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    Here is a modern b&m hyper I have been working on. Nothing is final or finished at this point. Its name will likely be Firebird.

    Testers would really be appreciated. If you want to test, I can whisper you a download link.

    Height - 230 feet / 70 meters

    Top Speed - About 77 Mph / 124 kph

    Current Length (Layout may be revised) - 5,550 feet / 1691.5 meters

    WOW looks really cool but the first drop did a little bit work.

    What do you mean?


    If you are talking about the shaping of the drop, then here is a pic of it in FVD++ with the graphs showing. I compared the drop to other b&m coasters and thought it was fine.

    Ok yeah i think that the shaping is wrong but when FVD++ says its ok than its ok haha ^^.
    Maybe you can do the drop steeper... but I like this coaster really.
    • CommentTimeOct 5th 2014 edited
    Posted By: DerMuffinMakerwhen FVD++ says its ok than its ok haha ^^

    I don't see where fvd says the drop its "ok". The problem is your transition into 0 g's needs to come with a constant pitch change at the beginning of the drop. You can accomplish this using a geometric section where the pitch change is based on distance instead of time, then once the g's hit 0 add a force section. Lot's of your normal g transitions seem to be incorrect as well, with little to no editing on the "center" value. While the ride does look like it has a nice variety of elements and a cool unique layout, the shaping needs lots of work.
    There goes Bjorn stealing my methods xD lol
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014
    The shaping looks fine to me. I really love the layout.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014 edited
    Well i mean i did that before you showed it to me soooo.. <3

    The shaping defiantly needs work on some areas, especially that hill after the first drop, seems very wonky and un-B&M ish.

    I don't really know what you mean by your response to dermuffinmaker. How would I do what you are saying? I'm kinda confused... Can i see an example? I feel really stupid :p

    Yeah man, the shaping does need alot of work... feel free to add me on Skype (just whisper your username) and I can coach you along via screen share
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014
    Am I the only one that thinks the shaping of the drop looks fine?

    I don't use skype

    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014
    Yeah I thought the drop shaping looked fine too. Love the layout btw.
    • CommentTimeOct 6th 2014 edited
    It's not so much the drop i have an issue with, but other elements.
    Well, I guess we can all have opinions on this matter but I for one believe there is a serious shaping issue throughout the entire ride, drop included... The way your transitions are created in the graphs cause jolts and pumps where the normal force changes occur, trust me, its not smooth even though it may appear so... simply watch the pitch°/s while riding to see what I'm saying. I have offered to help correct such an issue since I have had a large amout of experience in designing B&M hypers and rides in general in FVD++. We will see what everyone thinks when the reviews start to come in on the exchange. Best of luck

    I will definately revise it, but I just am not sure how I can go about doing that, because I have pretty limited knowledge in FVD++

    If you've just started FVD and you're looking to really get some tracks published for practice, I'd just continue on if you like the coaster. If you do want to improve further you could probably redo a lot of it, but overall you gotta start somewhere! And it's not a bad start.

    I think the shaping is a bit better???

    Can anyone give me a professional opinion about this shaping wise (calling you monster14042)

    • CommentAuthorbigjoe97
    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2014
    A couple comments.

    I'm not an expert on B&M, but it looks to me like you should hold the circular radius at the top of the hill a bit longer before starting to open up. I also think that you should combine the two force transitions you have now (~-0.3 to ~3g, and the quartic from 3g to 4g) into a single transition straight to 4g, with the center moved to the left by ~1.5 (experiment with this number) and tension at about 0.2-0.4.

    Remember the coaster that I just posted as my fourth weekly coaster idea? Well... I decided to jazz it up just a bit ;). It now has two launches (first one at 72 MPH and the second at 85 MPH), a beyond vertical ~200 foot drop, insane airtime, and 7 inversions. And also, It may or may not be in the same park as my b&m hyper and a couple of other coasters (hint hint).

    Totally not inspired by cheetah hunt.

    Not even a bit. ;)

    Both launches in one picture

    And a jo jo roll after the brake run. Because regular jo jo rolls are too mainstream.


    I don't know what the heck is going on here, but it looks awesome!

    Looks like a mess of supports to me :x
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2014
    If you could clean it up but still retain the artistic cheetah hunt supports it would look allot better.

    Here is my attempt of cleaning it up a bit.

    Considering the tower is 200+ ft tall and needs a pretty lot of supporting, this is about as clean as it will get (in fact it will get a bit messier when I support the drop down from the tower and the track under the tower).

    The tower's supports are grouped into a couple of groups. First, there is a group of supports that support the way up the tower. Next, there is the single support (the one that has the v-shaped thingy on top of it) that is pretty essential to the stability of the coaster. After that, there are the two towers that support the section at the top. They need a pretty lot of supporting considering the height and how much track is up there. The last group is the supports of the drop down which I haven't done yet.

    Without any of these sections, I feel like the coaster would be unstable. If you have an objection to this, or have a suggestion about further cleaning the supports up, just tell me.


    Some MAJOR changes are happening right now to the b&m hyper coaster right now. Because I think that having 3 200-250 foot coasters in one park is a bit repetitive, and I realized that the shaping is pretty terrible on the b&m hyper and the whole thing really has to be remade, I am turning it into a giga, but keeping the layout similar. I will make the coaster step by step and show my progress a very lot so I don't have to end up re-doing the coaster again. I intend for this to be my last "draft" of the trackwork.

    Here is a shot of the drop. It is 100 m/328 ft. tall. If you have any criticism, don't be afraid to say it!