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    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2014 edited
    Hi everyone,

    I didn't want to hijack the NLE SFMM Day thread so I'm starting this one here. Only yesterday it turned out that my vacation trip to Hansa-Park and Heide-Park (also including visiting Hamburg) with three of my friends - which should have started today - fell through (luckily, the hotel could be cancelled withouth paying anything). However, I'm now planning to do a trip on my own next week from July 1st to July 4th (those are already fixed dates, I can't go earlier or later). And since riding rollercoasters with other people is much more fun than it is alone (at least for me) I thought about asking here if anyone would like to join me. If that's the case give me a shout (or a whisper :P) so we can arrange the details.

    I know the chances of someone being able to join at such short notice are quite minimal, but I think it's worth asking nonetheless. Anyway, I hope I can at least do a nice photo trip report. :)
    • CommentAuthorole
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2014
    Ja, zu dumm dass ich dein Forumposting zu spät gelesen habe, und dabei gucke ich fast täglich ins Forum. Ich hatte dann auch kurzfristig umgeplant und war erst am Freitag im Park.

    Ich habe eine Heide-Park-Jahreskarte, also wenn du (oder andere NLE User) irgendwann mal wieder im Heide Park sein sollten, sag Bescheid. Für Hansa Park bin auch immer zu haben.
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2014
    Ohh well that's too bad... If I had read this tread before I could have gotten my tickets to heide park for the 1th till the 4th...
    Now i have my tickets for heide park bought on the 28th till the 29th of July..
    Maybe we could set those days as a time to meet up in the park?
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2014 edited
    ^Aw, too bad. I'm out for July 28th/29th since I can't take time off at work then and I'd need to travel for about 7-8 hours to get to the park. Maybe next year, though, I'll travel to Hansa-Park again ... one word: Kärnan. :D

    If I didn't have a cold right now (damn AC in German trains :P) you could expect a picture-heavy trip report from me. Right now I only have some teasers for you:

    Guess the coaster ...

    This airtime hill = pure bliss


    Demonic Pretzel
    • CommentTimeJul 7th 2014
    Posted By: oleJa, zu dumm dass ich dein Forumposting zu spät gelesen habe, und dabei gucke ich fast täglich ins Forum. Ich hatte dann auch kurzfristig umgeplant und war erst am Freitag im Park.

    Ich habe eine Heide-Park-Jahreskarte, also wenn du (oder andere NLE User) irgendwann mal wieder im Heide Park sein sollten, sag Bescheid. Für Hansa Park bin auch immer zu haben.

    I'll visit Heide Park during September. I'll definitely drop by and tell you the exact date, as I'd be thrilled to meet you Ole.

    Greetings, Lenny
    I love that gif, nice work.
    • CommentAuthorole
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2014
    September (and August) sound great to me. I won't be able to visit in July most likely (school is off in July in Hamburg, so expect longer queues), but will probably visit again in August when school break is over.
    • CommentTimeJul 10th 2014
    ^^Thanks, Archy.

    There's also a slight chance I could go again in September, I'd just need to know the exact date about two weeks before the meeting. :)

    Btw, I'm currently preparing a (quite detailed) report of my trip, you can expect it in the next few days.
    Excellent, looking forward to it. More pics too, I hope :D
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014
    Since being back on my feet I have enough energy to finally write about my trip to Hamburg/Hansa-Park/Heide-Park. I hope you’ll enjoy this report. :)

    Day 1 (July 1st): Hamburg/Miniaturwunderland (“MiWuLa”)

    This was the day when I arrived in Hamburg after going by train for about 8 hours from my hometown. It may seem quite a long time but time passed by pretty quickly. One reason for this trip was to visit the Miniaturwunderland which is the largest model railway layout in the world. Many different scenes can be watched like Scandinavia (with real water and ebb and flow), Swiss (huge mountain reaching over two floors), Hamburg itself, a typical German city called Knuffingen including a fully functional airport (!). But see those pics for yourself:

    Ship in Scandinavia


    Hamburg at night (you can see the port in the bottom right)

    Knuffingen Airport

    There are also a lot of smaller scenes shown which make you smile and marvel at such detail. If you visit Hamburg someday be sure to pay a visit to MiWuLa, especially on weekdays in the off-peak seasons in the evening you don’t have to wait at all to gain admission.

    More Scandinavia

    They also had trains :O

    No comment ...

    Day 2 (July 2nd): Hansa-Park

    On this day I set out for Hansa-Park. I went by train again; it took me about 1.5 hours to get there so this still was acceptable since most of the rides opened at 10 o’clock anyway. My first ride was the observation tower from which you had a beautiful view of the park and the Baltic Sea.

