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    Any chance we could get a chatroom going so all these quick questions are a little more concise than posting in the thread? Maybe a simple IRC channel or something for the time being? That other site has a chat but crashes as soon as you get more than 10 people. I just feel like all these quick questions (where the answers are probably in the manual, but we all want instant gratification, I'm guilty of it to) are going to clog up the thread that should be used for discussing. Thoughts?
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2014
    I made a chatroom a few years ago, but I closed it because no one logged on. I had about 25 accounts registered, but that's it. I certainly don't have the time to make another non-affiliated chat.
    Setting up an IRC channel is nothing as long as people can figure out Mibbit. At least until the storm dies down and we all figure this whole thing out

    I'll think about it, but it's rarely a requested feature. I'll work on a solution that will be available for everyone.