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    Best park in NoLimits 2 so far? Yes. Incredible work!!
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016 edited
    This is far beyond NL2 at this point. I have yet to discover the Phase 2 in-game, but the work and thought put into the project is phenomenal.
    What I love and what I wish real theme parks would do more often, is to have that diversity in its lands while keeping a global storyline. Even Disneyland don't do that.
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016
    Absolutely beautiful as usual with your work. I also have to agree with how well optimized it is, I only really get frame dips when I fly up or am in high up spots on the coasters, but when I'm down at walking level it runs amazingly. I honestly can't wait to see what happens with Phase 3 (I'm hoping for some sort of wooden coaster as that really seems to be the only thing the park is lacking at the moment in the coaster department).
    Thankyou for all the comments!

    ^ A wooden coaster certainly isn't off the tables for phase 3, I have some interesting ideas to fit one in in the open space next to the Mystic Hollow building. However, the biggest thing going against a wooden coaster at this stage is how intensive the support structure would be in the park.
    • CommentAuthorSvatlas
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016 edited
    Amazing work crazycoaster :) There are so much lovely details inside the park ! The concept/layout are great. Just the uv work need some tweaks.

    Just a tip. Delete this glastexture and use only 3 sites for it.NL dont like such round glas shapes.

    Youll getting more fps. I must deleted too and ive got over 20fps more´in my park. It helps you too maybe.
    Unfortunately that is the downside to using Sketchup, it is utterly useless at UV texturing. I have experimented with tools to improve this (take a look at the golden dome in the centre of the entrance plaza to see the best that these tools have been able to do) but they arn't amazing. I may look to texture mapping or try to get my head around Blender (I find it a really frustratingly difficult to use program after using Sketchup), but I suspect mapping will hugely increase the file sizes of the park/textures, which is already sitting at 230MB.

    I'm not sure what you're suggesting for the glass texture, I think something was lost in translation? What do you mean "use only 3 sites for it"?
    • CommentAuthorSvatlas
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016 edited
    Yes, thats the problem with SU :) You need a seperate programm like Blender or 3d Coat,maya, 3ds e.g. Uv´s are very important. Here is a example what i meant :)

    I had a lot of trouble with this glas round shapes. I use this kind of shapes now and my park runs much much better. I can help you with some uvs if you want. I know its hard to learn :D


    Here is the new water for your wildcanyon ride. You can also use the deformer function in nl. It looks like a river now.


    • CommentAuthorThrill Lab
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2016 edited
    Okay as many others have stated above, this was awesome. I could go on for a while about how great this was but instead I wanted to point out my own failures in testing as i found several problems around the park, as well as some other things i think might have been mistakes.

    (picture heavy)

    Grass poking through the ground

    Texture missing

    Little poly in the a of adventure is missing texture

    Possible missing fences here as I don't know why you would want to go back there

    This fence seems a little too short as it's easy to hop into the coaster path

    The o in gorilla is way too small (may not be a mistake)

    These two show a problem probably more with NL2 but maybe not but the poly has like a missing piece when you are in certain locations

    Sorry for incomplete explanations, however I will edit them in as soon as i can get on my home computer. (my laptop died)
    Thanks for pointing those all out. I'm slowly making my way down your list and correcting them.

    The small O in Gorilla was intentionally small to play on the word 'Grill', not sure how effective that was though haha.

    Sketchup can be a right B****** sometimes when texturing those fences, I don't know why lots of them are ever so slightly out of line, I did redo quite a few of them, but the park is so big I've apparently missed quite a few.
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2016
    I know Aether is magical, but can it allow two boats to pass through each other..?

    • CommentAuthorThrill Lab
    • CommentTimeMay 10th 2016
    Also the two pictures indoor in mystic hollow are hard to see from the pic and easier to see in game. The problem is that there is a fine where lone right above the fence tops.
    • CommentAuthorThrill Lab
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2016
    Ok so I said earlier that I could go on and on about how great this was and so I decided to break down and rate this massive project.

