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    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2009
    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if we could have just as CoasterSims had, an NoLimits tools page, where all the handfull tools are of gravimetric studio. And maybey also taking care of the paying methods, because now gravimetric has stopped, I can't borrow the full version of the object creator.


    • CommentAuthorCarteerio
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2009
    I'm a Mac user and can't find any object-creating software. Is it just me or is the Gravimetric Studios site dead? It just looks like a "site name available" page. I've been want to implement scenery into so many of my roller coaster creations, but can't find any tools/software that lets me. Can someone please help me?
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2009
    Gravimetric is gone, yeah. And that is also why I hoped if there is a way to continue the pay method. Or maybey there is an better program to create 3ds objects.

    chizoid : We shall be adding a tools page very shortly, but I am afraid we cannot host nor setup a payment system for the OC due to copyright issues. If you are looking for a new program, anim8or is a popular choice as it is quite simple.

    Carteerio : You can try Blender. It is available for Mac OS X, but it came across as quite complex.


    • CommentTimeAug 28th 2009

    i've not been on nolimits since coastersims went down so i dont have any of the tools

    where can i download the main ones (AHG etc)
    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2009 edited
    You guys can also use Wings 3D, which is similar in design to 3Ds Max, just minus all of the cool animation gizmos, and the likes. It's 100% free, and is NOT limited. loefet (one of the more regarded NoLimits designers on a couple other forums) has made an incredibly well themed ride using Wings 3D.

    As for tools, for now untill Matt gets a download page up and going, you can use mine and Jareds download page for tools: Enjoy