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    I was wondering, is there a documentation on the .nltrack file format? I'd like to be able to read the data from them without having to use NL's editor. The data I'm interested in is especially the node and handle coordinates and node banking, and all custom support beams.


    This should get you most if not all of the way there: libnltrack


    Thanks Mathew! I think this could be what I am looking for. However I haven't programmed a single line of C in my life so I really need to take time getting into this. But it'd be a good lesson :)

    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2012
    One thing you can do to get the node information without the NL Editor:

    Use the Track packager to unpack the .nltrack file
    Import the .nltrack file in Purgatorium (go to Prefab -> Open initial from track)
    Send it straight through to "processed" without changing anything (go to Process -> Copy Initial to Processed)
    Export as a CSV (Prefab -> Save Processed as CSV-/Text-File)

    This will give you a text file with all of the node coordinates, node banking, and handle coordinates.

    All the software you need for this can be downloaded for free at