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    Sure thing, it's not a locked file so anyone can poke around if they like. I think I used two different textures for the waterfalls/water drops, but all the files should be there.
    Thank you very much. even if the file is not locked , I prefer ask ;)

    Fjallfall is coming together slowly. WIP.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2016
    Why are the trains so short?
    • CommentAuthorInkyz
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2016
    ^ I don't think they are. To me it looks like the rest of the cars are in the tunnel.

    This looks nice though Crazycoaster!
    The trains are 4 cars long, same length as Grizzly Mountain at HKDL.
    Wow that mine train looks amazing!Will there be a inside part in the mountain?
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2016
    Oh my tits this is gorgeous...

    Do you traverse through the forgotten forest to get here or is there a spur off of the jungle area?
    ^ It's actually at the other end of the park, it's the first area you come across after leaving Porthporto (entrance area) and crossing over the bridge in front of Aeris' drop.

    ^^ There are several indoor sections, both lifts are internal, several parts of the track pass through a large ice cavern in the main "mountain", and there's a separate geothermal vent cave too.
    On going work with the Fallen Mountain, surrounding town, and two flat rides.

    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2016
    I'm in love with that ground hugging mine train track. Amazing as always.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2016
    I love that Frisbee so much. Great job with the texturing.
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2016
    So when are you starting your professional Theme Park career?
    ^Really tho. Damn, son.
    • CommentAuthorgekkedave
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2016
    This is a very nice project! I was allready very impressed by Phase 2, but phase 3 look much better. Hope it comes soon...

    Do you have plans to enjoy the park in darkness with special light effects maybe?
    looking good!
    Not so much an update (don't worry I'll update with everything I've been working on soon!) but nSeven has created a video of Remnant, and it's excellent, so go and check it out and give him all of the thumbs up :)

    Remnant Video Link
    Great work, loved the small details. End was pretty cool. I wish I could do color filters and such like you can, they always make your videos stand out.
    Awesome ride and awesome video, great work guys.
    will the new areas have their own boat stations (the boat ride that connects them), like the others do?
    So for the promised update!

    I've done a bit of work on the park entrance, jazzing up the bridge from the car park with a stylised covering, and travelators (because who wants to walk all that way?!)

    @construction2018fan - Yes, there will be an additional steamer dock, as seen here:

    The other two lands will not have their own stations, one because it is away from the lake, and the other because the Mystic Hollow dock is in close proximity, so the above dock will finish off the number of stations - 5 in total.

    Entering the town of Stalheim, the signage for Maelstrom (the pirate ship) has been added.

    Here are a couple of shots showing off the 'geothermal geysers' around the ride:

    An overview of the whole area.

    And finally, as you can see in the above image, the parks second hotel has yet to be finished, but is coming along nicely.

    Here's a Zip download for the poster size screenshots, if you wish to have them LINK

    @gekkedave - I would love to have a nighttime version of the park, and I may look into it once the park is complete, but I think the addition of that much lighting will kill even the most powerful of computers. I mean, I could do it to make a video, but that sort of defeats the purpose of No Limits and being able to explore a park yourself that someone has made. So it's a far off dream at the minute.

    Well, let me know what you think!

    It looks so great, love it :D
    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2016
    The sign for Malestrom looks a little small as it takes a fair amount of looking to find it.
    nice! will the travelators actually work?
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2016

    Looks good so far! Quick question though, in the fourth from last picture there is a bridge that goes over the minetrain. Is the minetrain going to be going over that bridge or is that a walkway/scenery item?

    ^ The bridge is the brakerun for the coaster. The station is in the collection of buildings surrounding the Stave church.

    ^^ It'll work in the sense that it moves, but it won't transport you in walkmode. Haven't figured out a way to do that.

    ^^^ It was probably a badly positioned photo, I can enlarge the sign, but it might look dumb.
    why don't you add working turnstiles to the Park Entrance, like real theme parks have?

    OMG is this a tunnel for a dive coaster ?
    ^ i think you may have hit the nail on the head!

