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    Hey all! My name's Casey. From Las Vegas and 29. I've had NoLimits for almost 3 years now and still have no clue as to how to build a coaster. :LOL: I've built 1 woodie, but nothing after that. For me, it's extremely complicated in getting things smooth and the way I want. I've been a rollercoaster fan since I could ride them at Disneyland. This program is the best out there and I look forward to hopefully learning how to utlilze this program to build my dream coasters.

    Hi Casey,

    If you do not know how to build coasters, I shall teach you how, It's not that hard :-) There is also a new program called Newton 2 which should aide you in building perfect rides, it's a bit more complex but I should have a tutorial out for that soon.


    And I shall be your friend for life Mathew! I completely and totally appreciate your offer! How do we get this started? LOL I'll check out Newton 2 as well. Thank you so much!

    I shall write a little guide when I get some free time, I hope some other people can benefit from it too. Also, Newton 2 is not released yet, I do believe Keith is planning to shove it out the door soon though.

    And Keep practicing, You should of seen my first rides (terrible). I have not uploaded them here yet. :-P

    I'll be awaiting the turorial! I printed everything on the NoLimits website to help, but it only helped me build the circular track. LOL I'll also wait on Newton 2. Is there a Newton 1 somewhere? I'm very visual so I have to know why something works and how before I can use it.
    Okay, so I was looking around for Newton and it seems it is a MAC only application...did I read this right? Does anyone have a good site where I can download it? Or should I wait for Newton 2?
    • CommentAuthorCamsco1
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2009

    I thought Newton was a Gravimetric program... can't wait for 2.0 though! I've been testing Newton and I can't make a solid coaster because I just can't figure out exactly how to work it.

    I could be wrong Camsco1. I didn't do a ton of research on Newton. I'll need to wait till after we move this weekend to get more info. Can anyone lend some light on this for us??? LOL
    No it's a windows only application ;)

    I can't seem to find it at the moment but I'm sure Coastercrazy has it somewhere.
    • CommentAuthorCamsco1
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2009

    Oh, and DL225, it's Can anyone "shed" some light on this... lol no biggie though.

    And yeah it's Windows only. Maybe someone could make an emulator (ooh! pick me!) for the Mac?

    ^ You'd have to talk to Entropy about that. Knowing him if you could get in touch with him about it he would let you do it.
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2009
    I'm pretty sure he said if you have Bootcamp or something like that, it could work on a MAC.
    Camsco, thanks for correcting me. :) I don't know why I said "lend." How retarded is that. LOL Thank you to those who corrected me saying it's Windows only for Newton.