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    • CommentTimeFeb 26th 2012
    This thread is to create a detailed timeline of events in roller coaster history. People can post information about past rides, amusement parks, and more modern coasters as well.
    Here is the layout for a post about a roller coaster:

    Name of Ride- Amusement park ride is located
    Year Opened- Year Closed (If applicable)
    Then various stats, details about the ride. You can say how important it was (Eg, first to go a certain height, speed), specific statistics about it, or anything you find interesting.

    The layout for an amusement park is similar, only don't have the ride name, just name of the park. Any ride, roller coaster, or amusement park that has ever existed may be put in this thread.
    So, like any good story, we start at the beginning. According to Roller Coasters by Robert Coker, this is a primitive idea of how the roller coaster concept began.

    15th Century Saint Petersburg. Two friends huddle around a fire trying to escape the brutal cold.
    "So Pyotr, looks like we'll be getting more snow today."
    "Yes, Yuri. As they say, what else is new?"
    "My friend, we need some ideas for what we can do to pass the time, perhaps what will make us scream with giddy pleasure."
    "Yes, screaming would take our mind off this wretched cold."
    Suddenly Pyotr leaps to his feet and bellows,"Hey Yuri, why don't we build a wooden ramp, allow water to freeze on this ramp, fashion some sort of sled, and slide down this ramp at high velocity?"

    And thus, the idea for the roller coaster was born. Who knows what the future will hold....
    ^Nice quote from Robert Coker's book. One of my favorites actually.

    Batman the Ride - Six Flags Great America
    Opened - 1992
    The first inverted roller coaster on the planet. Height, 100'. Top Speed, 50mph. # of inversions, 5.

    Here's my quote...

    "...When it opened in 1992, the planet went gaga."
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012
    Posted By: OinzCEO17Roller Coastersby Robert Coker

    This is where I got most of my knowledge and what inspired me to learn more. I also have this REALLY n00b coaster book that is about 78% incorrect.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012 edited
    I take it everyone had this 200-page book at some point:

    I had the American Roller Coaster book as well, but it's in California somewhere.

    EDIT: Cut the image down several hundred sizes.
    • CommentTimeFeb 27th 2012 edited
    ^I have that book, the Robert Coker book, the American Roller Coaster book (the one with all the descriptions and stuff...fantastic, but outdated by over a decade), and Coaster Enthusiast's Companion I think. I had a lot of coaster books because that was the "pre-internet forum" era for me as a kid, so that was a my top choice in looking up coaster stuff. Then RCDB came along, and oh god did I just spam "Random Coaster".

    EDIT: Sorry, off topic. Continue...
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    Posted By: gigacoasterfanThe first inverted roller coaster on the planet. Height, 100'. Top Speed, 50mph. # of inversions, 5.

    Here's my quote...

    "...When it opened in 1992, the planet went gaga."

    Last week I rode the ancestor of Inverted coaster... chair lifts!

    Here's a quote :

    "B&M said they were inspired by the ski lift. Walter Bolliger said, "Maybe it was the fact we came from Switzerland, where there are a lot of ski-lifts. We thought we could do something like a chair which was suspended, without any floor for their feet so people feel like they are flying through the air-with a lot of freedom.""