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    so im trying to download some coasters, but its pulls up the demo no limits instead and says full version is required... al though ive had the full version for almost 2 years. i even have 1.8 already. anyone know why?
    It may have forgot you had the registration key, if it will let you I suggest just re-entering it. This happened to me around when I got it in 2008.
    kool... but how do i do tht? sry im clueless.

    u fnd ur regkey & put it in nl edtr

    BTW vowels exist...I'd suggest using them so we can decode and comprehend what is being typed through your computer. kthx

    But yes, you must find your registration key which the email said to write down after you downloaded the program and keep it safe. If you have forgotten it, I'd email the NoLimits team (, give them your name and approximate date of purchase and they'll give you another code.

    okay ill try that. thanks! im using vowels now.
    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2011
    Capitalization and correct punctuation is next on your "to do" list.
    Go to the No Limits website and send them an email saying that you need your registration code again. Give them your email. And then they will email you back with the info you need! Did this once, because it got uninstalled on my laptop. Good Luck!
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2011
    ^From there, SAVE the reg keys, on a sheet of paper tucked away somewhere. Then store them on a Notepad on your HDD. Then save it on a portable HDD. Never can have enough backups ;)