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    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2013 edited
    Well, I have a bit of a thing for Gerstlauer coasters, and I have set myself a mission to recreate as many as I can. So far the list includes Joker, Saw, Karacho, Lynet, Abyss, Rock Bottom Plunge, and so-on and so-forth. I started with a fairly simple one, and I like the compact nature of this ride. Here is my progress so far...

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131110164941001_zpsc16d6dc0.png

    I plan to use 3ds, eventually, but for now, comments and constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2013
    Looks just as good as your RCT3 one! Awesome job!
    where can we see your other coasters? :)
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2013 edited
    Wow! I wasn't expecting comments that quickly!

    Brett-Jones: This is my second thread on the forum for my coasters, my other was a wingrider that I used for a science project, but never actually released, but here is a link to my 'exchange page'

    JAKool: Thanks

    EDIT: Here is a little more progress on the (very complex) support work...

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131110193709000_zpsa2aff38a.png
    I know that double posting is frowned upon, but I had already edited the previous post.

    I have since modified the colours, and I have officially finished the supports! Yay! Next step... 3ds... phew!

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131111160340000_zps903f6d1c.png
    This is looking really good!
    Update on 3ds...

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131115172957000_zpsf6c42e21.png

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131115173008001_zps5e5c7ef4.png

    Still a long way to go! Now... How to do spiral staircases...
      CommentAuthorL Bosch
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2013
    Wow. Nice quality textures there. Have you captured them by yourself at the park? Please tell us a bit more about your recreation process, not just posting pictures as an update.
    Consider adding 10% grey to your track and support colours to make it look a bit more realistic.
    L Bosch: I have a series of reference images to use when I am recreating the ride, and I look at the details within the images, and put them in to my recreation. I will do a side by side comparison when I have more done.

    The_Architect: I have now done that. Thanks.

    The floor has had me stumped for a while on this, but I managed to eventually overcome all problems facing it. I am now currently working on the lift motor and details. Here are two images to show my progress as of today.

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131122164602000_zpsf0730bc5.png

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-131122164611001_zpsb5bcf70c.png
    Looks much better! Glad you have fixed the floor, it looks good.
    Thanks Archy!

    Ok, so guys, I need your opinion on how I am going to do the rest of the Gerstlauer coasters. There are clones of some coasters, e.g. G'sengte Sau and Thor's Hammer or Pandemonium and Fairly Odd Coaster, and I need you opinion on how best to do this.

    Shall I make all of the Gerstlauer coasters, but just change the 3ds, or just do one of the clones?


    The next update on Joker will also be fairly soon. ;-)
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2014 edited
    So much for a 'fairly soon' update...

    Anyway, I have worked more on 3ds, however I ham having issues importing it, so in the meantime, I present to you the magnificent 'Harley Quinn' Cartexture created by Chukensky!

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-140102214301001_zpsf424a188.png

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-140102214245000_zpsdb9369a7.png

    Again, thank you massively Chukensky!
    The cartexture looks amazing! Nice job.
    After you have finished this you should try to recreate the smiler (if your up for the challenge)
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    @JoshySqaushy9 - Yes, I probably will make The Smiler, later. I need to finish Joker first though. :-p

    Anyway, Chukensky send me the other cartexture today, so here we go! Thanks Chukensky!

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-140103154850000_zpse7159a28.png

     photo Joker-SixFlagsMexico-140103155021001_zpsb4b33623.png

    And just because I'm nice, have an editor pic!

     photo JokerScreencap_zps7fe83947.png

    I a having a bit of a problem with the workshop as 3ds though. If anyone would like to help, please whisper me your skype name or email address. It involves double sided faces. Too complicated for my small brain to comprehend.
    • CommentAuthorMGrides
    • CommentTimeJan 4th 2014
    This is a great re-creation! I like all the details very much and your catwalks are looking really good =) Even the car-texture and the supports looking really accurate! Keep up the good work! =)
    It's back.