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    Hello I am new to the exchanges forum, but I have been around NoLimits for quite some time. My home park is SFGAm and my favorite coaster is there legendary ShockWave. Speaking of this coaster I am doing a version 2 of my recreation of it. Yall should check it out. My favorite company is Arrow Dynamics and I just love crazy g-force, coaster fun! I am glad to finally introduce myself to the forum. I have spent about 1% of my life to date using NoLimits. I love the community here and I really like that just about every track gets solid rates. I try to rate and download when I can and I hope to become a well-known and respected part of the NoLimits Exchange community. Pleasure to meet all of you. "Disco" Dave DiAngelo
    Welcome back!! I think I remember you but I could be wrong ;) If your who I think you are then go check facebook. If not than I sound like a crazy person and I'm sorry! =D
    • CommentAuthorOnjin
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    ^'re not a crazy person then? Lol.

    Welcome Disco. You have come to (what I think is) the best current NL exchange site available. We look forward to your contributions.
    Welcome back, I have downloaded some of your coasters, which are for the most part good. I can tell that you like Shockwave from all of the versions and rides you make like it. :)

    *Beat you Giga
    Thank you, I am so glad you guys are so accepting
    Posted By: A.S.Coasters*Beat you Giga


    Games aside, welcome to the exchange!
    Thank you, now for some advertising. You guys should all check out my topic of my version 2 of ShockWave @ SFGAm

    Thank you guys for taking the time to look at this page. I have one quick question for those of you who want to answer. What category would be proper for to advertise/showcase a track in?
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2011
    Engineer's Warehouse. Imagineers is more technical, and the NoLimits Coaster forum is for updates/news about the program itself.
    ^Okay thanks man. Also, thank you for being such a vigilant rater, I think you have a rate on every one of my tracks. Thst my friend I admire.