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    Hi all,

    First off, want to apologise in case I mess this up. Frankly, I'm not entirely sure or confident when it comes to creating topics through this. It all sounds very confusing but I'm going to attempt to post a screenshot, or at least the link to the image so you can understand my issue.

    Ok, so, I thought I'd experiment with the X Car and I've got a decent enough layout. I'm fairly happy with it considering I avoid this coaster style like the plague as I just don't know what to do with it but nevertheless I have something and I'd like to support it. Right now it's just floating in the air.

    My main issue is, I can't find the right type of track connector other than simple/track default and frankly, I think it looks dumb. It looks as if its held together with glue. To complicate matters, I have a lift hill in the style of 'G-Force' at Drayton manor. So I'm trying to base the supports for it on that as it's a pretty similar and realistic design to use as an example. I'll keep the question simple...


    I'm hoping someone will see this picture and think, "Ah, I know exactly what he has to do", because that would be grand! It's driving me insane.

    (Hope the picture isn't too big! Honestly don't know what I'm doing x'D)
    • CommentTimeAug 25th 2014
    Try looking at rides like G-force at Drayton Manor, it has almost the exact same start as this just mirrored.
    Btw this ride looks pretty nice, I'll definitely download it when you upload it.