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    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013 edited
    Hi guys,
    I’ve been visiting Europa-Park on 17 and 18 June (for the ninth time btw). So I thought I share some pictures I took and a report with you. Here we go:
    We (a friend of mine and obviously me) started our trip on Sunday as we had to drive about 400 km (about 250 miles). On the highway we saw an absolutely funny license plate:

    When we arrived in a small town near Rust (where EP is located) we decided we should go for a walk and take our first look at EP since this is a lot of fun to do this when it’s 32° C (~90° F) outside. Anyway, the pictures I could take were totally worth the 2x45 minutes walk in the sun:

    Silver Star - 3 km away

    The small town Rust (btw, it isn't pronounced like "rust", more like "roost") ;)

    We also visited the newly built “Confertainment Center” at the entrance of the park which included a room with lots of mirrors and an old carousel. While going around this we were even asked whether we want to ride it, but we looked at each other, smiled and said “No … thanks!”

    After a very warm night we were ready for EP. The weather forecast said it would get about 36°C (90 °F) – and they did not lie. Fortunately, EP has a lot of water-based attractions, so we were able to cool down whenever we wanted. In the morning the temperature was fine, though.

    Good morning, Silver Star!

    The German-themed entrance area

    Our first ride was Eurosat (queue time: 15 minutes) as a warming-up (kinda weird, isn’t it?). After that we went to Pegasus (a small kiddie coaster) which is never really crowded (most of the time a walk-on). And as the water coaster Poseidon (queue time: none) is also in the Greek area we went for a ride on it, too.

    The sphere of Eurosat

    Eurosat - station

    Poseidon - heavily themed station

    ... and SPLASH!
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    Poseidon did its job quite well and soaked us quite a bit, but it was enough for the current temperature. The next ride was Euro-MIR which is located in the Russian themed area. The recreated space station MIR hanging above the queue provided shade very well, but the waiting time of 15 minutes wasn’t that much either.

    MIR above the outside queue

    Black light queue inside the building


    Around the mirroring towers

    Headbanging turn with (more than?) 4 g

    Then we decided to move to Wodan as we really wanted to ride it - we’ve already ridden it in 2012, but we couldn’t wait to go on it again. The monorail we went on to get to Wodan passes a lot of areas in the park which were absolutely nice to watch (like the British area, the rafting or even the Dutch and the Scandinavian area).

    British area

    Dutch area

    Norwegian stave church


    Station of Fjord-Rafting

    Whale Watching (or "Getting Totally Soaked Within Seconds")

    The famous European country named Africa ...

    The destination is near

    Arriving at the queue of Wodan we got a small surprise: queue time 45 minutes. But as we knew Wodan wouldn’t be a let-down we entered the highly themed queue. Watch this video to see nearly all of it.

    We're coming, oh mighty Wodan!

    The absolutely impressive gate

    Welcome to Schwarzelfenheim (Svartálfaheimr)

    Into the mines

    Niflheim - the realm of ice and cold

    ... and imposing statues

    Muspelheim - the realm of fire

    ... and impressing guardians

    Nidhogg - snake-like dragon which torments the dead

    "Mímisbrunnr"/"Mimir's well" - its water is supposed to contain much wisdom, Wodan/Odin sacrificed one of his eyes in exchange for a drink from it (source

    First turn with "wrong" banking

    View to the top of the lift hill

    The first turn and drop from below

    Awesome zero-g turn

    Perfect airtime hill / hidden s-turn combo

    Since Wodan and Blue Fire are really close to each other we took a ride on it, too (queue time: 35 minutes). But as we are bored by any other row than the first one we “had” to queue for row 1 which added another 15 minutes to the total queue time. The ride was pretty fun as expected; a lot of the fun came from the launch at which we imitated Superman (i. e. we didn’t raise our arms, but bowed down to the heart rate monitor and moved our arms towards the front of the train).

    This sign does tell the truth

    Station from the front row queue

    Zero-g roll ftw!