    Beautiful view

    After exploring some lovely gardens I headed for Rasender Roland (“Rushing Roland”) which is named after the steam-powered railway on Rügen, the largest island of Germany. Well, it’s a fun Vekoma ride (especially in the last row a lot of unexpected forces came into play) but I wouldn’t necessarily need to go on it again.
    Waiting times: Waited for only train operating to get back to the station.

    Such a nice park

    What would Robb Alvey say? :D

    Next up I decided to go on Nessie, my first Schwarzkopf ever. And this good old Schwarzy definitely wasn’t a letdown! Altogether I rode it four times during the day: the first round in the middle, then in the front row and two times in the back row which pulled nice airtime on the first drop, after the MCBR and on the hill into the final brakes. Waiting times were close to zero no matter which row you chose, maybe one or two trains maximum though only one of the three trains were operating.
    The loop was forceful and the 630° (?) helix was very nice. However, the sound level of the final brake run hurt my ears since it was located in the mouth of Nessie.

    Rasender Roland & Nessie


    Amazing airtime in the back row

    Coaster nerd picture.
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014 edited
    Next destination: Crazy Mine. Not much to say about this, it’s one of Maurer & Söhne’s Wild Mouse clones so uncomfortable brake runs were to be expected (thankfully, there was a sign for those who don’t know about that!). Despite that I re-rode it later that day.
    The queue led through a mine which impressed me a little since I didn’t expect so much theming for a Wild Mouse. From the tower standing right next to the first hairpin turns you had a great view of the coaster and the surrounding rides, e. g. the water slide and the inverting pirate ship (more like a shark ship, lol).
    Waiting time: Walk-on.

    So true ...

    Another gem in the park was Die Schlange von Midgard („The Snake from Midgard“). The hills provided almost airtime, Gerstlauer also did a fantastic job here. The story behind the theming was told via a TV in the queue (honestly, it was the trailer for the ride but it worked nonetheless) and very few animatronics (again, over-theming for such a small ride, I did like it, though!) and you get to ride two rounds. Although built for younger visitors it’s definitely worth a ride - or two. ;)
    Waiting time: about 5-10 minutes

    After having had lunch I wasn’t really in the mood for riding anything too wild so I looked at the sign where all shows in the park were listed. The amount of shows was quite surprising considering Hansa-Park is a relatively small park. Anyway, the winner was the laser show – I’m always into this kind of show – which turned out to be fascinating. Here is a video I’ve found of it (the lasers seem to have another refresh rate than the cam).

    When the show was over I went onto the miniature railway and I could take some more pictures of the park.

    Mexican-themed area

    Bonanza City

    And then, finally, the (in-)famous Fluch von Novgorod (“Curse of Novgorod”) was next in line. I didn’t know what to expect, the queue outside was nicely themed and it should become apparent that I needed to wait another 10 minutes before the queue inside was reached.

    From that point on it was said to be another 20 minutes waiting time to the station. It didn’t bother me too much, though, since the queues of the other rides were pretty much empty all day. The queue also had an impressive theming so time flew by fast.

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014 edited
    At last, I decided to go for the front row as the view on my first ride shouldn’t be hindered by seats. :)

    ***SPOILER WARNING*** Don’t continue reading if you are going to ride Fluch von Novgorod someday! Please jump right to the pictures in that case. ;)

    Having boarded the train and the restraints being locked the chandelier in the station began to flicker, the wooden door in front of the station opened and the train started moving to the first dark ride part. In the first room there was a statue on the right side which then transformed into a projected ghost and gave a short opera-worthy song before the train moved into the next room where the evil guy (probably the curse?) awaited us before he sent us into doom which meant complete darkness, some mizzle from the ceiling and ultimately the small typical Gerstlauer dip leading to the launch section.
    The launch was amazing (1.8 g up to 88 kph), very powerful and taking the first turn and the following airtime hill with about -1.1 g was simply breathtaking. The overbanked turn and the knot thing were great fun as well as the heartline roll. Slowing down the train before the 40 m tower containing the 30 m vertical lift hill helped to catch a breath.
    The doors behind us closed once again, the train was lifted a few metres and then we met the evil guy once more. “But I am still here!” he said and threatened us with thunder and lightning. It was quite terrifying to see the end of the lift (this was my first real over-vertical drop mind you). I noticed I started shaking which hasn’t happened to me for a long time - I liked that feeling, though. After being blown on and getting a little wet again there was lightning and thunder again, and then it stayed completely dark. The train began to move – slowly and steadily to the top.
    You felt the train gradually got in a horizontal position, the chain reduced its speed. I was shaking even more and then: The 97° drop! While rushing downwards we saw another lightning at the bottom accompanied by thunder, it was awesome. The following part was completely dark but I think there was an Immelmann turn after which the train picked up even more speed until it hit the magnetic brakes and a small dip up to the final brakes. Finally, a supposedly creepy scarecrow was flapped down and all girls on the train screamed. Arriving at the station I was completely overwhelmed by this coaster, it was one of the best coasters I’ve ever been on!
    And even after leaving the train the ride was not over. A small maze with dim lighting to the exit had been implemented, too. I’m not sure whether there should have been real actors in it to scare people.
    One quite okay onride video here (station at about 1:50)

