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    • CommentTimeJul 25th 2016
    Having finished The Witcher 3 I can now safely say that I have played the best (as in most beautiful, exciting, humorous, immersive - and most adult for that matter) RPG in my life. It had everything a game like this needs - a great main story with ups and downs, a lot of nice side stories, tons of places to explore, stunning graphics, awesome animations and many difficult choices to make.

    Therefore, I decided to "theme" (at least kind of) the slightly crazy coaster you may have seen in the Über Idea Thread to this game. The riders will rush through the signs the witcher casts (similar to spells) while at the same time being chased by the Wild Hunt, the main enemy throughout the whole game. Whenever the Wild Hunt appears it's an omen of misfortune and death and they'll bring The White Frost to the world, that's why you might see some snow patches (and also snowflakes). I'm aware that I still need to change the environment to a better fitting one. What do you guys think?