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    Project: Vliegende Hollander Efteling By: NolimitsProjects

    I have an annoying problem! when I have a (glass texture) make in sketchup (transparency "50") image: 1 then it's just transparent, when I was the "Glass Texture" the export to nolimits 2 (Transparency "50") is constant so you can not see through it ... does anyone know a solution to this problem? Thanks!


    Picture 1

    Picture 2
    You need to mess about with the alpha, blend and reflection values in the NL2MAT editor.
    ^ I have work with it and I don't see anything else... Do you know a setting?
    So on the Wood Magic supports. I am wondering whats the difference between wide supports and not. Because I don't see much difference.
    ^ Have you changed the build style?

    Default is "Simple - No Wide Structure". Change that, then you'll see the difference.
    • CommentTimeMar 1st 2017 edited
    ^^That disables/enables the lateral bracing.
    ^^ I haven't changed the build style as the wood coaster I'm working is a recreation of a 1930's ride, but I will test them out to see.

    EDIT: Thanks. I see what it does now.
    Hello guys,

    I'm trying to make fluorescent light bulbs, but I'm a bit stuck. I've managed to use a constant color as emission texture which you can see below. The thing is that the lights don't have any volume.
    I added some point lights to light up the area.

    upload images

    Another option I tried was to use spot lights with a custom texture. I enabled 'force no mipmapping'.
    upload images

    The result is that the bulbs look pretty good at short range, but they look terrible at great distance.

    Can anyone tell me how to fix these problems and which option leads to the best result? Thanks!
    I don't know if this is just me and/or if this is in the right thread, but every time I try to make a park with an LIM launch coaster, the file disappears. Idk why, but it has happened multiple times.
    Is an MP4 the best file type to upload to YouTube for best quality?
    • CommentTimeMar 4th 2017 edited
    ^ Yes, YouTube recommends the mp4 container, all other recommended encoding settings can be found there.
    • CommentTimeMar 9th 2017
    hi guys,
    i need help with scripts for my newest project which include a double launch (just like the triple launch and also a lot of transfer tables which need to work in both ways, moving the train forwards and backwards out. could anybody help me with this ? i dont really get it to work because i have no idea how to ..
    I need to set a whole bunch of footings that where made using the Wood Support generator set to a certain height. Is is possible to select them all and change the height once. I've tried a few different ways and it doesn't look like it will. I think NL1 allowed this.
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2017
    maybe just change the terrain in that part ? doesnt they move higher then ?
    • CommentTimeMar 10th 2017
    ^^ There is a really easy way to do that. Select all of the footers you want to change, double click one of them to bring up the support panel, type a new height value in, hit enter. That works for any support property as well.
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2017 edited
    Whenever a mesh is mirrored, the faces are inverted. Why is this always the case.
    I have tried it on my webserver as well, but even there, the mesh that is mirrord, is also inverted.

    So its not only a problem of 3ds max.

    What causes this problem?

    click to enlarge
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2017 edited
    As far as I know backface culling is always done by checking the vertex order of the projected triangles. You can understand this for example by manipulating a collda file and have two instances of the model in NL2 where in my example the right one is rotated by 180 degrees.

    By taking a look at the stored vertex positions in the mesh you can recognize that they are ordered to be in a counter clockwise order (actually the ordering is specified somewhere else but it is 0 -> 1 -> 2 there).
    This means the projected vertex order on the right hand triangle will be clockwise which is the criterium for backface culling:

    By mirroring the triangle manually on the x-axis which means just flipping the sign for the x-values you also change the vertex order from ccw to cw in the model and therefore it will be culled!
    Also check that on the rotated right hand object the projected order will be cw -> ccw and thefore it will be visible:

    This most likely explains what happens in your case for a mirrored mesh.
    • CommentTimeMar 12th 2017 edited
    so... the mistake is saved inside the file and not a problem of the software?

    In a nutshell:
    if i attach all meshes to the one element, that has the correct position, it should fix the problem.
    Thought i did something wrong with the importer.

    Only the fact, that i exported double sided meshs is a bit strange. This should always show one side.


