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    I wanted to announce that I will no longer have time constrictions on my rides due, to the fact that I feel like I am rushing my projects and, I have a lot of things going on at the moment. So, I will finish rides when I can. Also, I will be getting a new computer as soon as I can as well so, I will be making videos of my rides again. Except this time, I will have better quality videos and better quality rides due to no time constrictions. I enjoy being part of the NL community and love making roller coasters, its something I will continue to do for a long time.
    Does this really warrant its own thread?
    Yes because a lot of people knew I had time constrictions on my rides, and I thought it would be worth updating something like this.
    That's what your original thread was for...
    Yeah I know LaunchTower, and the fact that there was other news to go along with that as well. Also, I'm not the best at titling things to be honest. xD I'm still quite new to forums, and what not.
    Well, ask a mod to sink this and copy/paste the first post into the original thread.
    man you had me worried you were rushing your projects

    glad to hear you fixed