    Best. Airtime. Hill. Evar!

    Into the darkness

    Luckily, they had a single rider queue which decreased my waiting time by 5 minutes. Later that day, when most of the school classes were gone I needed to wait for about 20 minutes, then 15. That was one hour before the park closed so I had lots of time for rerides.

    The park itself was very clean, the staff was really friendly. If you are ever near the park it’s definitely worth a visit.

    Day 3 (July 3nd): Heide-Park

    When I arrived at Heide-Park the next day (I also went by train this day) I could see a lot more people than I would have ever imagined. Many school classes were already standing around so when the park opened at 10 am my first destination was Krake which turned out to be a good choice since waiting time reached up to 90 minutes during the day. I needed to queue only 10 minutes. Well, what to say about Krake? Vertical drop, kraken jaws, Immelmann, airtime hill and final brakes. Much fun to ride, but definitely not worth 90 minutes (not even 30 in my opinion) so this stayed my only ride on Krake for the rest of the day.


    My favourite kind of inversion by now.

    Enjoy your ... time as a meal!

    Almost got the Big Loop train on this picture, too. Krake was too slow, though.

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014
    Next up: Big Loop. This Vekoma looper was exactly what one would expect from it. Quirky transitions, standard loops and corkscrews - nothing special, but fun to ride.
    Waiting time: 0 minutes (in the afternoon 20-30 minutes since they didn’t care to put the second train on the circuit)

    Heading for Schweizer Bobbahn (“Swiss Bobsled Run”), which is the longest of its kind, I could watch Flug der Dämonen (“Flight of the Demons”) flying through the twisted layout. This already made pretty excited for the ride but since the highlight always is last for me I didn’t care to take a ride for the time being.
    However, Schweizer Bobbahn was a nice ride, the many helixes and the rough “track” made me feel a little dizzy but having left the ride I was okay again.
    Waiting time: 10 minutes

    How many coasters can you count? :P

    After that, I decided to go for a ride on Limit which turned out to be a pretty bad idea as I almost lost my glasses because of my head banging against the rubber-padded restraints (I forgot to take them off and leave them in the hotel). Other than that, it was your standard Vekoma SLC. No more comments needed. :D
    Waiting time: 30 minutes with one train again (I noticed they added the second train at a later time, though).


    Pain is all I can remember ...

    My next coaster should have been Colossos but the estimated waiting time exceeded 60 minutes so I skipped it and wanted to go on Desert Race for which I would have needed to wait for 45 minutes. I also passed it and instead headed for Grottenblitz, a Mack powered coaster.
    As it was lunchtime I took the opportunity to fill my stomach. Afterwards, I made the decision to board the miniature railway train from which you got some nice views of the park.

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014
    The only ride on Scream (the 100 m drop tower with 70 m of actual dropping) was amazing but then I couldn’t resist going on Flug der Dämonen. The queue had a nice theming and walking beneath the coaster was very cool. Every time the train passed by certain points demonic noises would sound which made for an interesting atmosphere to say the least. After waiting for about 25 minutes, which was quite okay compared to the other coasters, I could finally take a seat on the right side (second or third row – I can’t remember). Since it was my very first wing rider I didn’t exactly know what to expect. And to be honest: I was a little disappointed by the first ride, I probably anticipated too much.
    This couldn’t be everything the ride had to offer I thought so a second ride was in order. This time I chose the left side. After that ride my disappointment disappeared completely and found this coaster to be an amazing ride.


    Climbing up the lift hill

    First droooop

    Awesome airtime hill

    My favourite inversion again. Yay!

    Zero-or-whatever-G roll

    Dat shaping ...

    Demonic Pretzel

    After one more reride I wanted to go on Colossos and Desert Race. The sign told me Colossos still had a waiting time of 60 minutes although the one of Desert Race decreased to about 20 minutes which I took advantage of immediately. Desert Race had a forceful launch and the ejector hills were amazing but the turns were a little too intense (especially the second one) so it was a onetime ride for me.

