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    ^^ I'd say £40 (€45/$55) is the highest I personally would pay for a racing game/sim, unless it was absolutely packed with content. As a related point, Forza 7 has 3.5x as many cars as Project CARS 2, and that's the same price.

    Also, a quick note about a different topic: I recently got my first Android phone and had completely forgotten that RCT Classic existed until yesterday, and holy crap it's the best mobile port of anything ever. Not a single feature seems to be missing or simplified.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 22nd 2017
    I picked up PC2 today, it was $99.95. I expected it would be around that figure. But i got the limited edition with the extra d'load content for the price of the normal version, so i'm happy.
    Bigger titles vary between $89-$109 over here. Although i don't think i've seen any standard version of a game over $100 on the current gen systems so far.. But i could be wrong. Lesser known games or titles from smaller studios can be a bit cheaper ($69-$79) Still not cheap, but that's just the way things are headed these days.

    I can't get Forza cause i have a PS4, not an Xbone.. so..

    Was RCT on Android free to d'load or do you have to pay for it?
    You have to pay, but for like £5 it's totally worth it. Has all the content from RCT1 & RCT2.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 27th 2017
    Browsing some vehicles in Project Cars 2 recently, and found this.

    Portal Renault

    Legitimate livery for the Renault Megane trophy car. The team's even called 'Team Aperture' Thought it was quite funny, so i figured i'd post it here.
    As i said to a friend, i just hope P-body and Atlas aren't my pit crew. Or there's every chance i'll make a pit stop, and come out with 4 new turrets on the car instead of tyres..
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2017
    ^And GLaDOS is on the team radio?
    Ok, so I gave in and bought it (from a third party because I still think £45 is extortionate), and it's basically what PC1 should have been. The menus are a lot nicer, the graphics are a bit better, having the cars actually be sorted by manufacturer is extremely useful (no idea why they didn't do it in the original), and it has a proper Photo Mode that doesn't suck :D

    Speaking of Photo Mode, how do you access your pictures in full quality outside the game? I wanna post a couple I took but I can't find how to get em.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2017 edited
    ^^ I hope not.. Or she'll just go on about how she's going to turn the car into a ball of fire, and watch you burn inside. Or tell you about other ways she's going to kill you. I'd rather have Cave Johnson as my engineer on the radio, lol.

    ^ That's what i'm enjoying the most about it, the freedom of photo mode. I can take awesome shots now :D And i like how you can also sort vehicles by class.
    What are you playing it on? (console or PC)
    I can post some of mine that i've taken as well if you'd like.
    PC. I can't imagine it's possible to get the photos off console (unless you did in which case that statement is redundant :P)
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 29th 2017
    Well, consider that statement redundant, lol. Getting screens off a console is easier than you'd think. That Aperture Renault i posted was a pic i took. Can't speak for xbone as i don't have one, though it's prob the same. But i'll post some pics later on when i get a chance to get em off my PS4.

    Using my (possibly outdated) knowledge of past pc games i've played, you should have a folder somewhere that stores all the photos you take. Have a look in the in-game options/settings menu and see if you can assign a location for saved images or replays.
    Or just check the main folder where it's installed for something where images could be saved. Also check your 'Documents' folder, just read something about it on the PC2 forum.
    I've had a thorough look through and could only find one screenshots folder, which only contains one of my two photos (annoyingly the worst of the two).

    I don't get why they'd put in a great photo mode and then make it really awkward to share the images you take -.-

    Edit: Took a few more. Now that it's actually saving the images I guess it's not too difficult to share them.

    (Nordschleife is bae)
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2017
    Nice shots. I was having a run in the Formula X just tonight, with that exact same livery on it, lol.
    Here's a few of my shots.


    ^ This one is my new desktop wallpaper..




    And because i'm an Aussie, we need the obligatory V8 Supercar at Bathurst shot.

    Dang, the Lamborghini and sunset ones are nerdgasmic. I just wish the vignette didn't make the corners so dark when it's on a high setting.

    (And jeez, what were you doing in the Ford to make it do that? o.o)
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeSep 30th 2017
    ^ Lol, thanks. The pic of the blue Lambo, i have that as my custom background/wallpaper on the PS4. When i add vignette to a shot, i've been setting it to about half. That way it's not too over-bearing.
    There's 2 Fords, lol, but i'm guessing you mean the 'Stang. Well, i simply started braking, turned into the corner and the rear let go. I punched it and slid all the way through the turn. And the inside of the corner kinda dropped away from under me, which led to that. Didn't realise until i watched the replay, hahaha. It was a big sweeping downhill corner, one of the Mojave tracks. Boa Ascent i think it's called. You can try it yourself.

