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    So, the reason I am making this intamin rocket coaster is to branch out a little and work on my supporting skills in NL2. Looking at coasters like Stormrunner, Stealth, TTD, etc., I have always been fond of their supports, so I figure that I should start making supports that other people are fond of, and this type of coaster is a perfect way to practice. The track is built with Newton2, and all supports will be custom. I am not completely finished with supporting, so I will just leave you with this for now. It will be in a forest atmosphere and be named EverGreen.

    • CommentAuthorcaptfido87
    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2013 edited
    Edit: Comment was apparently unrelated so I've deleted it.... kinda.

    I have made some progress on the environment and supports, so I want to show you guys!

    Looking good. I like the support work on the top hat actually. It's always visually stunning when the apex of the top hat contains no supports and and the bottom structures are disconnected from one another. I also enjoy the underwater tunnel.

    ^Thanks andreizsmart! Feedback means a lot to me. I am glad you like the supports so far!


    Slowly but surely, support work is still continuing!

    And I added a dual station to increase capacity

    • CommentTimeMar 24th 2014
    make sure the station on the left (in the last picture) the entrance for it is on the right ;)
    Haha! I was so excited that i figured out how to make a dual station that i just posted it here ! Thanks for pointing that out. Its fixed now.

    I made sure there was not supports in the middle of the tophat for a reason...

    Posted By: thecoasterman589

    I made sure there was not supports in the middle of the tophat for a reason...

    Do you have plans to add a catwalk at the summit of the top hat? Looking good so far!

    I am thinking about adding a catwalk at the top of the crest in case of a stall. Thanks for the positive feedback!

    • CommentAuthorsbdb2099
    • CommentTimeMar 29th 2014
    Nice work. What comes after the overbanked turn?

    I would use the box track also for the pull up and pull out of the tophat. The position of the joint is not really convenient and it would look much better imo.

    Daniel :)

    This is just an idea I am throwing out there, which means it isn't permanent. I think a giga coaster would be great with a heartline roll in the drop. It would be a regular giga (similar to millennium force) after the drop.

    Am I crazy or what?

    (Dont worry about the parts after the drop. they are just meant so it can connect back to the station.)

    • CommentAuthorAltitude
    • CommentTimeApr 7th 2014
    Not going to lie, it's a bit gimmicky? You wouldn't feel the drop as much as you do on a normal giga. On rides with a tophat (Stealth and TTD), I never feel the drop on the way down because of the twist.

    ^Yea, I guess it is. Honestly, I just wanted to display it up here on the forum just because I was bored. Supporting on EverGreen is going so slow that I am beginning to go crazy! I just want to finish this project!


    Here is my first attempt at a sign for EverGreen.

    I am absolutely horrible with sketchup so tips and advice would be appreciated. :D

    • CommentAuthorElvenage
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2014
    I assign the nl2 water .nl2mat to the sketchuo water texture. Makes it look better.

    Are your letters extruded?

    Maybe look into fredo6's plugins to bend the words to fit something aside from a straight line, which is boring.

    Yes they are extruded. thanks for the tips! I will try better lettering using the plugin and I will use the nl2 water.


    I am almost finished with supporting!!!


    Terraforming is a beautiful thing

    Not when everything is grass, make some rock on those sides. Make it look like a real picture

    I realized that after i posted the picture. I have been working on that


    Is this better?


    sorry for the tripple post, but i have a pretty major update.

    I finnished supporting

    And I made a bridge!

    Surprisingly, the bridge passes clearance envelope testing pretty easily. Any suggestions before uploading?

    • CommentTimeApr 26th 2014
    You seem to be missing a footer in the first pic.

    ^Thanks. It is fixed. Any other thoughts about the ride? Anything I should add or fix? Any views of the ride you want to see? I just don't want to forget anything stupid when I release it. :P


    As an attempt to use FVD++ instead of Newton2, I am trying to make a hyper-mini coaster. It is around 140 feet tall, but will have the shaping of a b&m hyper. I am not sure if it will be released, but it is good practice anyways. Everything in this ride is heavily WIP

    Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

    Shaping looks pretty poor, to be honest. Your airtime hill is acceptable but the overbank and s-hill afterward need some work. To me it looks like the roll transition in the overbank has too much vertical g's, giving it that ugly swoop instead of a small more heartline based swoop. The s-hill shows very little control on your part, the banking just seems to happen where it does and it looks pretty bad. I would definitely consider revising the overbank and s-hill.

    ^Yeah. To be honest, I don't have complete control over FVD at this point of my learning. I just wanted to put pics up to see what suggestions I could get to help the shaping. I will try to revise the s hill and the overbank.


    Here is an improved layout with better shaping. Obviously, I'm not finished, but I just want some feedback before I continue.

    The S-hill looks a lot better! It looks like it still needs some minor tweaking but very big improvement! The overbank is still a little wonky... however it's all about the style of over bank you're going for. What I don't like about your over bank is how it curves up during the banking transition. While it is not as bad as before it still has the ugly swoop. Try starting the roll later, bringing the vertical g forces lower, and bringing back the higher vertical later.

    Here is a new project I am starting now that I have tooled around in FVD++ a bit. It is an inverted impulse that is launched at 78 mph and has many unique inversions. Since the ride is so huge, the layout or elements might be hard to follow. If you need to see how an element rides, just ask for a video of it. The supports will be purple and it will probably be themed after a snake.

    Here is the layout so far.

    Zero g after the launch

    Very twisty overbank (180+ feet tall)

    A very unique diving element. Although it looks weird, it rides very well

    Another view of the element

    A heavily overbanked turn


    Overbank into downwards zero g roll with near miss

    As you can see, the ride is very large.


    I'm sorry to bump my own thread, but I want to know if I should start supporting. Just a small bit of feedback would go a long way.

    Also, i forgot to say this in my first post, i will do a lot of terraforming so that some parts of the ride won't be so high of the ground. Don't mind the crash with the station


    The Video's private so I can't watch it.


    Oh sorry, its fixed :P

    • CommentAuthorElvenage
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    I had to watch the video twice cus the first time I was focused on the

    I think there's still a lot of shaping issues to work out for sure. Also feels very drawn out...

    would you like the FVD file?

    By drawn out do you mean the transitions aren't snappy enough, or the layout is drawn out. Sorry about the mouse. Didn't even notice it!

    You should make sure the heartline is on in nl2!
    • CommentAuthorElvenage
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    Not so much the transitions, but just the overall layout. I'd love to take a look at it just for curiosity's sake, and I'll second what Kyle said. Gonna be a busy week ahead of me, so no guarantees on quick responses hehe.

    ^^Wow I thought for this whole time FVD++ exports with the heartline built in. There is a big difference with it turned on in the sim!


    a heavy WIP b&m hyper I am working on