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    Launched Eurofighter Concept

    Whilst I figure out what my next big project will be following on from Point Solitude, I thought I'd flesh out a ride I'd created in FVD++ right after I'd originally bought NL2. This is a concept for launched eurofighter, one with a small and low overall footprint (this would be suitable for a park with height restrictions like alton towers, and to keep the actual costs low). This project will be a lot more straightforward that Point solitude was, but I'll still be using it to improve my 3D work, this is the first project of mine that will use LODs.

    I'll go right ahead and release a PoV of the ride. You can see the first couple of screenshots below:

    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2014
    Looks awesome I'm really digging it. It looks like ti would fit into worlds of fun or a small park like that.
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2014
    I think you should add another inversion.
    I did try adding an inversion at the end, and even extending the track, but there just wasn't enough speed at that point in the track to manage it.

    edit: supports going up
    • CommentAuthorbigjoe97
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2014
    This ride feels short enough that it shouldn't need an MCBR.
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2014
    Yeah, but it's also low capacity, so it might make sense in that matter. Looks good! Love the layout and the way you have it presented right now, especially the fencing.
    ^^It has a dual station so the second car will be waiting for the first to pass the MCBR. It does increase capacity considerably.
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeJun 19th 2014
    So after the loading car dispatches, the unloaded car pulls into the loading station, fills up, and waits for the second car to clear the MCBR?
    It's what happens when you set to both stations to passes=1. When a car which loaded in the rear station departs, it will completely skip the front station (or use it as a block brake if necessary).

    At the start of the simulation for this ride, the first car will start the circuit, and the second car will wait at the start of the launch.
    Supports are going up quite quickly. Depending on how long the 3D work takes, I might be able to release this by Monday 30th
    • CommentAuthorbigjoe97
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2014
    Change your FOV - there's some massive fisheye distortion in all your pictures and video.
    Yeah, I've checked horizon lines, there's like a two pixel distortion at worst.

    I shall try to remember to use something more synonymous with a photography focal length, but I'm taking these screenshots whilst editing.
    • CommentTimeJun 22nd 2014
    I don't see the point for the first inversion and drop to be a bi-tubes while some parts are tri-tubes.

    Otherwise that's a neat layout and a lovely presentation! Love the all-white background with just a square of grass!
    • CommentAuthorbigjoe97
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2014
    I dunno, there's just something that feels really off about those last two pictures.