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    oh. no.

    What have you done now!?
      CommentAuthorDC High Heat
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015 edited
    ^^Too much awesome? I feel your pain...
    Haha, thanks guys :)
    Been stalking this topic for awhile. Excellent work crazycoaster.
    NO stop it... this is amazing :o pfff its INSANE :D
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015
    Looks great Crazy, loads of time and effort's clearly been put into this!
    I love how the stories of the themed areas are all interconnected!
    • CommentAuthorsprog
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2015
    Bloody hell. You are TOO good at this, CoasterCrazy.

    (Keep up the brilliant work!)
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2015
    No words can describe how excited I am to explore this new area. Great job!
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2015
    Really can't wait, my mind is just exploding with the amazing things that could happen with remnant. Great work so far CrazyCoaster, really can't wait to see more :)
    So this wouldn't be a realistic theme park without breakdowns right??

    Sorry about the abysmal quality of the video, any higher and my computer just refuses to do it. Totally not sure what happened here, I'm thinking NL2 got confused with all the scripts I have running in the park..
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2015
    That happens from time to time depending on a pc's performance since the script for the screaming swing is pretty abysmal, I'll sort something out.
    • CommentAuthorTTD03
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2015
    ^ Yea Projektion, I've been meaning to say that I've seen that before also. What goes wrong in the script that causes it?
    "Have you ever wondered what's beyond it?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "You know, beyond. Beyond the Badlands. Has anyone ever been that far? Traveled past the ruined city?"

    "You couldn't get past the Remnant."

    "But what if you could? I mean the world doesn't just end after that. So there has to be something."

    "I guess, there are occasional rumours from the soldiers up in Elysium."


    "Well, I dunno really. All I know is that they call it The Wilds."
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2015
    This is getting exciting! Can't wait to see more. :)
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2015
    When will you update the steam workshop with the terra expansion?
    ^^^ And im tottally excited :)
    So new tie spacing :D

    That looks so nice!
    • CommentTimeSep 1st 2015
    Love it!

    Skyline of this is perfect!
    I'm just gonna give up using No Limits now. Seriously, this is perfect.
    Introducing the 5th themed land of Terra:

    The Wilds.

    Beyond the ruined city, the land has been reclaimed by nature, an immense jungle full of wildlife and vegetation. The soil, saturated by the Aeris crystal, has produced mammoth trees and plants not seen anywhere else in on Terra.

    Cut off from the rest of the world, The Wilds grew without the influence of society.

    Throughout the jungles, grand temples can be found.

    The indigenous people, when finding the crystals in the ground, believed it to be a powerful magic and built these temples to worship it.

    The supergrowth of the flora means that these temples are soon overgrown and returned to the jungle.

    The Wilds bring two new attractions to Terra for the whole family to enjoy, an adventurous family coaster, and a thrilling boat ride.

    More revealed soon, coming to Terra Phase 2.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2015
    When will you release phase two?
    ^ When it is finished.
    WOW! This is looking amazing. I can't wait to download!
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2015
    I hope you add that splash effect to the rapids too!

    It looks great but I'm kinda bummed Xibalba didn't make an appearance.
    ^I did think about it, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have two Intamin Blitz coasters next door to each other in the same park, so the family coaster (Currently called Xibalba's Revenge) became a bit of a nod towards it:

    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2015

    How are you this good?
    • CommentTimeSep 5th 2015
    Posted By: Crazycoaster^I did think about it, but it wouldn't make a lot of sense to have two Intamin Blitz coasters next door to each other in the same park>

    I see what you mean but I certainly wouldn't be disappointed if Cedar Point built a clone of Maverick right next to the original one.
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015 edited
    I downloaded this park very recently (late to the party, I know...). Obviously, I was blown away by it, and Elysium has to be my favorite roller coaster i've so-far downloaded in NoLimits 2! I wanted to try to look up what else may come of the Badlands area, so I found this thread and got caught up with reading through!

    Keep up the fantastic work! Very excited to see what more comes out of it!
    • CommentAuthormuchwoo
    • CommentTimeSep 13th 2015
    This park is amazing!
    Can't wait to try Terra phase 2.
    Am I the only one who thought of Temple Run? It's looking awesome (as always). This is one of those rare parks where I actually appreciate the surrounds more than the coasters. The water ride blows my mind, and the atmosphere of the whole area really gives the lost world feel. Nice work on keeping all your geometry low poly, I've never struggled with FPS viewing your work. Your drop tower looks really big, mind sharing a pic of it?
    That's such a great project, this park. With the new area everything looks awesome. Do you also create the dark rides of phase one ? The Cave Inn, the Nautilus and the mad House ? Is it possible to add a day/night mode to the next phase to see, how the park looks in the sunset or in the night ? Can't wait for the next pictures.
    Lost for words...
    Thankyou all for the kind words :)

    ^^ At the minute I'm concentrating on completing the park and fully optimising it before I think about adding in a night mode.