    First off let me say that this is a really fitting enterence to a great park. The entrance flows into the park and feels welcoming as well as clutter free. The colors all work together and the area works with itself and fits into the park nicely.
    After flowing into this first area of the park the buildings and architectural style are quite interesting and visually appealing. Putting the first buildings enterence in an alley way made it hard to find and I feel took away from the otherwise grand enterence. Also, with all the vibrant colors make the buildings quite distracting and it makes the ride enterence a hard to find. Then with Aeris being around the back the people are drawn to the back side where there is little space and it is a little cramped.
    This is a fun ride. It's fast paced and flow made it an exiting ride and the close calls with the beautiful castle building thing makes for a really beautiful onride experience. However the ride does at one point pull 5.2 G’s which isn't illegal but might be slightly uncomfortable. The rest of the finishes however were very nice such as the car texture and the fading paint which just shows how much thought was put into this.
    The visual effects on this were great. With both the room and the gondola spinning, the roll effect was really cool. The decorations in the middle and in the room were fitting but not so much that they were distracting. However, while standing in the vehicle while the ride is in motion results in you ending up under the world object.
    Lightning Canyon:
    The canyon was a cool experience and the large rock walls along with waterfalls and the scattered buildings tied this area up in a nice little bow and left guests with another cool land to explore.
    River Rapids:
    The caves and elevator made for a cool pre lift/ lift section and the areal view of the park from the top is a cool bonus. The layout was fun and pretty twisted and fun for a water ride. The drops were fun and the rest of the cave travel led to a neat, canyon experience.
    The future city lived up to its name. The theme was well executed and all the buildings, once again, tied together. The pathways were slightly confusing to navigate but the rides were still cool. The two levels and the waterfalls were a cool, well executed idea and added a feel of being high up in a future city.
    Blade Runner:
    The layout was fun and thrilling but also gave riders time to breathe. The twisted section between the cobra roll and the zero g over the station was a little boring and kind of ruined the pacing but the drop into the loop was a really fun experience as a loop is not usually that far into a layout. The post MCBR section was fun and fast paced delivering a fun fast ending to a cool ride.
    This was just a swing so not much to say here but the ride does seem kind of shoved into the back corner. However, while onride the swing fits snugly into its environment and creates a cool experience.
    This was a fun area to explore. The facades were cool and the post apocalyptic world was well destroyed. The remnant fit well but the patterned textures made some of the rides hard to find but the queue in front of the halo building added a more noticeable ride enterence. The tower was cool although it king of stood out as there was no theme inside the tower.
    The ride was very fast paced as well as being very smooth. The twisted layout kept you guessing as you twisted and rolled through a very compact footprint. However there was one part of the layout that was hill, turn, hill, zero g roll, turn zero g roll. This could have been changed as it was a little repetitive but it is the only layout change I would have made. The indoor portion was well done and it was also thrilling despite the small indoor footprint.
    The drop tower fit snugly into its area and was a cool experience. However the ride sticks out like a sore thumb over the terra landscape and dominates the other relatively short areas.
    The theme here was cool and the experience was fun. The wooded area along with the ancient temples led to a really cool historic feeling. The rides fit well and the area had a logical flow. With many points to observe the two rides this was a pretty photogenic area.
    The temple ride was fun and the multiple lifts made for a water ride with more than one exciting drop. The temple indoors were well done and fun to see and the layout was more than just a circle wich made the ride even more fun. The only unfitting thing I found is the biggest drop has a hump that seems to jerk the boat downwards. The otherwise family appearing ride was a lot of fun.
    • CommentAuthorThrill Lab
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2016 edited
    The kiddie coaster was a good layout and was very smooth as well as having good pacing. The car texture could have been done a little better in my opinion. The rest of the ride was good however the break run did seem a little long.
    Mystic Hollow:
    Finally, this area was a compact fun land to experience. The close quarters of all the attractions force the area to have a tied together feel.
    The ride was fun and the wierd lifts were a lot of fun as well as unexpected. The layout up until the dark room in the back was kind of boring but the scenery made it fun. Then in the big dark room it just felt like a generic spinner in a dark room with nothing to set it apart like the other rides.
    The Other Boat Ride (sorry I forgot the name):
    This was a pretty typical boat ride but I really liked the extra room that people can't enter as well as the scrolling star texture.
    The overall experience is really cool as it is unlike any other park or experience. The rides tie into the lands which all tie together into a nice little bow wrapping up this whole project as one big success.