    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2014 edited
    Having left Desert Race I headed for Colossos but it was announced that it experienced technical difficulties and they didn’t know how long it would take to bring it into service again. So … again no ride on Colossos. Only choice left was Flug der Dämonen. The queue line became shorter and shorter with every reride, after my fourth ride the waiting time was at about 15 minutes.

    The only "unridden" coaster. Although ... I left out Indy-Blitz, too.

    Meanwhile, it was 4.15 pm and the park would close at 5 pm. I thought one more ride on Krake and then Flug der Dämonen. When I joined the queue line of Krake I saw still many people there and the estimated waiting time was said to be 30 minutes which would have meant it would be the last day of the ride. As I said before Krake wasn’t worth that much waiting time thus I rode Flug der Dämonen for the fifth time and for the sixth time. After that ride it was 4.50 pm, the queue was so small you only needed to wait for about 5 minutes therefore I joined the queue for the last ride of my holiday again (drastically speaking) which wowed me once more.
    My favourite seats on Flug der Dämonen were front row left (amazing hangtime on the first drop) and back row right (Demonic pretzel ftw!).

    To round up this trip report here are some pictures of the Port of Hamburg and the Alster, a dammed tributary of River Elbe:

    So delicious ...

    Kinda love this one

    A seagull


    Beautiful sunset

    I hope you enjoyed this report (I really hope it wasn’t too lengthy) and I could familiarize you with both parks. Feel free to leave comments, if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. :)
    In case you find a spelling or grammar error you can keep it. :)
    • CommentTimeJul 13th 2014
    Awesome trip-report! Seems like you enjoyed your time. ;)

    MiWuLa is a place I really want to go some day, it's so full of details (I saw a picture of a couple... making out in a field) and the airport scene is truly amazing.

    I kind of "rediscovered" Fluch von Novgorod the other day on Youtube, and man, I want to ride this one so bad! I mean, story, scenery, dark-ride, launch, airtime, inversion, 97° drop, surprises...! Awesome! I really want to go at Hansa Park, even more after reading your TR. But a single word tells me to wait a little bit longer: Kärnan. :D

    About Heide, I went here so this is less of a surprise for me. Sad you missed Colossos, that's a really good ride for airtime-lovers. I went when Flug was not build yet, looks like a very cool addition to the line-up.

    Thanks again for this long but really interesting TR, I enjoyed the pictures as well. ;)
    • CommentTimeJul 15th 2014
    ^Glad you liked the trip report. I've already ridden Colossos in 2011, so I knew what I'd miss (amazing airtime, but an uncomfortable helix). haha

    Also, sorry for the sextuple post. lol
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2014
    Miniature Wunderland! I've wanted to go for years, ever since a friend emailed me a link to their site knowing I had my own HO scale train layout. Who knew they had a miniature coaster model too (although I suppose a place that can produce functional systems to control model trains, cars, ships and planes should probably have a good old fashioned roller coaster in there somewhere as well).
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2014
    The miniature train world looks awesome. I've had my own n-scale train layout for a while. So I'll try to visit that too when I'm in Hamburg. Im certainly hopeing heide park isn't too packed with people when I visit.. But I'll prepare myself for the worst. It can't be worse then Disneyland Paris right?. And I could do everthing there in two days, and I have 3 days in heide park.

    Thanks for the pictures baadrix, I'm really excited now for my trip.
    Excellent trip report, thanks for posting. Was a good read.
    • CommentTimeJul 16th 2014
    As a model railroder I cannot believe I have not made it down to Hamburg yet to visit MiWuLa, it has been on my must-visit list for years!!!

    Very nice pictures, I particularly like the one of Desert Race. Pictures where you can clearly see the faces and reactions of the riders are always fun. I didn't know that they had replaced the Arrow trains on Big Loop, turns out they are the Vekoma trains from Corkscrewa at Alton Towers.
    • CommentTimeJul 18th 2014
    Posted By: KingRCT3I saw a picture of a couple...
    I just remembered MiWuLa's April Fools' joke video of this year (English subtitles available): Clicky (may contain inappropiate content for children, lol).

    If you are a true model railroad fan you could possibly spend all day in MiWuLa. So many details can be easily missed when you don't look close like the following one. On the flyer you get at the entrance there are listed 20 details which should be found, I've found about ... one I think? ... until today.

    Anyway, I'm quite happy you liked the pictures and the report. It took me about 2 hours to write the story and another hour to sort out the pictures, but it was worth it obviously. Thanks for your kind words!

    Posted By: KevanThanks for the pictures baadrix, I'm really excited now for my trip.
    Glad I could help. :D