    Now, an update. The majority of what I've been working on recently is hidden away, which will be fully revealed in a later update, but here are a couple of teasers and some other small things I've done.

    The Junior coaster is now called Python (I know it's not exactly original, but I couldn't think of a simple universal name that fit better), and signage has been completed.

    Complete with mountain range backdrop facade.

    The Chute Boat ride is called 'Legend: Curse of the River Temple'

    This is the GoRILLa BBQ and treehouses.

    Streetlights and ride signage has been completed throughout the Badlands.

    Bestdani's incredible splashes now also feature on the river rapids.

    Overview (of most) of the completed park

    Finally, here is a tiny little peak at the THIRD new themed area, bringing the total up to 6!

    • CommentAuthorInkyz
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2015
    I think perhaps a few textures could be adjusted, but it looks very nice!
    ^^ This looks stunning :o

    Is the building in front of that last picture for a Darkride/Indoorcoaster :D That would be insane.
    It gets better with every update :D
    This park gets better and better. What about putting some fog areas in the Badland area ? Would be a nice look. The building in the last picture looks like a big attraction a darkride or a coaster.
    About the building again: Does it contain to the next themed area or is it (will it ?) a part of the Wild Lands ?
    ^^^^ Thanks for the feedback, what textures do you mean, and what do you suggest? Sketchup is a ball of poo when it comes to texturing tbh.

    ^There is fog in certain areas of the Badlands (you can see some in the background of picture 5, above), but I've hesitated to add it throughout, as it doesn't make sense to have a foggy area in a park on a sunny day. It'd look better yeah, but it's more for the "realism", if that makes sense.

    And yes, the building contains the majority of the third land, and will be seperate to The Wilds.
    • CommentAuthorEdReedFan20
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2015 edited
    I think it would be cool if when you fully wrap around to the hotel (if that is your goal) if you build a massive B&M hyper-coaster that interacts with the entrance road (tunnels under it, goes parallel with it, etc.). Also, when the park is finished, do you plan on scripting cars on the road (maybe even a tram that shuttles between stations)? I think it'd cool to see if possible.
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2015
    amazing work as always. maybe a different name for the Chute Boat ride? definitely doesn't stand up to par with the other ride names.
    A little bit of an update. The project is still slowly chugging along. Big thankyou to TheCodeMaster for helping me with a scripting fix.

    Remnant has a new fire effect (thanks to Bestdani)

    Updated the mountain range facade:

    This is the 'Water Room', one of the show pieces that the chute boat Legend travels through:

    An overview of the entire park so far, its getting big!

    And finally:

    "What will you discover in the Mystic Hollow?"
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2015
    Wow, thats a huge park. I am so jealous how you got this all working smooth! Can't wait to ride this beauty!
    Loving it! All of it!

    And i know what we will discover :P A Spinning Coaster?? Maybe with a Launch and Inversion :D
    Wow. No words can describe this. Can't wait for phase 2!!!1
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2015 edited
    So I wanted to show off a bit of what you can expect from Mystic Hollow. The majority of this themed zone in within a building, temperature controlled for all weather fun. To enter the building, guests pass through the Great Tree, a massive 27m high artificial tree.


    Once inside, guests will find themselves in a magical forest hollow on a starry night.


    There are 5 new attractions inside the building:
    - A Maurer AG spinning coaster, with added surprises (More details soon).
    - Knockwood Village, an adventure playground full of slides, bridges and fairytale cottages.
    - 'The Tumble Trees', a trio of Zierer Family Freefall Towers.
    - A Zierer Kontiki "Rocking Tug" attraction.
    - And a gentle boat ride attraction, The Crystal River.

    'The Tumble Trees':


    The Zierer Kontiki:


    An unfinished village scene from the boat ride:


    This area is still heavily WIP, so things will change and evolve as time goes on.

    EDIT: Some of the pictures don't seem to be showing up? Not sure if it's just me or what, but I've added the picture URLs underneath each one
    • CommentAuthorCCJared
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2015
    Very Wuze Town! Love the concept!