    Yea so this is how I break this down and feel about it although others might feel differently. Much of this criticism is undeserved as I could not create something of this scale.

    Sorry for the bad formatting.
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2016 edited
    I wholeheartedly agree with KingRCT3 up above. One thing that stuck out the most that I especially loved with Terra is that the entire park ties into a central theme, and each major plot or story somehow ties in with another major plot or story within another section of the park. This is something I also don't see as much with major U.S. theme parks.

    Like I had mentioned some pages back, I had been quietly followign this project on and off (had this thread bookmarked!), and coming back to see it released made my heart skip a beat! To hopefully not repeat much of what was said before, bottom line: it is yet another fantastic piece of work! The Remnant is a very high adrenaline coaster with many tight and fast elements packed into a relatively compact area (considering its 6000+ ft. length), yet somehow finds a way to flow properly and be smooth. The indoor section took me by complete surprise, and I thoroughly enjoyed the inclusion of that plus how the backstory was implemented in the ride.

    Excellent work on that, plus the other two highly detailed areas new to Phase two! I can never even fathom such an undertaking as this project, but I'm glad that the amount of time between both phases had definitely paid off! This project still holds king to being the best park I've ever downloaded in NoLimits!
    • CommentAuthorsprog
    • CommentTimeMay 11th 2016
    I have to say, this was absolutely astounding. The improvements made all round to the areas that existed in Phase 1 were excellent, I especially liked the improved rapids.

    Fantastic work as always, and I loved all the little unexpected pieces that made it pop - The animatronics and fireball on Remnant stand out as one of those, I wasn't expecting either and they really added to the immersion. Loved all of Mystic Hollow too, fully expected Guardian to be a gentle, themed spinner (as it starts off), almost like a bit more of a thrilling dark ride, and didn't anticipate the fully fledged spinner hidden out the back.

    One thing that did make me smile was Kiamee being a complete clone of Tutuki Splash at PortAventura, just with a partially modified theme. I love that ride and it was great to see it brought across into NL.

    My only disappointment was that the top spin isn't operational yet - Other that that, amazing!
    Congratulations on completing phase 2! This is phenomenal. You've achieved a Theme Park designers dream and developed a world thats unique, creative, thrilling, and inspiring. The booming music upon entering the park, to the darkness of the indoor forest and everything in between create a cohesive yet unique park that is both revisit-able and fulfilling. Great work. I'll definitely visiting the park multiple times :)
    Thankyou for all the wonderful comments everyone!

    Robotnik - I'll have a look into that, I've never noticed them collide before, I suspect it happened when I added an additional ferry for Phase 2. I'll sort it for Phase 3.

    Thrill Lab - You've been a huge help during Beta, and your hugely in depth review really does mean a lot to me. Thankyou for providing all the feedback.

    Aeris is rougher with higher G's than I would design now, but I built it 8 years ago by hand using 3ds beizier curves. I may redesign it properly one day, but that would mean redoing the entire Porthporto area, which is too much of a chore at the minute, haha.

    The section on Blade Rider between the Cobra Roll and Corkscrew over the station is an intentional lul in the pacing. It's designed to simulate soaring over the city, and as a break between the high forces.