    Through the loop

    Final turn above the queue

    Icelandic theming

    ... and more Iceland
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    After a small break in Iceland we got a little bit hungry, but before we would go to the FoodLoop restaurant (I’ll explain what this is to you later) we needed to cool down as it was already really hot at 12:30 pm. So we queued for Fjord Rafting (queue time: 25 minutes, not that bad because you nearly always move along), it was on our way to the restaurant anyway. This time we got totally soaked, some “nice” visitors activated huge fountains in the first and in the second “wave pool” (at least that’s how I call it).

    At 1.15 pm we arrived at the FoodLoop restaurant and had to wait for about 5 minutes to get in which you would have to wait at any other food stall, too. In FoodLoop the food and the drinks aren’t being served by waiters, but rather via rails which are sloped downwards. Two of those rails even include a loop, hence the name. It’s really fun to watch.

    "FoodLoop ... the world's first loop restaurant"

    This rail system is installed at every table

    "Food loop" ftw!

    After our lunch we watched the show (located right beneath FoodLoop) which was made for the 30th anniversary of Europa-Park and hasn’t been changed since 2011. However, the animation of the cars of Euro-MIR and Blue Fire with lasers was still amazing, and the final laser show even including water patterns by fountains mounted at the ceiling succeeded in making us happy. :P

    I can’t really remember everything we rode this day, but one highlight surely was Silver Star in the front row (queue time: 20 minutes + 15 minutes for the front row). The hot airstream blowing in our face wasn’t that bad, last time we rode in the front row (I think it was in April 2011) we weren’t able to open our eyes because of the cold airstream, this time we could see everything – and the airtime which should be around -0.2 g in the front row I guess felt like -0.3 g or even -0.4 g, so there was some mild ejector – pretty impressive.

    They installed beamer on the ceiling so they could "animate" the road - pretty cool effect.

    Station from the front row queue

    Here they go ...

    The fun begins here

    The famous "Oh-sh*t moment"

    The first drop from the other side - unfortunately, the park was already closed at this time, so no train here :(

    ... but here (picture taken the day before)

    First camelback

    Airtime hill after the helix

    Last airtime hill

    Final S-turn

    After Silver Star we headed for Alpenexpress, the Mack powered coaster (queue time: walk on) and the log flume (queue time: 15 minutes) which both are located in Austria. As we went by the miniature railway (one of the first attractions of EP) I was able to take some nice pictures (I hope at least they are, lol).

    Enchanted forest

    Yay, new ride in 2014!

    Welcome to Spain! Where is Shambhala?

    Station of Alpenexpress

    First turn of the log flume

    Second drop

    And as we got a little wet on the log flume we thought we could do the Atlantica SuperSplash, too. Queue time was about 10-15 minutes which definitely is okay for such a ride – especially if you have a great view over the splash zone and Wodan.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    Unfortunately, I can’t really remember what else we rode after SuperSplash except Wodan for another three times when it got pretty empty in the park at 5 pm (queue times: 30/25/20 minutes). We also tried to get an extra ride by entering the queue at the right time so the train we would go on would arrive at the station while only a few people are still waiting (since the queue is closed when the park closes which was at 6.30 pm). So we joined the queue at 6.26 pm, but as it should turn out we queued way too early, so people were still waiting for about another two trains. Oh, well … at least, we tried it. ;)

    There was also a nice sunset this day:

    So much for the picture-heavy part, now you’ll have to read more.
    On the second day on which I didn’t take my camera with me it was already pretty warm in the morning. First ride was Eurosat for which we had to queue about two minutes, empty trains were still arriving at the station.
    Then we headed for Euro-MIR – and we saw nobody queuing outside the station. We asked one of the “doormen” outside how come no people are queuing, and he responded there are “a couple of people” inside. Oh man, he was so wrong: There was only one couple (!) waiting at the gates for the next train to arrive. And so all in all, four people rode Euro-MIR while one train has a capacity of 16 passengers. As the nearly empty train arrived at the station we had to leave the coaster, but decided to ride it again. This time a few more people were in the queue, but not many by no means. Unluckily, Euro-MIR’s forces are quite intense – especially when it’s hot, so I had an headache after the second ride.
    The queues didn’t stay that empty all day, after 10 am the lines got fuller and fuller (probably because that’s usually the time when buses arrive at the park), but the maximum queue time was about 35 minutes for Blue Fire (front row!).
    In the evening, about 4 pm we were ready for the highlight: Silver Star until the end! But that was too much for me (for the first time btw!), after the second ride I was pretty exhausted and I said we should have a break. Having myself fully recovered after 15 minutes (or at least to a point where I could ride coasters again) we went for a ride on Pegasus (walk-on) and then two times on Poseidon (waiting time of two minutes which was pretty much the “walking time”).
    The temperature was about 36° C (~97° F), and I wanted to know how it felt in the geodesic sphere of Eurosat. And it felt like fire! The lift at the bottom was quite enjoyable, but as the spiral lift got us higher and higher it wasn’t that enjoyable anymore – the first drop seemed like we would enter the atmosphere (just watch the fitting metaphor considering the space theme, lol). The ride itself was damn fast and hot, but still a lot of fun.
    As the park would close at 6.30 pm again you may know what that meant: The queue-once-ride-twice-trick again – but this time (as our second day was also our last day) it had to be Silver Star. We entered the queue too early; it wasn’t that bad, though, since we could wait for the people to pass. Then we queued for the second-to-last row (one of the best rows for the trick) while more people queued for the last row, and it looked pretty good. However, I made a mistake then: I let three people go first who were actually behind us, but the ride-ops allocated all people, so nobody was queuing anymore when we arrived at the station again.
    You see, you need a lot of calculation to make this trick work, and also a lot of luck. haha

    I hope you enjoyed this trip report. Please feel free to leave a comment (or not), and please tell me if you want to know anything about the park. Thanks for reading so far! ;)

    P.S.: If you find any spelling or grammar mistakes you may cut them out and hang them up above your bead as a trophy (or you could whisper me what you've found).

    Tl;dr: This trip was purely awesome!
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    Euro Mir's forces are indeed quite extreme. Thanks for the trip report, really made me want to visit EP again :O
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    I was there about 30 times. (I am living in the near of Rust)

    And I will visit it on 2nd July the next time,'cause the attractions of the Europa-Park are the best themed ones in my opinion!

    Great Trip-Report, it just made the anticipation higher! (:
    • CommentAuthorrct800
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    Europa Park is just the best park in europe!
    I really hope to get there for the halloween season which is in october or so :)

    Great Report!
    Great and thorough review!

    Blue Fire queue looks really good! As well as most of the rides. I never knew Europa Park was so greatly themed!
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    if you want to be heavy soaked in Poseidon, stretch your arm out the car in to the splash.
    Second last seat for the best result. The people behind you are soaked too, which is the best part :P
    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013 edited

    Europa Park looks like a place I'd really enjoy. It's really modern but also superbly themed and has a diverse selection of rides. If I were to go to any park in Europe, it'd be a hard decision between this and Alton Towers. And even then I think I'd pick Europa because of the refinement it seems to have. It's like Epcot and Busch Gardens Williamsburg mixed together.

    • CommentTimeJun 27th 2013
    ^ Definitely go to Europa Park, stay there for 2 or 3 days (you will be able to fill 3 full days there without getting bored), and hop to Holiday Park for one day which is only like 160km (100 miles) away. There you can ride Expedition GeForce all day. That way you can combine the best coaster in all of Europe with the best overall park in all of Europe during one single trip :)

    Greetings, Lenny
    Why does silver star have those panels on the drop?
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2013
    I believe I have read before that it is for noise reduction.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeJun 28th 2013
    ^Correct. That's also the explanation of the little mini horizontal supports on Blue Fire.
    • CommentTimeJun 30th 2013
    Thanks for comments, guys! Glad you liked this review.

    AJ (or anyone else who has never been there), if you are going to EP some day the best time for it is May or early June as there are no holidays anywhere in Germany/France/Swiss (where about 90% of the visitors come from). And for the first visit I really recommend going into the park for three days, there are a lot of shows and smaller rides to discover. ;)

    Posted By: nolimitersif you want to be heavy soaked in Poseidon, stretch your arm out the car in to the splash.
    Alternatively, let the heavier people sit in front of the boat. :P