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    What is, in your opinion, the most accurate recreation ever done with No Limits or No Limits 2?

    My opinion would be A113's California Screamin'. I get amazing FPS on that thing.

    What about your's?
    1. Shambhala by Lucas (LBosch), clicky. Although he never finished it, it's worth reading through all the pages of that thread and taking it all in. He started in NL1 and did take it into NL2, but it was around that time that progress reports stopped coming through. His attention to detail, sheer effort, and determination will secure this a place in NLE history, despite the lack of a physical upload.

    2. Air by Dave (djd711), clicky. Still a work in progress with signs of being released soon-ish, we have this amazing recreation exploiting many features on NL2. Dave has really gone to town with this one and has had direct contact from the NL dev team for the use of this in their promotional work.

    3. The Smiler by JAMMYD778 and Nemesis94DJW, clicky. Again, this is still a work in progress with signs of being released soon-ish. The track work is impressive, but wait until you see the scripting work and 3D's... wow. It's pretty head-spinning.

    There are loads more great recreations, but I will be here all day naming them all!
    Bosch's Shambhala is a representation of the possibilities of NL. Shame he didn't finish.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014
    There was this Kingda Ka recreation in NL1, I can't remember who made it or where it is available, but it was very accurate.
    • CommentAuthor1amediacbus
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014 edited
    I think Lucas Bosch is still working on Shambhala. He just hasn't been working on it that much.

    He never cancelled it, he just hasn't worked on it that much lately. He's probably just busy, but hasn't cancelled it.

    A113's California Screamin' was absolutely insane.

    What parts he did have done.. he nailed it.

    I'd have to give the award to most accurate recreation ever to A113.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014
    ^Well Lucas has not been very active either. He has not posted on anything in a while.
    Unlike everything else in this thread, I'm going to go with some coasters that are actually finished...

    - Top Thrill Dragster by Real (NL1)
    - Intimidator 305 by A113 (NL1)

    Those ones are my personal favorites
    what about my nemesis and forbidden valley? does that not get a mention
    ^He was asking about nolimts 1 and 2.

    4. Space Mountain by Giftaddict, clicky. A truly amazing recreation well worth a look at! It's not released just yet, but again, it is very close.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014 edited

    Here is the video to the Kingda Ka recreation and if you wanted it I also lost the package, so I have no idea where to get it. Clicky

    I think for A113 Cali Screamin' and Speed: The Ride were his best recreations. The i305 one was decent - the trackwork was kinda off in some spots - it was mainly the track spine and lift that sold people on it I think.

    Don't forget AyTrane's Millennium Force/Orient Express recreations as well! That night time lift structure on MF was spectacular.
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014
    I concur with LBosch's Shambhala. It really was incredible the level of detail he was going into it.
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014 edited
    To add a couple that haven't been mentioned yet, I really enjoyed Jeremy Thompson's Steel Hawg recreation from back in the day, Space Station 77's Disneyland Space Mountain recreations are incredible, and while the trackwork and supports aren't amazing on this one, DerBeutlin's Eurosat recreation is commendable for its scene.
    my nemesis is in NL2... its being made for multi platform.
    I was disappointed with Millennium Force. Too many details overlooked, and too sloppily put together. I305 sucked tbh. Orient Express was ok-ish.

    Speed was good, but California Screamin' just craps on every other recreation I've ever seen. Period.

    Anyones opinion on Real's Wicked Twister?

    That thing was pretty darn close, but I still give the cake to Screamin'.
      CommentAuthorL Bosch
    • CommentTimeJul 1st 2014 edited
    Thanks for mentioning my work on Shambhala, I'm very humbled about your kind comments. I do have lost interest in it unfortunately due to many factors in my life, but maybe I'll find new motivation in the future, so please don't lose sight of it! ;) One reason for resurrection of the project should be the sheer amount of insight I gained about the ride that would be kind of wasted otherwise...
    Millennium Force for it's time was great. Considering the ride was completely hand built, and back then there wasn't nearly as much reference material nor as much general knowledge of track shaping at the time, it is incredibly solid. His Orient Express was great too.

    DCs always had some cool looking stuff....namely his SROS, Boss, Villain, etc but none of it ever came to be. I also greatly enjoyed Jeremy Thompson's Cyclops & Zeus, as well as Thunderhead which was another great for it's time.

    There was a very old "lose" recreation of the Revere Beach Cyclone by Steve Benham that is one of my all time favorite NL rides. Bobcoaster's variations on Mr. Twister are always fun too.

    People bashing I305 have to remember it was made before the ride was even built...
    • CommentAuthorbigjoe97
    • CommentTimeJul 2nd 2014
    I don't think that we should make excuses based on building technique, time of construction, etc., as we're looking for the most accurate recreations period, regardless of any qualifiers. Sure, i305 was made before the ride was even built, but that wasn't a requirement - it could have been recreated after more info was known, but it wasn't, and therefore there are some imperfections. "Great for its time" isn't what this thread is about - what we want is just simply "great", whether compared to recreations 10 years ago or recreations made yesterday.
    ^I agree and disagree...

    First of all, it's just a casual thread, not a contest - we're not specifically looking for a truly factual list or anything. It's more open ended as to what people think is good, so it's not a harsh critique.

    Second, I'm agreeing with boulderdashcci I'm that I do believe the "era" of the build is important. It's like comparing classic cars to modern ones. A first or second gen Porsche 911 Carrera would be out accelerated by your moderate 2014 Accord or Cruze. The latter two are also safer, more fuel efficient, more reliable, have loads of features, shift for you, have power steering and brakes, ABS, ... the list goes on. They are objectively way better than an old 911 Carrera. Or how about something older?

    Given the time period(s), those cars were great things, and they still can be revered now! (Of course I probably could have picked a more striking example but you get the idea.)

    I think the difference is that AyTrane was more limited in resources and tools at the time, and the skill bar was set lower, so they were more impressive then (and still today). Examples like A113's i305 aren't really restricted by the tools, but at the execution (it'd prooobably have been a good idea to wait for the full POV before starting that one). It's not that I didn't like it at all, it's just a sort of hindsight design execution mishap.

    Also, opinions. :)
    In no particular order (choosing ones that were released):

    Real's Wicked Twister
    SpaceStation77's Space Mountain Disneyland
    AyTrane's Orient Express (sorry Millenium Force)
    A113's Speed: the Ride and California Screamin'
    Phyter's Flight of Fear
    Drachen Fire (don't know the builder)

    When Air and Shambhala do come out I'm confident that they'll make the list.
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2014
    ^Andrew Clark is who you are probably thinking of regarding Drachen Fire.