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    This is a Eurofighter of my style. Don't know what else to say here.

     photo fb6201ed291ee473c9e0b63eb4ac6f61_zps7ad05248.jpg
     photo 3796ed18abb3bafe45603647df5e18bd_zps583bc7c8.jpg
     photo 087ba0b391ade704e37529e4ddf54bbd_zps2bd08183.jpg


     photo 077cb1b480e2abdabc2838ba8a8397e0_zps528a78e8.jpg

    Should I keep it?
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    As cool as it looks, there's not really much to comment on. Try making more before revealing anything :)

    Is it just me or does that look like NL1

    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014
    Looks like a fun section to ride. Keep it up!
    • CommentAuthorlujach92
    • CommentTimeApr 9th 2014 edited
    ^^Believe it or not, but it's still possible to use NL1 although NL2 is released. ;-)

    @ TheRobloxcoasterman: I like what you've got so far, you should definitely keep the overbank but I'm not quite sure about that hill directely after the station. Is the train launched out of the station? Becasue otherwise it looks like the train would barely make it, maybe try to tighten it a little.
    CoasterGuy2000 - Yes, it is in NL1, seen as I am using Newton 2

    Lujach92 - Yeah, it does barely make it, it has a g-force of 0.9 on it. I don't like how slow it is. I am going to change it.

     photo 74a5f933db12538a39e7b80b7003386d_zpsd891c2ad.jpg
     photo 65890ffd10c2d26ba2b27efb45b67f37_zpsaee9804f.jpg
     photo 7c0f983180e145108df722e8675e6240_zps8dcf6c28.jpg
     photo 33464a4c050d2408ace98f85ab9593c1_zpsf566adf5.jpg
     photo 050ce5f32470c1c15fc69f516398dbdf_zps42b67dda.jpg
     photo b82b8ecede01e0cb501667b2fa0519e4_zps4db4bb3c.jpg
    • CommentTimeApr 11th 2014
    I really like the layout so far. It is kinda like a combination of a euro fighter with a El loco. that's not necessarily a bad thing ;)