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    • CommentAuthorStr3icher
    • CommentTimeJan 14th 2014

    Hello NoLimits Exchange Community

    I'm Streicher and I want to show you my NL2 Projects. With NL 2 I want to start making handbuild Coaster and I already make a NL 2 Coaster called Grey Wolf some of you may downloaded it. But this Coaster was only a test for me to see what I can make with the new Editor.

    Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf is a Mack Rides Coaster with a Intamin layout. The inspiration for this ride come from Skyrush. (Skyrush is one of my favorite Coasters) It´s height of 46m (150ft) give the coaster a top speed of 105km/h (65mph) but don´t take the ride easy with a length of 934m (3064ft) it gives you every time thrill.
    Grey Wolf is a Nature themed Coaster with a Night Environment.

    Grey Wolf (v.1.0 Final) Stats
    Manufacturer : Mack Rides
    Model: Mega Coaster
    Typ: Steel / Sitdown / Lift
    Height: 46m (150ft)
    Length: 934m (3064ft)
    Speed: ~105km/h (65mph)
    Lift Speed: 18km/h (11mph)
    Trains: 3 á 4 Cars


    # Storagetrack
    # Transfertrack
    # Lights
    # Night Environment
    # Some Scency Objects (Default NL2 Objects)

    Pictures Grey Wolf (v.1.0 Final)

    Picture 1
    Picture 2
    Picture 3
    Picture 4
    Picture 5
    Picture 6
    Picture 7

    If you want to download the Final 1.0 version of Grey Wolf (click here) and if you want the NL-Exchange 0.8 version (click here) or the big Picture above.


    Scorpion is a RCT3 track that I build a long long time ago. But with NL2 I want to bring it in the NL world. I plan to keep the layout and I want to start making some own Object. I don´t have much to show jet but i have a question for you.

    In NL2 we have the possibilities to make great supports an now you can choose between Box Beams and supports and round Beams and supports. I made some pictures for you that shows both.
    Witch style should I use on Scorpion?

    Scorpion (v.0.0.2) Stats
    Manufacturer : Intamin AG
    Model: Rocket Coaster
    Typ: Steel / Sitdown / Launch
    Height: ?
    Length: ?
    Speed: ~100-120km/h
    Trains: 2 á 5 Cars


    # Storagetrack
    # Transfertrack
    # Lights
    # Desert Environment
    # Some Scency Objects (Selfmade Objects)


    Picture 1 of Scorpion RCT3 version
    Picture 2 of Scorpion RCT3 version
    Picture of the two beam 1
    Picture of the two beam 2
    Picture of the two beam 3

    More informations and first pictures of Scorpion coming on the weekend.


    PS: If there are any english grammatical errors don’t judge to hard, my english is not the best.