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    • CommentAuthorAlbo85
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    This is Avalerion (King of Birds) "compact" Hypercoaster

    My goal was to make an intense hyper that would fit in a small area. Ideal for parks that doesn't have much free space!

    If you haven't downloaded yet this project is already in the exchange (Avalerion) and here is a slideshow to give it a better presentation!
    Feedback on this is really appreciated!!

     photo Avalerion_zps2560b545.png

    Inspiration for the color choice
     photo 3831973_640px_zps1a223a6b.jpg

    Top Layout
     photo Layouttop_zps466b5772.png

     photo Frontsideandentrance_zpsf27d3579.png

    Screenshot 1
     photo screenshot1_zps3dc6aede.png

    Screenshot 2
     photo screenshot2_zps6db7ef75.png
    • CommentAuthorAlbo85
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    Here some more pics
    First Drop
     photo firstdrop_zpse4ba5c9e.png

    Last curve before splash under queue line 1
     photo lastcurvebeforespashunderqueueline1_zps884ee445.png

    Last curve before splash under queue line 2
     photo lastcurvebeforespashunderqueueline2_zps9b107d2f.png

    Signature figure 1
     photo signaturefigure2_zps5f37006f.png

    Signature figure 2
     photo Signaturefigure1_zpsb3ec2b25.png

    Signature figure 3
     photo signaturefigure3_zps3dc30d62.png

    Overbanked and mega helix curve into mcbr
     photo Overbankedandmegahelixcurveintomcbr_zps708dbf5c.png

     photo maintenancenightmare1_zpsb4469cc8.png

    maintenance nightmare

     photo maintenancenightmare2_zps5e1d7d37.png

    Happy ending!
     photo Happyending_zps09e5dc29.png

    Sunshine on Avalerion
     photo SunshineonAvalerion_zps106bc38c.png
    I love everything of this coaster other than the drop. It doesn't look very comfortable to ride.
    • CommentAuthorSkye
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    Yeah, I think the drop needs worked on a bit.
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014

    Concept, presentation, layout are all quite nice. However, I too would retool the first drop shaping to be a little closer to something that exists IRL.

    I really like how this coaster looks so far. I would however (and it's already been mentioned) reshape either the drop or the crest because currently the crest look too tight for a B&M Hyper coaster. Another thing, if you are going for realism, is to remove one of your catwalks on the lift because all of the B&M V-seating Hypers have only one catwalk with nets on the opposite side. I can't wait to see a POV!
    • CommentAuthorAlbo85
    • CommentTimeJun 9th 2014
    I haven't done so far but for the next moth project i'm gonna share images before the release i promise!

    Avalerion is already done, you can already download it from the exchange under my track's profile!

    Thanks for the feedback on the drop, I will do better on my next hyper!!!
    • CommentAuthorAlbo85
    • CommentTimeJun 11th 2014
    Avalerion made it to this weekly roundup :)!
    Check it out!!
    NoLimits 2 - "Avalerion"