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    • CommentAuthorYoshiking
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013 edited
    This won't follow the average B&M Invert formula, however it will stay true to the manufacturer. Obviously, as you can tell by the few screenshots below, terrain will play a huge role in the ride experience. I'm going to keep the majority of the layout under wraps until it's complete, but I feel like a few teasers are in order for how long I've been working on the track. I started this project to sort of warm up for when NoLimits 2 eventually gets released (hopefully soon). I 100% plan to finish this ride, and hope to have it up before the end of July.

     photo Washi_zps714f1486.png
     photo Washi2_zps0d285874.png

    By the way, expect this to hit the exchange very soon. I had planned to do 3ds, but that fell through due to lack of motivation and I feel it'd be a shame to leave the ride sitting in a folder.
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    Oh yeah, I can remember Lotan.

    This one also looks very cool. I'm intrigued with the colours, they seem to fit the name perfectly.