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    • CommentAuthorCamsco1
    • CommentTimeAug 23rd 2009 edited

    Ok. So here's a woodie. It sucks. I made this about 6 months ago, before Newton or anything like that ever even entered my mind. It was originally called SuperSpeed and didn't have hybrid supports. I had uploaded it to CS.

    Now, I decided to redo it with new colors and supports. However I completely forgot how much this coaster sucked. I want to put this on the site just as a filler, and to release a (pretty much) unreleased coaster. I have a video (not screen capture; I'm too lazy for that xD) and some pics of the editor (top and side views). I'll put them up soon, once they're done on photobucket.

    So keep in mind this is NOT my best coaster or anywhere NEAR that. This is simply to use my new logo (lol) and put something on the site.

    EDIT: Vid

    I think it's a great coaster! The only thing that I think needs changing is some of the turns are way over-banked. Other than that- great job!