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    • CommentTimeSep 3rd 2014
    I have started to work on a storyline park that is set in the current year of 2014 and will progress over time but will not include a whole "story" but will show progression over time by adding rides and making changes to the park. It obviously isn't completed and I'm working on placing the coasters and supporting them. So far I have an Intamin Impulse, a B&M Invert, a B&M Giga, and an Intamin Hyper. I am planning on including 2-3 other coasters which will include some wooden coasters (possibly a GCI and classic wooden coaster) and a classic looper coaster. The park is set around an old quarry that is filled in with water. I currently have a drop tower and an observation tower in the park and there will be other flat rides as well. I plan to add more flat rides as well. For now enjoy some pictures of the park while I slowly finish supporting and doing terrain and scenery.

    story line park 2

    story line park 3

    story line park 4

    story line park 5

    story line park
    • CommentTimeSep 4th 2014
    I am really liking the terrain. I'm looking forward to that Intamin, the way it uses the mountains and all.