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    Hello Nolimits Exchange community, I'm A7XandCoasters. Im 13, and have been playing NL for about 3 years.


    NL (obviously)
    Soccer (actually sports in general)
    Ladies (gotta love em)

    I have been facinated with roller coasters ever since kindergarden (disneyworld). I started with rct, and eventually worked my way up to NL. Here's my top 5 coasters so far...
    #1 Renegade (Amazing drop if sitting in back left corner of the millenium flyer trains)
    #2 Millennium Force (Ok so it doesnt have that much airtime or positive g's but the pacing and overall ride experience is killer imo)
    #3 Raptor (I heart B&M inverts)
    #4 Magnum XL 200 (gotta love those ejector bunny hops)
    #5 Spongebob Rock Bottom Plunge (Euro-fighter drops are awesome, An indoor Euro-fighter drop is even better)

    Anyway Im new to the site and I look forward to meeting everyone and helping out as much as I can.

    And if any of you, start posting noobish rates, I will get you back ;)
    • CommentAuthorGriffonluv
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2009
    Welcome A7! Glad to see Exposure hit big here as well!
    • CommentAuthorCamsco1
    • CommentTimeAug 26th 2009

    Lol at the ladies part... so true.

    And I think I remember you from YouTube. BTW I made a coaster called Afterlife (yes, the song) and it's in the exchange. I tried uploading a vid to YouTube but WMG caught it...

    But yeah, welcome!