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    Well, I don't know besides LaunchTower and I, but if there's any one out there that makes their own music, don't be shy feel free to post!

    I started my sound cloud yesterday, when Launch Tower inspired me to post my music (Thanks buddy) I recently added a new song. (That's two so far!)

    I checked out your stuff and it's really good! I'm still getting the hang of FL Studio, but hopefully I can put a few more songs on my channel. And soon I'm getting an actual DJ Controller, so it won't just be on the computer.
    ^I'm still a noob using nothing but the bare program. I really should get some controllers/keyboards/other to really reach the programs potential. Or I could just save $200 and get Logic Pro. :P
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    I used to make music, but I haven't in such a long time and I've really been lacking inspiration or motivation to do anything. It's nothing people would really like though.

    If anyone cares
    ^Checked it out, Cut Through Our Feet.... Is amazing. Loved it so so much.
    Ajax, your repost and space race songs are really good!
    ^:P the reposts aren't mine just to clarify, can't take credit for the mastermind behind those. But thanks on the space race one.
    This is my soundcloud. I am a very basic music producer right now, but that should change with the new thigs I got for christmas:) I also remixed a couple of songs, but can't upload them because of copyright:( Those remixes are a Modeon clash of The night out and Icarus, then the other one is technologic by Daft Punk.
    Anyway here is my soundcloud, check me out, some fun songs will be uploded soon:)
    EDIT: Can't seem to get the html link to work, sorry.
    ^The link seems to be broken, even if I copy and paste it.
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    Don't include the #

    Loved Sweeden, coastermagician. Great song.
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013
    I love to make music on my PC from time to time, but only just for fun, hence I don't have an expensive program, only one for about 90 € (MAGIX Music Maker 2013 Premium), but it has a MIDI editor and a lot of instruments as well as thousands of pre-built loops (which I rarely use). Which programs do you all use?

    Eventually, I'll upload some of my songs. ;)
    I use garageband. It's not very powerful on it's own, but it's good for my level of experience.
    • CommentAuthorBye Tom
    • CommentTimeJan 5th 2013 edited
    Anyone using Live here?
    Either way, here's my soundcloud:

    I also have two remixes which I cannot post due to them being official remixes. If you have Spotify, you could listen to them below, otherwise you'd have to buy them. ;)

    Homme Dee Star - Dancing in the Shine (Grenwall & Linden Remix) - Won my first remix competition with this one. :)
    Da Goblinn - Jaguar Priest (Spectator remix) - This was from quite a while ago. I didn't use to produce house back then.
    ^Great stuff bye tom. Did you ever finish Shiny Sunglasses?
    Bye Tom, I use ableton live with the launchpad, it is great! Baadrix, I've also been using magic music maker mx 2012. I've used some soundation back then. Ajax_coasters, thanks a lot haha.does anybody else use the launchpad?
    I have Live, but I have yet to use it. I am still learning to set up MIDI between my MOX8 and computer currently.
    Meanwhile I have toyed around with FL Studio as well.
    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2013

    Here is the music video I made for a coaster of mine from back in the CS days called : Copperhead. This is what I have most readily available to share. Maybe later on I'll finally get around to creating a soundcloud with the rest of my music. "Copperhead" was created using Reason rewired into Digital Performer, my Yamaha Motif 8 and a Pod XT to create the guitar tones.

    Bye Tom: I really enjoyed your remix of "Dancing in the Shine". It may have actually just inspired me to get out my equipment and start making music again.


    This is my new Deadmau5 MegaMix!


    • CommentTimeJan 7th 2013

    I play guitar for these guys. That EP was recorded mostly live in one very very hot afternoon last summer, but I think it turned out pretty solidly.

    Starting to make something new and yes, it is called Pathogen lol.
    Keyword "starting".

    Not "finishing".
    ^haha I hope not.

    Here's a quick mix I made for a sample.

    February Mix-UP

    ^Loved it LaunchTower!
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2013
    So I added a few new songs yesterday. I feel they're more...presentable.
    (link to my soundcloud at top of page)
    • CommentTimeFeb 8th 2013

    At 24 seconds, I would suggest that instead of having the quick beat (da-da-da.-da-da) to have it connected and to swell a pitch or two higher, like a wave. (wooOOoomm-wooOOoomm.) Does that make any sense? I think having it legato would provide a nice contrast to what is already on. Also, at 1:15, keep the .5 seconds of silence or whatever, and then (sorry if it sounds unoriginal) make the bass drop, followed by some steady deep rhythm patterns similar to the beginning, but also add some higher (treble) notes. On that same note (punny) keep the trebles free. I like to think that the higher notes have less "weight" so it is easier for them to do quicker moves and noises.

    I hope this makes some sense, and you can decipher all of this. :P
    Good luck!
    ^I was planning on a bass drop, probably dubstep, but everything I make sounds disappointing and childish so I will continue to work on that. I think I understand what you mean on the wooOOoomm-wooOOoomm part.