    Long story short, i was having fun. :P
    If i get any more good shots (and there most likely will be) i'll post em.

    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2017
    I like that second shot, going over the bridge. I think the two of us are going to fill up this thread with pictures we've taken in P-Cars 2, lol. At least until someone else joins in..
    Here's 2 more from me. Trying something a bit different this time.

    Group A touring cars on rallycross tracks. Not that easy, cause they don't have a handbrake.



    I'm probably gonna spend more time taking pics in this game than actually racing.
    I'm going to buy this on PS4 when it's a little less expensive :P
    Seriously this game looks so damn good.

    And here's a totally-real shot from a classic 1960s Silverstone race ;)

    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 3rd 2017
    Posted By: TheDarkStarI'm going to buy this on PS4 when it's a little less expensive :P

    A lot of things usually drop in price around xmas.. Not long till then, lol.




    And unleashing the afterburners through a tunnel, lol.

    I've just bought WipEout, so that will keep me occupied until PC2 is cheaper xD
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2017





    ^Needs a Red Bull livery, then i can make a joke about it giving me wings.
    • CommentAuthormrfeeny
    • CommentTimeOct 7th 2017
    How do you get an F1 car airborne with all the downforce?
    Pretty sure it's on a rallycross track, that's how :P
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2017
    ^^ Well.. There's a number of ways you can do that. Mark Webber knows a good way.

    But yes, that was on a rallycross track. I may have even reduced some front & rear aero, i can't remember.
    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2017
    ^Still amazed that he not only survived that, but basically unharmed!
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2017
    Me too. When i saw it go into the tyres at that speed, i honestly thought he'd be injured for sure. Then i saw him move and chuck the wheel out of the car, and i felt better.
    • CommentAuthorEmonadeo
    • CommentTimeOct 8th 2017
    Project Cars 2 seriously has amazing visuals. But I am only a semi-car-fan and enjoy Forza Horizon 3 significantly more (havent played PC2 yet, but I have played the first PC). I am not that passionate to deal with such full-fledged simulations.
    What I like about Project CARS is that you can set it up to be arcadey, highly realistic, or somewhere in the middle, so it doesn't have to be a full-fledged simulation. I too prefer open-world driving games, but Forza Horizon ain't on PC so y'know.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2017
    Been playing with a new program i got hold of recently. Here's 2 pics, let's see if anyone can guess what it is.

    Ah yes beam NG right?
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2017
    I love messing around with Beam NG. I’ve had that game way back when it was a tech demo and bought into the alpha. It’s come a long way since then.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeOct 30th 2017
    ^^ Yep.
    I even got my PS4 controller working on my pc, so i can use that to play it. And i can also use the DS4 with my SNES emulator.
    • CommentTimeDec 1st 2017 edited
    Usually game devs make terrible recreations of roller coasters, especially if they're just a part of the background. I was pleasantly surprised to see Forza's looking pretty damn accurate, minus a few spots (look at the bottom of the turnaround... China says hello). You have to max the graphics in order to get a half-decent LOD though, otherwise it turns into a pile of sticks at range.

    Ring Racer

    Also s/o to forzavista looking good in the pits (yet we can't have animated pit stops... lol)

    Golden Sharkfin

    Flawed game, but my last motorsports was FM4 so I'm enjoying myself. It's the best I can do until I get a real setup for proper sims like Assetto.
    ^I think that's just a lucky good angle.

    Like I said, you have to ignore the bottom parts :) but it's really a better attempt than most, I think. Countless games slap a railroad on steel supports and call it a day.
    • CommentAuthorWomp83
    • CommentTimeDec 2nd 2017 edited
    Posted By: AJClarke0912yet we can't have animated pit stops... lol

    I've seen that clip before, lol. I don't know how other games have done animated pit crews for quite some time now, years even (even Daytona USA had an animated pit crew, and that's how old?) yet Forza just goes "Meh.." like it's not a priority.

    Anyway, came here to post this.
    Been playing Need for Speed Payback lately, and i made this in the wrap editor.


    I call him Scoober. He likes to play in the dirt.
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2017
    John Lasseter would be proud
    • CommentTimeDec 4th 2017
    Very much enjoying Forza Motorsport's very pretty even on Xbone

    • CommentAuthorDelay
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2017
    Started playing RCT 2 at 3pm,(Turns out, I kinda suck at the game)
    Finished one scenario at something like 5pm, maybe 5:30?
    It's now 7pm. Just closed the game.

    My point: Even after 15 years, this game still keeps you entertained for hours!
    15 years...
    • CommentTimeDec 8th 2017
    I've been playing Super Mario Odyssey recently and it's by far my favorite Mario game ever (sorry Sunshine). It's seriously incredible.