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    NoLimits construction kit crashes when I try to load certain tracks. When it says generating prefab supports, it says NL Construction kit has stopped working. how can I make conkit load every track successfully? [Pics dont
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2013
    Why don't you try posting this in "The Official Ask Thread"? That is the perfect place to discuss your question instead of creating a new topic for a single question to be answered! And I'm sure if you're nice about it, you'll get a nicely-worded answer from some of the more experienced members of the forum!

    I swear to god you are ALWAYS on this forum posting something, so it shouln't be hard to copy and paste this into another thread, and then you can also provide pictures so we know how to help you!

    So have a good day and stop derailing every thread! ^_^