    Remnant's Skyscraper was left empty inside, as I wanted to simulate a "real" park facade, themed only on the outside. And because the train passes so quickly through it, there isn't anything I could add inside that would really be noticed. I agree that HALO sticks out, the rides original location was further forward, on the lakeside, but it stuck out even more there. Hiding it behind the skyscraper was the best I could do to lessen its impact really.

    Sprog - The fact that the top spin doesn't work bums me out too, I wish I could get it to work, but I have no skills when it comes to something as complex as a top spin. But I'm glad you noticed that Ki'amee was a Tutuki Splash clone! I liked it as a spillwater ride that wasn't "too wet", unlike things like Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park etc.
    I really enjoyed the park, all 15fps of it.

    No but in all seriousness, I loved it. The best part was walking into that tree, and finding a whole new area that I didn't know existed...!
    15.... i got 8 XD, Seriously though fantastic park, im getting a better pc this year so cant wait to enjoy it at a playable framerate.
    8... I got 0 XD. seriously, that's not any sort of exaggeration. Good looking park from what I could see.
    I can release a "Phase 2 only" version of the park, with only the three newer areas of the park if anybody would be imterested? That may help with frame rates. I'm thinking I may have to do that with phase 3 anyway.
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2016
    What's with the massive land clearing next to the hotel? Is that where Phase 3 will be located? If so will Phase 3 also connect to the blocked off gate by Aeris?
    Yeah, Phase 3 starts at the southern bridge next to Aeris, and will wrap round to meet Mystic Hollow, where the fence is next to the little cottage.
    Yeah, I would be interested in a "Phase 2 only" version of TERRA, because Terra Phase 2 is laggy at my PC.
    Posted By: CrazycoasterI can release a "Phase 2 only" version of the park, with only the three newer areas of the park if anybody would be imterested? That may help with frame rates. I'm thinking I may have to do that with phase 3 anyway.

    I'd really appreciate it, I think phase 1 got like 15. Not exactly good but at least you can see the park.
    What could work, is a version with reduced textures, light, objects etc... For example just remove some 'clutter' objects, such as grass, bushes, benches etc... That could be achieved very quickly from the scene object menu?
    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2016
    That's a really clever idea. Have a main park file for all the phases, yet individual files for each phase for those who have low end PC's. I'd be really happy with that, since as of now I hit around 40FPS on the park as of now and with Phase 3 soon to be added I wouldn't doubt the FPS problems I'd be getting.

    Still, you have a great park here CC, It's only getting better and better. Keep up the good work!
    I can run Phase 1 and 2 together quite well, but it does have some minor lag spikes at moments. A "phase 2 only" mode would definitely help since I'd be able to turn up the graphics and see things more clearly and at smoother framerates!
    I'll put it together when I get home later, would have done it sooner but I had an unexpected work trip to France.
    Okay here it is, the smaller version with only the newer three parts of the park.


    I've also put it onto the Steam Workshop, if you'd like to download it from there.
    • CommentAuthorSvatlas
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016 edited
    I have checked any model and unfortunately all have the same problem. Here is an example:

    The entrance has over 180k polys 300k verts. That's brutal.

    Here is an example how it should look. Feel free to use as an example.


    You must absolutely improve your technique and no longer work with sketchup. It is absolutely inappropriate for such a project. I tell you this because I really like the park. Each new phase will be the death of this great park. It's like the titanic which is nearing the iceberg.

    Ive a GTX 970, 32GB Ram, Xeon 1231 and it was a pain to work with this hotel. 35 FPS in NL2 is just not enough.

    I strongly advise you to revise the whole park and deal with the topic "Texture / Uv management". You have over 700 textures in the park and you could summarize many.

    Your creativity is impressive, this with an better execution and the park would be what it should be. Playable for all.

