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    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2013 edited
    Edit: I made this into a TR thread, since I will post more TR's.

    So today I had the Music in the Park festival. This is a festival where a Band or Orchestra (As a String Bass player, I was in both) preforms and then gets to spend the rest of the day at the park. Since I got a Season Pass, this was the perfect opportunity to process it, and luckily there was no line. The first thing my friends and I do is go ride Sidewinder, followed by Boomerang. After that, we ate a Panda Express. Following this, we rode Twister 2 and then met up with my orchestra teacher as we went to the award ceremony for the performances. My school won first place in all the high school awards!! After this we re-rode Sidewinder, then rode Half-Pipe. Then we left. No pictures this time, those will be for later trips.

    Sidewinder: 2 rides. Very front and very back. 30 minute waits.

    Super great ride!!!! Lots of airtime and forces, along with 2 great launches! I prefer the front seat. Just mentioning, I saw on Theme Park Review someone calling this ride a headbanger. Honestly, if they were headbanging then it must have been themselves purposely banging their own heads! That is just about impossible, considering the lack of noticeable lateral movement. Very smooth and I love the elevated station, too. 7.5/10

    Boomerang: 1 ride. Very back. 45 minute wait.

    After riding Flashback at SFNE, I was slightly worried this would be a bad ride. WRONG, It was fun! Smooth and intense. The forces were great, especially the backwards loop!! 7/10

    Twister 2: 1 ride. Very back. Hour wait.

    I had heard terrible reports of this ride. Specifically, no airtime. That is agreeable, but it is obviously not the ride's focus. It was a terrific ride, a rough and tough woodie with some good lats. It will through you around, but that adds to it! 7/10

    Half-Pipe: 1 ride. 20 minute wait.

    Not too much to say other than that it was pure fun! The spikes are cool and the spinning really makes it much more terrifying. Very nice, 7.5/10

    As a final note, I had a great day! But notice how I rated these ride so highly compared to other coaster enthusiasts. I rated them this way due to the amount of fun I had, not how super thrilling or balls-out crazy they are. I had loads of fun on these because I didn't ride them to compare them to my favorite, most intense coasters. If you do that you're setting yourself up to have a bad time. I rode these rides to have fun, and I did. This is why Elitch's has a terrible reputation among coaster enthusiasts, because most of us walk in trying to compare an Arrow Shuttle, Vek Boomerang and SLC, Intamin Half-Pipe, and a recreation of a great woodie to coasters like (for example, going of some of the higher rated coasters in the world) X2, SFNE Bizarro, Millennium Force, I305, Maverick, etc... And they end up having a terrible time. What I am trying to get at is coaster enthusiasts shouldn't put down this great park because it doesn't have a world class coaster to blow them to pieces, they should enjoy it for what it is.

    I recommend Elitch's for those who haven't been. I missed out on Mind Eraser and Tower of Doom, but I should get those very soon, and I will eventually take pictures for all of you! BTW I'm pretty sure most of the coasters got recently repainted, they all look amazingly new!
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2013
    Glad to hear you had a fun time! I had an absolute blast when I went, except for the jarring headache Mind Eraser left. Tower of Doom is fun, but it's nothing compared to Lex Luthor, so I can't say much. And I was seriously surprised at how smooth the Boomerang is. (Now if only they could pop those trains on the KBF one...) But Twister II was great fun. It's not smooth, but it wasn't jarring. It doesn't give you a headache, but tosses you around a great deal. And an hour wait for that? My God, that's long. Anyways, happy to hear you had fun!

    P.S. You'll want to skip Mind Eraser, unless you're that much of a credit whore. ;)
    Silverwood 2013

    I went to Silverwood on Friday, July 19th. It was HOT. I took pictures, but ride reviews first.

    Timber Terror 2 rides. Very back both times. 15 minute waits.

    This ride was running amazing. The pure amount of airtime is ludicrous, and is on almost every hill! Pretty smooth ride and nice lats in the helix. I love the first drop, one of the best I’ve ridden. If you visit Silverwood, I suggest the very back on this ride, hands up. You will not regret it, especially with single position lap-bars. Still my favorite woodie. 9/10

    Tremors 1 ride. Very front. 20 minute wait.

    This ride is also running better. The drop is great, as awesome as Timber Terrors. Nice laterals, and the tunnels have a great blast of cool air on a hot day. All the hills have nice air, though only floater. Too bad about the ratcheting lap-bars, this ride woodie be greater without them. Really nice ride, second only to Timber Terror. 8/10

    Aftershock 2 rides. Very back and very front. 1 cycle wait.

    I was surprised by the short lines. The first spike is blissfully terrifying. Being pulled backwards until we’re vertical and then you plummet. Amazing. The cobra roll was slightly jarring but fun and the loop had hangtime at the top and forces at the bottom. The second spike is equally terrifying as the first, and the backwards inversions are more forceful. I especially love the moment of pure air when the train reaches its stall point on the first spike before the catch car grabs you. The world needs more G.I.B.’s. 9/10

    Corkscrew 2 rides. Very back both times. Walk-on.

    This ride was unfortunately running rougher this year, and it kills me to see how much the ride’s popularity is suffering. I personally did not experience headbanging, but my sister said she did. On the positive side, the ride is still good. The drop has a pop of floater in the back, and the corkscrews themselves are smooth and effective. I love the ride, and it is nostalgic to me. 7/10

    SpinCycle 1.5 rides. 15 minute wait.