    Staff Edit: Don't quote the post right above you, please use ^ instead, thanks!
    Well it's certainly a tunnel for something.. ;)

    And I can confirm that the tunnel has been provided by using a dummy Dive machine track. But is it actually for a dive machine?! :O
    Is that mysterious flying coaster returning?
    Duelling spinning wild mouse, calling it
    this absolutely amazing (the best NL2 custom ride I've ever seen) NL2 Mystic Manor-inspired dark ride was recently uploaded to the steam workshop. it would look great in Terra!
    Posted By: construction2018fanthis absolutely amazing (the best NL2 custom ride I've ever seen) NL2 Mystic Manor-inspired dark ride was recently uploaded to the steam workshop. it would look great in Terra!

    Sorry if I sound condescending but, I wouldn't be surprised if Crazy had the intention of making everything in the park as custom as possible. To manipulate someone else's project to put in the park would lack originality, would it not?
    ^Wing coaster!
    • CommentAuthorMr. E
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2016 edited
    Remember the flyer that we saw?

    ^Also if the tunnel was provided by a dummy dive machine track then a wing coaster clearance would clip the walls even more than the dive clearance already does.

    Posted By: Crazycoaster in response to the above imageWhaaaat, no it's clearly like a cloud or something. A trick of the eye. Maybe even a mirage.

    I definitely didn't forget to hide a WIP for phase 3 or anything.
    yay, a flying coaster! wonder what it's theme/theming will be?
    Ding Ding! Points to COASTERGUY246 and Mr E (And Thrill Lab for the original spot) ;)

    Full size
    nice! am i right in thinking that it is in a separate area to the mine train-style coaster?
    • CommentAuthorMarcel46
    • CommentTimeNov 18th 2016

    I don't really post a lot on this forum but I do have to say how freaking much I love this project. I've been following its development since before NL2 came out and it just keeps getting better!

    One thing, though and I hate to nitpick, but could you add some doors to the ticket booths at the entrance? There aren't any in the Phase 2 release, and because of that potential staff members wouldn't be able to get inside.

    just out of interest, what is performance like now the entire (i think?) park is now in nl2, is it a massive hit compared to phase 2's fps or not?
    ^^^ Yeah that's correct.

    ^^ I didn't even realise tbh! Doors will be pretty easy to add.

    ^ It's holding up. The first two lands are maintaining a similar fps to Phase 2, but it may be a different story once it's all complete. I've been working to edit most of the coasters to prioritise LODs on the supports, which has boosted things a bit. I get lowest of about 10 - 12fps on my laptop when the majority of the park is in shot.
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2016 edited
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2016 edited
    looks great. given the large distance between the centers of each car, how were you able to track them well enough so they don't appear misaligned? or rather, what coaster type did you use?
    Firstly I used the mine train, as it seems to have the largest single trains, then I positioned the carriages of the monorail on every other train. So my six car monorail is actually an 11 car mine train. It works well enough, just has to take larger turns (which a monorail of this size would need to anyway). It's not perfect, but I'm happy with the result.
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeNov 24th 2016
    I figured you had to make large turning radii, but it definitely works. Keep it up, man.
    do the monorail train's doors actually work?
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2016 edited
    ^ Not yet, I haven't figured out how to do that.


    I figured I'd show a some of the layout of the new monorail, and its journey around the park. It currently runs 2 trains of 6 cars, and stops at 4 stations, 3 inside the park, and a fourth at the resort's 2nd hotel.
    The first station is located next to the parks bus stops, but is accessed from inside the gates. Here you can see how the monorail interacts with the park entrance.

    Station 1 from inside the park.

    Closeup of the monorail train so far.

    The train then travels over to Elysium, and the second stop. The station is located behind the area, providing a new backdrop.

    The monorail then travels through the rear of the Badlands, providing a unique look at parts of Remnant hidden from the park.

    Remnant & Skytrain.

    The train then passes through both The Wilds and Mystic Hollow, and gets to the third station (TBA).

    From the third station, the train then passes between Fjallfall and the new Flyer (TBA) along the river and out of the park to the 2nd Hotel & fourth stop. Also, here's part of the flyer's layout.

    Finally from the 4th station, the monorail travels around past the Palace Hotel and back into the park.

    Click images for full size.