the stuff, and I removed the CTR but the error still exists
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2014
    File whispered~
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2014 edited
    So I'm working with a CTR, and whenever I hit 'E' to enter the custom camera, it goes to 10m below the station an does nothing at all. I have no idea what is going wrong.

    This is the message that comes up:

    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2014
    The null pointer exception is for a line referencing the train of the target coaster. I think you are trying to reference a coaster that has no trains (probably your track coaster) which is why you get the error. I don't think the camera will work for a CTR because it is programmed to follow an NL train and you probably have the actual train for your ride sunk below the terrain. Maybe I will someday come back and add this functionality to the script, but for now it's only going to follow NL trains.
    I received this error, with the original script intact.

    @darkstar Did you set ten camera value to a number without a .0 on the end? (Ex, 10 rather than 10.0)
    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2015
    It's a bug in the script introduced during one of the NL2 updates. I fixed the script and updated the download link in the original post. Go ahead and grab a fresh download and copy over your old files and it should work just fine.

    I had originally specified vertOff as a final variable and then later in the script had a line to ensure that the variable was properly formatted (as a float). It looks like the changes to the scripting engine made that line problematic so I removed the "final" tag from the vertOff definition. Ran a quick "before and after" test: got the error with the original version and not with the updated version.
    @JetPulse - Thanks. Works fine now.
    • CommentTimeJul 17th 2015 edited
    I've received this error me too, when I was testing my ride with the Custom Cameras and the original script was intact(no changes).

    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2015
    Looks like the script isn't finding the coaster that you want the camera position to follow. Check to make sure the name of your camera coaster matches the name in line 23 of the script (the default is "Custom Camera 1")

    If that doesn't work, let me know.
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2016
    It would be nice if someone can help me with that. I'd like to make that the camera is looking at some targets instead of a coastertrain, like the one which is already in the program.
    I wanna record a walk through a queueline, but when i'm doing it in the walkmode and move the camera to the side, it looks very shake in the video because of my bad mousemovement.
    The reason why i need to use this scrip is the possibility to change the speed of the camera during the record.

    Btw, is this the right way i'm going or is there a much easier way to achiev my goal, like another program to smooth my mousemovement?
    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2016
    Do you want the camera to simply look forward as it moves through the queue? If so, just lay down a coaster with track below the ground and use "Fly-by" view to make a camera above the train. No scripts necessary.

    If you need the camera to look some other direction other than forward, the easiest thing to do with this script is to vertically offset the "target" coaster. Build the target coaster where you want the camera to look, then lower it by a specific amount (say 10 meters). Then in the script, after line 125 add a line that says
    TargetPos.y += 10.0f;
    Or replace 10.0 with whatever distance you lowered the target coaster by. This will raise the location that the camera is pointing by 10 meters. Scripts can be edited using any basic text editor (notepad, wordpad, npp, etc...)

    So, that part of the script should read
    //Calculate the rotation of the camera for targeting
    Vector3f SpaceDiff = new Vector3f(CameraPos);
    TargetPos.y += 10.0f;

    This little trick can be used to view custom trains as well (assuming the creator has a "dummy" ride below the ground that it is following). Just have to remember to place the object next to the dummy coaster train and not the custom train.