    The ride is a great addition for Silverwood. It has lightly noticeable forces in full swing, and at one point you do one full rotation completely upside-down and the view of everything is incredible. Oh, and why 1.5 rides? During my supposed-to-be second ride, we were swinging just beyond vertical, and suddenly we stop spinning. We swung back and forth freely for about a minute before E-Stop kicked in and we stopped. Then we sat at the loading platform for 15 minutes before they got us off. Overall, a great ride. 8/10

    Panic Plunge 2 rides. 1 cycle wait.

    The best drop tower I’ve been on. Climbing slowly to the top, 140ft in the air then *click*. So much ejector air on the drop, intensifying as we accelerate downward. We hit the brakes like a brick but are comfortably slowed to a stop. Better then Elitches’ Tower of Doom, if only it could be just as tall. 9/10

    Pictures in next post.
    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2013 edited

    Theme park through the trees!

    Sorry I don't have a picture of the entrance, it is really nice.

    Country Carnival means rides in your near future!

    Train Crossing.

    Large rolly coastersszz.

    Somehow I'm lacking Timber Terror, SpinCycle and Panic Plunge photos. Oops... :/

    That means Tremors is up!

    Large structure.

    Warped station boards.

    I did get a photo.

    Gift shop is warped too.

    They do sell underwear (Sorry for bad photo).

    G.I.B. train shot.

    1st spike, terror at it's finest.

    Scary loopy twisty stuffs.

    I also rode the Super Round Up.

    Corkscrew time! Love the color scheme.


    On da lift hill.

    On da drop.

    Lift chain mechanismss.

    Footer is massive.

    Almost the whole train.

    Arrows are just artsy.

    This place was da Victorian Coffee House, I think.

    Very pretty building (My sister is in the foreground with a "Huckleberry Italian Soda". Delicious).

    A few Boulder Beach photos that don't do justice.

    Tube Slides.

    Speed Slides.

    One of the lazy river entrances.

    Wave pool.

    I have 5 photos that refuse to upload to Imgur but once I get them to work I'll edit them into the post in their proper spots. Honestly none of the photos could do justice for how amazing Silverwood is, especially with the lack of photos for 3 main rides. I suggest going to Northern Idaho. Right now.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2013
    Someone forgot to enable html.
    ^I disabled it for a time because before resizing the first time the pictures were HUGE.

    In the 3rd to last picture, I remember seeing a video of someone nearly flying out of a speed slide like that...

    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2013
    ^Preeeetty sure that's fake.

    Is the corkscrew the one from Knott's? Great pictures BTW.
    ^Yes it is the one from Knott's. The original :D
    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2013 edited
    So I went to Elitches today, and the park had really short lines!

    The first ride we went on was Sidewinder, and the front is still the place to be! Love the ride! We then made our way to Half-Pipe, running crazily, and pretty efficiently too. Boomerang was next, and it was really smooth and crazy forceful!! Afterwards was Shake, Rattle, & Roll (Awesome Top Spin), then Twister 2. The ride was running nicely at the beginning of the day, but it ran like a bat out of hell later! Mind Eraser, though the roll over was shaky, was still a crazy intense and fun ride! Much better than the SFNE one by FAR. We then did Ghost Blasters (Great dark ride), I got a high score of 1500), Sidewinder again (Had warmed up and was batsh!t crazy), then Disaster Canyon, the park's river raft ride. You will get soaked >:D Shipwreck Falls (Shoot-the-chute) was awesome and we rode it twice. Then we did Half-Pipe and Boomerang again (FUN RIDES) before heading to Tower of Doom, which broke down twice while we were in line, making the overall wait 30 minutes. The longer drop is terrifying, but Panic Plunge has more ejector. If only there could be a combination of the two :< Shake, Rattle & Roll again, then we rode Mind Eraser twice in a row (The Front and Back are both really forceful, the back more so but the front has a great view) and then we did DragonWing (I have no idea what model it is). We went back and rode Half-Pipe and Boomerang again, because they whole park is awesome! Then we rode Twister 2 three times in a row and it had really warmed up and was so rough I was giggling with happiness, great ride! By then it was 5 so we rode Sidewinder for the last time (Holy shazwaz craziest ride, really warmed up!) and then rode the Ferris Wheel, a nice relax at the end of the day. Best places to eat: Panda Express, Fresh Cut Fries, Ice Cream Parlor (By the front), and a little place by the kids area serving pizza-sized mega soft pretzels and chicken tenders.

    Ride Count:
    Twister 2: 4x
    Sidewinder: 3x
    Boomerang: 3x
    Mind Eraser: 3x
    Half-Pipe: 3x
    Shipwreck Falls: 2x
    Shake, Rattle, & Roll: 2x
    Disaster Canyon: 1x
    Tower of Doom: 1x
    DragonWing: 1x
    Ferris Wheel: 1x
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2013
    DragonWing is an Aileron, at least based from RCT3. I have absolutely no clue the make though. What did you think was the smoothest seat on Mind Eraser (since you seem to be an expert at Elitch's)
    • CommentAuthorIronWolfman
    • CommentTimeAug 17th 2013 edited
    Front Seat, It doesn't rattle as much during the roll over. Can't compare to the back's forces, though, even if the view is awesome.

    EDIT: This was actually my 5th time at Elitch Gardens this year, because I forgot to write up the other 3 trips. I plan on going once in September with my family and once in October for Fright Fest (Maybe twice).
    Sorry to double post. I forgot to post here my recent 6th trip to Elitches, but I did post it on TPR with a shazton of pictures. Link: