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    Aug 25th 2011

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    Jul 14th 2012

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  • Current Projects

    Twilight Zone: The Ride (Heavily-themed, trackwork attempt number 2), Bionuclear (Collab with IronWolfman)

  • Defunct Projects

    Alpina (A hillside looper), Stein (A unique twisted hyper double lift), Fall of Icarus (Flyer with a spiral drop)

  • Completed Projects

    Bottle Rocket (Launcher with zero g twist launches), Ja Cold (First inverted), Ceryneian Hind (Standard twisted with a false ending), Lights Camera ACTION!! (B&M Floorless), Finalforce (X-car),

  •  .

    Alpine Rush (B&M Invert, failed smooth attempt)

  • Fun Projects

    The Dot (face-to-face that pulls over +360 vertical and -60 acc g's and hits speeds of 130 mph), KingDeath Ka (The bad recreation to end all bad recreations)

  • Average Rating

    4.6975 (I think it says something that my highest rated coaster is a joke coaster)