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    • CommentAuthorboesball
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2013
    OK. I will try to remember that! So never use single zones?
    Not what I said, they are just not something you use all the time. It's easier to just use massive multizones and center the transitions. It allows for a more integrated transition. Always be concerned with integration. It's the key to flow. Single zones are the antichrist to flow.
    • CommentAuthorboesball
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2013
    I get it now. Multi zone is something I will use almost all the time now!
    • CommentTimeJul 4th 2013
    If I have a straight airtime hill or a section that only has normal forces, I'll use a bunch of single zones (I tend to accidentally hit "delete" when one thing goes wrong), so for the sake of simplicity, I'll do that. That's usually fine. But any time that I'm mixing banking and normal, I have to use multizone, or else the smooth transitions just get lost.
    So I've put the mega coaster on hold for a new project I've recently grown interest in. It is a currently unnamed wooden coaster, following no specific style. Completely hand built track, and I'll be using auto-supports with modifications. It is 110ft tall, with a 101ft first drop. The ride reaches 54 mph before entering a 60 ft long above-ground tunnel.

     photo Train_zps436214dd.jpg

    Green train, 7 cars long.

     photo Transfer_zps83a2f6b0.jpg

    I want to eventually turn this into a transfer track.

     photo Pre-liftDropTurn_zps4da0d07e.jpg

    Pre-lift drop turn, includes a trim so the ride doesn't engage the lift so hard.

     photo LiftStructure_zpsd48d0f0b.jpg

    Not-so-steep lift, bringing you up to 110 ft at a speed of 7 mph.

     photo TurnBeforeDrop2_zpse0df7d2c.jpg

    Turn before drop.

     photo TurnBeforeDrop1_zps5456f9e6.jpg\

    Another angle of that turn.

     photo Drop1_zpsf092bf1f.jpg

    101ft Drop.

     photo Drop2_zps1acbff78.jpg

    Another angle.

     photo Tunnel_zps3ab841fc.jpg

    60ft Tunnel.

     photo Overall_zpsdaa613b2.jpg


    Any comments on what I have currently? I plan to have a air hill that goes over the transfer track, and then I'll see where it goes from there.
    I'm thinking this should be more of a 'classic' woodie. 1920s-30s. Maybe look at the Rye Airplane?
    ^I liked this idea, so I've turned it into a Fredrick Church woodie :) It now has white supports and green track, Morgan trains, and eventually friction pads/brakes. Also, new sections of the coaster have been built.

     photo EntertheDoubleDown_zps4c9d6bdc.jpg

    Into the double down element.

     photo DoubleDown1_zps749e5f8a.jpg

    More of the double down. Lots of structure will be removed for the transfer, with some supports attaching to the transfer's roof.

     photo DoubleDown2_zpsf18acf15.jpg

    Close up of the crazy that goes on. But only a precursor to what comes next:

     photo HelixODeath1_zpsc642a1d3.jpg

    900 degree helix-o-death!!! Inspired by the similar helix on the Rye Airplane.

     photo HelixODeath2_zps79b1c443.jpg

    Another view. Supports will definitely be edited.

     photo MorganTrains_zpsffbee7ee.jpg

    Since all remaining Fredrick Church woodies have Morgan trains, I opted for those over PTC's.

    I'm next planning to do a double up (like a smaller reversed version of the ride's current double down). With the ride's colors, what do you guys think would be a good name?
    Don't use the morgans, use the millennium flyers as they are actually based of Prior and Church rolling stock and are some of the greatest things ever to a wooden coaster. If you are going to call this coaster a Prior and Church creation it had better be brutal. The lift is too shallow. The turn before the drop should drop more and be generally more aggressive. The second hill should be steeper with less banking on the top. Try watching some POVs on youtube:
    So I redid the ride a little. I increased the ride's height to 134ft, and made more of a "rolling drop" while keeping the original drop shape. You'll see pictures if you do not get this. I put in friction pads/brakes, add millennium flyers, decreased some bankings, put 2 trims in (not very noticeable, just to keep laterals below death levels), made the lift hill steeper, and removed the flat tunnel at the bottom of the drop and put the tunnel at the top of the drop. The ride's new stats: 134ft tall, 131ft rolling drop, 60 mph. After this update I will continue trackwork. And it is brutal ;D

     photo GCIs_zps02f67fe9.jpg

    Millennium Flyers! :D

     photo LiftHill_zpsafec268a.jpg

    Steeper lift hill.

     photo 134ftup_zps3a3ae7b8.jpg

    134ft up on a Prior & Church. Yikes!

     photo RollingDrop_zpsebabdd5e.jpg

    Tunnel and rolling drop. Still need to change tunnel colors. :/

     photo OriginalDrop_zps3ba2a8e8.jpg

    Original drop shape.

     photo FrictionPad_zps8a3e27d2.jpg

    First friction trim.

     photo DoubleDown_zps36e0101a.jpg

    The double down isn't as noticeable, because I edited it for less lats. The decrease in banking and increase in speed caused that. Still crazy.

     photo PsychoHelix_zps547d46b2.jpg

    Second friction trim and psycho helix of death.

    I decided on a name, Since the in-game millennium flyers have stars on the sides, I will be calling it The (Prior & Church) Shooting Star.
    What constitute "death level" laterals?
    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2013 edited
    Well I'm keeping it below 1.7g for sustained (as in, no longer than half a second) and below 2g for blips in 25% speed. I would normally go for lower, but this is Prior & Church we're talking about, those rides look evil. >:D
    In that case I'd recommend adding a little height so that you can tighten up the radius a little and bring back the double dip, also consider increasing the turning angle by 45 degrees to make it more compact.
    I'll increase the height a little. I've been working on the post helix-o-death track and I don't think it needs to be any tighter. Pictures will come soon.
    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2013 edited
    Sorry for the double post. I finished the layout, but want to get tester opinions before I continue and release more pictures, start doing actual supports, transfer work, etc.. So, testers?

    EDIT: I've also completely refined the layout, making it the smoothest (and most intense) hand-built layout I've ever made! :D
    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything here because I haven't gotten NL2 yet. I have a new computer that could run NL2 but I don't have the money for it, so in the mean time I am reinstalling No Limits 1.8 since I found my Reg-Key. My issue is where you are supposed to put the Reg-Key in the editor (Under Help -> Register), there is no option to register, only to buy the game online. Any suggestions?