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    This is a project that I think I will actually finish, horray. It's a B&M Flyer (obviously). The layout is completed and supporting should start soon.

     photo 166c97aa667a091bd0df2faa49e2bcca_zps9a92ad79.jpg
     photo b18c51f211f1fa2dcb9e93ffbe349f27_zps88e6a1de.jpg
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2014
    Posted By: TheRobloxcoastermanB&M Flyer (obviously)
    Tbh, I don't see much B&M resemblance. I like the layout and the elements, though.
    I said that because of the name of the topic lol. I often try (notice: TRY) to get the B&M Shaping but different style of layout.