    This is my attempt at what I call Dutch-step.
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2013
    I used to make a lot of music back a few years ago but I haven't made anything new in a long time. I have put together a few tracks of mine in this video:

    djd711's music projects

    I have always focused on Trance because I find it easiest to make. I used Reason rewired in to Ableton.
    • CommentTimeFeb 11th 2013
    ^Those songs were awesome, I enjoyed every single track. I also listened to some songs on your uncle's website (I don't know which of them you made, though), but I definitely loved the "Natures Call" ones. :)
    ^^Yeah great stuff dave!
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2013

    The other day we did a "live in the studio" set for a local radio station - check it out here if you're interested. Ended up being really quite pleased with the results.

    Ajax, that was a very wimpy drop. By the way you started the song so awesomely, I would have expected some kind of huge, 5 second long super drop. See if you can make it more like that.
    ^Haha yeah, dubstep doesn't play nice with me. I try, try, and try, and every time it sounds lame. Working on a chillstep track now with much more success.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2013 edited

    Some suggestions re: dubstep sounding "lame"

    Your kick sound is consistently kinda thin. Try some adding some room reverb to it and maybe double it up with something deeper / an octave lower. Higher the higher kick gives you clarity, the lower gives oomph. Same goes for snares - nothing beefs up an electronic snare sound like stacking a few different sounds on top of each other (snare + handclap, for example) and treating all of simultaneously as your snare sound. In general adding some "wetness" to the different layers will give it some atmospheric qualities that can take a sound from garage-sale Casio to a searing, professional synth tone.

    Ajax, what editing software do you use?

    I am cheap so I use lmms, lol.
    ^Cheap as well, I am using garageband.

    @BBSpeed: So I know my drums are bad, just used them to fill in what I had with the actual instruments, but my instruments and the actual progression of the wobbles and such, sounds awful to me. Every time I try to make dubstep it sounds like a twelve year old opening up GarageBand for the first time. It has no emotion or atmosphere to it. I want it to be angry and intense, like a jaw-dropping drop, but it sounds like I whipped it up in like 2 minutes. And even then, this is the best I have ever done with dubstep.

    Not a fan of dubstep but it didn't sound too child-y to me, just weak if anything

    Most of the time no matter what you make, it will sound child like just because you made it and you're hard on yourself

    ^I guess that makes sense, I'm usually quite the perfectionists.
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2013
    I use FL studio myself, been making things for quite a while, but havn't been able to finish anything recently. I have about 4-7 projects that are 2/3's done lol

    but anyways here is my Soundcloud

    and my Newgrounds

    Bye tom I love what you are making, any tips on someone with problems with mastering and keeping my track cleaner and crisper?
    Posted By: Randomman44-7 projects that are 2/3's done lol

    Haha, story of my life lol.

    Thanks for the comment on my track by the way, it is appreciated. I'll be giving your stuff a listen tomorrow cause I am 'bout to hit the hay.
    • CommentAuthorBye Tom
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2013
    Not sure if I can tell you so much, randomman. I guess one of the most important things I found was how important the kick is and what a good kick does to a song. You manage to layer your way to a good kick and you can basically throw most stuff onto it and it'll pretty clean. I usually build my kick out of an 808 for the sub (tuned to the key of the track), a really punchy kick for the mids (with lo's and hi's cut out, also with quite low sustain, so that you get rid of the resonance in the sound) and a really "crunchy" sounding clap or snare for the hi's (with a high-pass and the sustain cut down to the point where it's almost just a click. Most of the time I end up layering this kick with some preset I thought sounded good.
    Then once you've found yourself a nice kick sound you sorta stick to it. I don't think I've made a new kick since about a year and a half. I just keep tuning the one I already have to fit my song.:)

    Also, I use an obsessive amount of auto-filters. A nice use of sweeps is super important to.

    It's kinda hard to tell you though, it's really all the details that makes for a better sound. I'm also having a bit of trouble since I think you've got quite a nice sound already;)
    My chillstep track Way Back Home
    Jesus Christ man, you are going places. That was easily one of the best chillstep tracks that I have ever heard. I was instantly hooked.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2013 edited
    Posted By: Ajax_CoastersMy chillstep trackWay Back Home

    I like the melody a lot. I personally think if you needed to change anything at all it would just be to maybe make the notes starting around 2:16 more accented.

    In the meantime, I'm starting my electro-house remix of Knife Party's "Rage Valley".

    Also, Do you you guys have any suggestions for a stage name? Like any cool names at all?
    Keep LaunchTower for a stage name, lol.
    • CommentTimeFeb 16th 2013 edited
    Image Hosted by

    [EDIT] Better?
    Make it transparent so that it looks like the fire and the smoke are part of the name.
    Yeah, launchtower makes a great stage name imo.

    @gigacoasterfan: Thanks a lot man! It's appreciated!

    @Launchtower: (assuming your talking about the bass line) Listening to it with your comment in mind, I have to agree. Thanks for the advice, I will use that in later tracks.

    EDIT: By the way, any of you guys skilled in photoshop type stuff, I would love for you to make a fancy album cover for my new song. I tried and ended up just putting up my logo in blue lol.
    ^ I wouldn't mind putting something together for your song. I would need to know what you would need, name of song, etc.