    This is a positive review and it is intended that the park doesnt fail in the future.
    Firstly, a quick reminder here:

    Please remember that I do this out of my own spare time as an unpaid hobby, so be careful saying that I 'must absolutely improve my technique'. English may not be your first language so I'll put that rudeness down to simply being lost in translation. I do welcome criticism, however there is a far more tactful way to do it.

    Onto the hotel:

    Beyond 50 meters, the majority of those polys on the hotel are clipped, meaning that they have little impact when you're pretty much anywhere in the park except right next to the hotel. Have a look in the sim and you'll see. Looking at that model as a whole does not show any of the clipping that occurs in No Limits.

    I do agree that it could have been done with textures, but I don't have the time or interest to teach myself how to use photoshop to make realistic looking textures, and I have never found one that shows the correct style of architecture that I'm looking for.
    I've had a look at the file you've sent, unfortunately the textures do not work, and the windows clip into the rest of the building, giving this effect:

    Now, whilst I do acknowledge that the hotel is flawed in the amount of polys it uses to add the detailing up close, you also said "I have checked any model and unfortunately all have the same problem". Does this mean that you think that every one of my models is flawed? Could you elaborate on this?
    • CommentAuthorSvatlas
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016 edited
    There was no rudeness inside crazycoaster and yes its not my native language. Its also my unpaid hobby by the way. That was my last comment now and last tip.

    "I don't have the time or interest to teach myself how to use photoshop to make realistic looking textures, and I have never found one that shows the correct style of architecture that I'm looking for."

    There are 2 possiblitys:

    1. Improve your technique to model it correct or let it.

    2. Use the correct texture.

    "Does this mean that you think that every one of my models is flawed? Could you elaborate on this?"

    Yes (to much polys/textures)

    The textures works fine. Its just a example. I´m just being honest and trying to help you.

    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016 edited
    While it's not the most optimized bit of park, overall I'm satisfied with Terra because it's so great in all the other aspects. The clipping helps out a lot and is very welcome. Yeah it's not the smoothest to run, but I'd rather Crazycoaster finish the whole park before spending the time to redo the entire thing. This thing needs to be completed already!! :)

    I remember way back I had the intent of producing videos for each section of the park, so that everyone can experience Terra no matter the machine. Maybe I'll have to investigate that idea once again.
    • CommentTimeMay 22nd 2016
    ^ Yes please, I couldn't even open it on my machine (which is rather old and has probably some broken RAM slots to remain fair in the performance discussion), I had to kill the NL2 process to get my system back responding. ;-)
    So a little bit of an update on Phase 3.

    The first two new lands are currently taking shape, each land featuring 1 coaster and 1 flat ride so far. I'm very excited about the work I'm doing with land 2, the theming elements present are some of my most ambitious and difficult to pull off that I've ever done. A lot of work with forced perspective. But more on that at a later time.

    Land one, many may have seen hinted at, is Project Stál Heim. Horribly (and incorrectly) translated from Icelandic as 'Steel Home', describing the hardy residents who live in the harsh and unforgiving climate of Terra's frozen mountains. This small market town was built on top of geothermal springs in the shadow of the Fallen Mountain. Constructed here is an extensive network of tracks used to transport minerals through the mountains, and is the subject of the area's main attraction:

    This is still heavily WIP, support work is far from done, and scenery is very incomplete, and everything is still subject to change, but Phase 3 is slowly coming together.
    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2016
    That looks absolutely gorgeous, and no doubt an excellent addition to Terra.
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2016
    A welcomed addition, can't wait to see more
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2016
    Damn, looks really nice so far! Can't wait to see how well this turns out in the end.
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2016
    I have to say...I finally got to walk the new Terra (no fly, just walk) and I couldn't help but really admire how well it all pieces together. And in each one of those well crafted lands, a phenomenal coaster resides. I swear, the coasters in Terra are crazy good...impossibly good even.

    The Remnant might be my favorite thing in all of Terra...which is funny because in pictures, I was really not loving the badlands at all!

