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      CommentAuthorJeremy T
    • CommentTimeAug 19th 2009 edited

    It seems I'm about three weeks too late for the grand-opening. Give me a break, I just turned 21 at almost the exact same time.

    Those of you who don't remember me, I was that permanent fixture over at CoasterSims that always wrote really long-winded opinion pieces and reviews that all of three people probably read. Hopefully I'll continue that tradition here-- however, I've not been active at all in NoLimits since completing the Steel Hawg re-creation and 3 Blind Mice Challenge back-to-back last winter, and I don't really foresee myself getting back into it anytime before NL2 releases, but we shall see (still got a semi-decent Maverick draft that's sitting on my hard-drive I'd hate to see go to waste). Mostly I've got dual-major studies coming back up soon, a large portion of which will hopefully place me somewhere in Europe next spring/summer, and I've put most of my coaster-focused energies into my own website; impossibly critical dissections from every angle of Diamondback and Beast as well as Holiday World's coasters are currently being penned. Those of you looking for the old CS No Restraint review on Hard Rock Park will find it preserved there, with a new "one year later" companion essay as well. I'll try to get most of my old tracks I had on CS uploaded here as well pretty soon.

    I seem to be getting off to a good start on preserving that old legacy I mentioned so I'll wrap this up now. Glad to see a good replacement where all the old CS people can congregate. Looks like a good start, Mathew, obviously not quite all there yet but I'm seeing a few things already that even CS didn't do as well.

    Later, all



    Hey Jeremy,

    I sent my congratulations on facebook. Not sure if you received it, you had a lot of "happy birthday" messages :-P. Awesome website by the way, I will have to spend a couple of days reading all your material. I think you are possibly the most enthusiast person I have come across.

    I will also work through your long list of suggestions you sent me. Hopefully I can implement some of the ideas.

    Nice to see you around.