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    Hello everyone! It's nice to see some familiar faces on the boards as I register over here. I wish this site much success as it continues to grow.

    Most, if not all, of you remember me, but here's a quick re-introduction of myself:

    I've been using NL since December of 2003 (wow, almost 6 years!) and used to be a very active builder. Over the last two years I've gotten a bit stagnant with a busy life getting in the way, and other projects, but I do plan on releasing a new track...eventually. Hopefully sooner rather than later since I have a reliable computer again. It sucks when you like your work and lose it when the machine crashes. As for real life, I'm still working at Great Adventure, but I'm not a seasonal Team Member anymore. I'm part of the Human Resources traing team at the park now, so I teach the orientation classes we have for our incoming Team Members, portions of our management classes, auditing our TMs to make sure they are delivering our quality of guest service, and some other things here and there. It's a good gig and I'm very happy that I'm finally in a place where I'm using my degree, and have a job year-round.

    I'll see you all on the boards! Let's get out there and ride some coasters -real and virtual!