    So this new update feels right at home - another stellar coaster to act as a centerpiece to a new brilliant land.
    • CommentTimeJun 13th 2016
    I absolutely love how the entire park is part of the same story. It isn't a bunch of lands with different themes, but one cohesive story. I find that to be truly amazing.
    So with the release of Yedrimas' Doom Buggy script and tutorial, I was inspired to look into dark rides as a possibility for Terra. In order to do this, one of the first things I looked at was building sizes. I wanted to look at how much room a significant dark ride would take up, and it's actually really surprising.

    Firstly, I had a look at the building that contains Disneyland Paris' Phantom Manor. Here is a full scale version of the building next to my indoor area, Mystic Hollow;

    It's a pretty big building.

    Then I went to look how big Animal Kingdom's Dinosaur ride building was, and that one's bigger. Here it is placed over the top of Porthporto:

    Then I went over to Universal, to see how big the spiderman building is, here it is pretty much filling up the entire lagoon:

    And finally, the Harry Potter ride, the biggest of all the ones I looked at, over the top of the Badlands:

    Here's a top down view of all of them, compared to the entire park.

    I thought this was pretty interesting, so figured I'd share it. Dark rides take up a LOT of room.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2016
    Yup, darkrides are huge, thats for sure. What you could try though is to look into darkride such as Snowwhite and Pinochio @ Disneyland Paris. Those are both quite small darkrides with a lot of 2d scenery. That way you can have a darkride and still have a good performance :)
    The buildings of the four dark rides are very interesting, because all have different sizes. You wrote something about doombuggies, so do you create a ghost train or something like that ? Phantom Manor or Haunted Mansion are both nice dark rides,
    maybe you create a simular ride. because of the size of Phantom Manor.

    The Mine train coaster is also an interesting project, will this coaster have locomotives too, as first car ?
    No, it's engineless, I've always sort of hated how the locomotives blocked the view. The carts are similar to those found on Grizzly Mountain at HKDL, 4 cars per train for a total of 24 riders, and 5 trains. Similar to the Remnant, it runs a double station, and there is no stacking due to the rides length and number of blocks.

    In terms of dark rides, it's still a very early stage in consideration, as to what type they would be. The beauty about Yedrimas' script is that it isn't limiting to Doombuggy type rides, you can use it for all sorts of darkrides, such as Zingo's HP ride, or even something like the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Shanghai. I already have two dark ride buildings in the park (Cave In in the Lightning Canyon section, which would probably be a sort of doombuggy type ride, and Terranauts in the Elysium section, which would be a space flight simulator).
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2016
    Okay, gonna have to stop this tangent here. Back on topic.

    Dark rides are large in scale but each of those attractions address their sites in some way, it's definitely doable for you, though these attractions are almost standalone in their respective parks (Radiator Springs/Cars Land, Forbiddem Journey/Potter). Whatever you decide to make would need to be the face of an entire area for it to be effective.
    Dark rides are easily the best rides in the park after coasters. The atmosphere they create is magical and i would love to see the project when it is done!
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2016 edited
    A113, that's what I've been trying to plan. Even with such large buildings, they're only one section of the entirety, which is definitely one of the most interesting things I've had to face when building the park. I've had to plan each set piece from a working pov. And this last phase of the park is the most difficult as the boundaries are smaller than they've been before. But half the fun is experimentation, so we'll see what I can come up with!
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2016
    The good thing about darkrides is that the showbuilding can be put in the backyard of the park, so you don't have to see it. Unless you're stupid enough to build it as a centre piece (Efteling symbolica) the only thing the people have to see is the front. So, yes a darkride is very big in size, but when done right you can easly forget how big it really is. Same goes for the indoor coaster you have at the moment. It's quite big, bus as a guest you'll never know that.
    Hey, I just download your park, your work is amazing. I'm making a flume ride, and I have Something to ask you. Can I use your Water Texture ? they are amazing, i will give you credit for them :) good luck for your project