    Wait... now i remember... the problem started to happen, as i updated to win10 .__.
    (nah, just a coincidence)

    I could send you a link to the editor over steam, if you want.
    In case you want to doublecheck because of double sided mesh. But DAE import is not finished.
    Only: json, obj and stl.
    • CommentAuthorBullero
    • CommentTimeMar 19th 2017
    Last week, I put a SSD in my laptop and reinstalled windows. When I installed NoLimits2 with the original file that I had (earlier version) and tried to update it, I got the following error message:

    Checking for updates...
    XMLParseException in line 1: "unexpected character 'D' in in line 1" in function: parseElement
    ...server not ready

    So I found an update file for version on my desktop, installed that and tried again. No luck unfortunately. Anyone who can help?
    • CommentAuthorJetPulse
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    Not sure about the problem, but you can reach out directly to the NL2 development team by emailing While they are always happy to help and generally pretty quick, remember that the NL2 development team only consists of 1 full time and 2 part time developers. So, if it takes a few days to get a response, it's probably that they're just busy with life. I recommend using the email address that you have registered your NL2 with (and/or your NL2 registration info) as they might just send you a new link to ensure you have a good installation file. Other than that, just try to be as detailed as possible about describing the problem.
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    ^^ You can also download the update from the official website.
    • CommentAuthorBullero
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    ^Thanks! Now I feel stupid for not noticing the 'updates' section on the website.
    Why is the track illuminated?

    I have set my object to "Dim object as if it was in a tunnel" but the track does not change. How do I fix this?
    (Btw, its a big room and not just a black environment)
    Make the track a virtual tunnel?
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMar 20th 2017
    Yes that helps! I did it to this indoor mouse coaster that is inside a black box inside a hillside.

    <a href=""><img src="" title="source:" width=1000/></a>
    ^^&^ Thank you :D
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTimeMar 28th 2017
    Why do altpac files delete themselves after being loaded once?
    • CommentAuthorBigbad
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    I know it's supposed to be a terrible coaster, but what is the correct way to pronounce Goudurix?
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    Gou-Dew-Rix is always how I've said it.
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    Goudurix is a pun on "goût du risque", which refers to the taste of danger.

    It's pronounced
    Du (such as in duplicate)
    • CommentTimeMar 31st 2017
    I always say Gou-Doo-Ree for added effect because why not
    • CommentAuthorBigbad
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    Where does the emphasis fall, "goo du REEKS"?

    I certainly believe King about how to pronounce French, but I must express my surprise that the X is pronounced "ks" instead of how Olmisery described.
    • CommentTimeApr 1st 2017
    I don't really know if we have such thing as emphasis in french, but I'd say it'd fall on the REEKS, yeah.
    Anyway the "x" is certainly pronounced, like all the Gauls characters in the comic (Asterix, Obelix, Idefix/Dogmatix, etc).
    What would be the easiest way to create a side friction track?
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2017 edited
    How do I fix this frustrating but kinda hilarious problem where the object wont go where I want it to? (Its supposed to be prototype nose car for my Stealth recreation)

    The Image wont work so here is a link to Imgur:

    Staff edit: Image fixed
    change the base position in the nl2 nlsco editor. OR move the 3d object to the origin point in the program
    • CommentAuthorI305
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2017
    With scripting, is it possible to have a transfer station? Where while one side is loading, the other side is being used for a multi-launch closed-circuit layout?
    i doubt it, you would need a transfer track with two side by side tracks moving at once
    • CommentAuthorI305
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2017
    ^ Would it not be possible to sync together two transfer tracks? Or have the two move at different times but be able to connect to the same center location? This way, the ride would be able to run with only one transfer moving if desired.
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2017 edited
    ^ You can't connect two transfers to the same track directly, but it should work by duplicating the track for example (depends on what you are exactly planning if this would be a good solution).

    Another approach would be using custom trains and script the transfer movement while the NL2 train waits in the NL2 station.

    You could even build a complete custom coaster which is compeletely scripted, this means all the train movements and physics (trains would also have been custom, tracks could be the NL2 ones, therefore I think there's not much benefit for this approach).
    • CommentAuthorI305
    • CommentTimeApr 6th 2017 edited
    ^ I'm attempting to create a coaster inspired by Gold Rush. (multi-launch gerstlauer infinity) But what I'm trying to accomplish is to be able to run two trains. (one loading/unloading while the other is running the course)
    • CommentTimeApr 8th 2017 edited
    Does anyone as an assumption or explanation why there are both LSM modules and friction wheels in the Red Forces station?
    Look here for example.
    Intamin, that is all.
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2017
    I know this is not relevant, but I'm still curious: What is that weird "duplication" effect when you're underground? I've seen it in multiple games now and they all look the same.
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2017 edited
    I recently cleared my hard drive and reinstalled Windows, meaning that NoLimits 2 was uninstalled from my computer. Is there anyway to get it back without repurchasing it? I have the license key, if that helps.
    just download the demo and enter your license key.
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2017
    ^ That's why I keep backups of all my software.
    • CommentTimeApr 12th 2017 edited
    Most of the stuff I had backed up, but unfortunately I didn't back up NL2. I wish I didn't have to restart on my coasters.

    Also, where do I input my license key in the demo version?