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    i agree this can happen to any coaster but gertlauer havent got the greatest track record the last few years. not that the manaufacturere has been at fault at all really, but still doesnt look good on them, still my fave manufacturer though
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017 edited

    So the ops at Lake Compounce finally decided to do 2 train ops on Boulder Dash for the first time all season (the manager of the park is afraid running 2 trains will put too much damage on the track and would rather lower capacity and hurt the guest experience to save money on maintenance), and they crashed during the test run. Apparently the green train flew past the brakes and hit the blue train from the back. The park has said they will try to get everything running by next weekend but seeing as how it took them 3 extra months to get Wildcat working I don't count on it reopening before the end of the season.

    Wait... I think I understand the ride ops' train of thought here (pun may have been intended). They thought that if there are no trains able to run the track, then the track can't be damaged! They're just trying to help the manager out. Great thinking, guys!
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017
    Wow, what's up with train collisions this year?
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017
    Just glad no one was on the ride when this happened, but not sure how the braking system malfunctioned that badly to allow a collision hard enough to cause multiple cars to buckle and come up off the track. In any case, not a great case being made to run both trains ... ugh.
    • CommentTimeAug 27th 2017
    Even in manual mode, the brakes should default to closed, so I'm not sure how this would have occurred unless both brake runs are connected in terms of manual buttons or the ride system is kinda weird.
    Don't know if this has been posted yet but, anyone got £410 spare ha?
    ^ Just came one to post this but you beat me to it!

    1/2 tonne boat would be a challenge to transport home... However, if you could manage it, I'm thinking one would make a cool flower bed?
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    Did you guys ever heard of Bà Nà HiIls? I don't remember if I talked about this before. It's located in Vietnam.

    It's a project led by Falcon's Treehouse (an Orlando-based comany), and it's a one-of-a-kind. It's not a theme park (tho it got a few rides, including an alpine coaster), but it's not a standard resort destination as well. It's a place themed like a french medieval town.

    ... and when I mean "themed", I mean it:

    It's located at the top of a mountain, too, which is cool:

    Falcon's has a great video sharing some insights about the project, including peeks at the extensive storyline they created for it.

    Here is a 360° video tour of the town.

    One on hand it might looks uncanny (especially for us french people, haha), as everything is fake and artificial - but on the other hand I don't know, I love the level of immersion they got in here. I love the overall architecture, and how everything both theming-wise and facilities-wise is integrated within each other. Love the height variation, too. I'd love to see a theme park looking like this, moreover with a storyline for the entire place and not just random rides barely related to each other.
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2017

    Kennywood is closing and removing its classic Arrow log flume, Log Jammer at the end of the year (so, in 3 days).

    The Log Jammer was noteworthy from a theme park design dork perspective because, apart from being one of a dwindling number of remaining Arrow Log flumes, it was the first (and possibly only?) to feature a mid-ride drop that 1) didn't end in a splashdown pool and 2) then went uphill powered only by gravity, as seen in this video. The result was a second half of the ride (before the big finale drop) that was much rowdier and quicker than most any other log flumes I've been on. However, as you can see from the video, most of the flume trough itself has become an almost comical patchwork of fiberglass fixes and reinforcement.

    All that said, a Log Jammer removal opens up a pretty sizeable chunk of land, with ready access to Kennywood's owned-but-as-of-yet-unused enormous ravine to the east of the park. The latest leaks and a slew of more boring, visual-less permits that Kennywood has filed, indicate that they're looking at a fairly significant coaster for the space, which, if the rough layout is to be believed, looks to have some RMC calling cards in the layout. #NEAT

    That said, as of a few weeks ago, there didn't appear to be any obvious work being done in the ravine, and I'd have expected work to have been started by now if we're looking at a 2018 project. So... major new coaster at Kennywood, coming... 2019?

    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017 edited
    The Fantawild parks got (at least one) robocoaster, quite similar to Forbidden Journey. I gathered some pictures:





    Fantawild Holdings Inc.

    Fantawild Holdings Inc. also have various pictures and videos about other Fantawild attractions:

    4D Dark-rides (Spiderman-like)
    Simulated-Flight Rides (weird kinda-robocoaster dark-ride, not the one I got a picture above, I've never seen something like this!)
    Shooting Dark-Rides (Midway Mania rip-off)
    Suspended Spherical Theaters (Flying Theater, but here the screen is really half a sphere, while the western variations often lack the upper half)
    Full dome Theater With Movable Sitting Platform (a rather impressive contraption which is a mix between a physical anminatronic show and a overhead dome screen)

    Fantawild also have a relatively new Youtube channel, in English, with for instance this nice video of Qin Dynasty Adventure, an Indiana-Jones rip-off.

    I'm stunned how clueless we are about all these attractions and dark-rides, here in the western part of the globe.
    • CommentAuthorStevenX
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017 edited
    I've only been on a few of these Chinese rides, and they've generally been pretty terrible knock-offs of the originals. You can see some of the reasons why in some of those promo videos. For example, in the Suspended Spherical Theatre video, you can see all kinds of crazy warping at the edges of the screens. Usually even if the hardware is OK, not much attention is paid to details like this which make a massive difference. Projecting flat footage which hasn't been corrected for projection onto a curved surface just doesn't work well. Soaring Dragon at Happy Valley Shanghai suffers from this particularly problem (as well as the fact you can quite easily see all the edges of the screen at once, the screen's way too light and you can see every seam in it), although I'm not sure who manufactured that. I don't like flying theatres at all at the best of times, but the difference between this and Soarin' a few miles away at Shanghai Disneyland is pretty incredible. You can really see the details and work that's been put into something like Soarin' to make the experience as good as it can be, and all the ways those details have been overlooked at something like Soaring Dragon. The only one I've seen done fairly well is Fuji Airways at FujiQ in Japan. I imagine Europa Park's new one should be fairly good as well, but none of these type rides really do much for me anyway.

    They also have a dreadful attempt at a 4D dark ride called Storm Chaser at Happy Valley Shanghai. It's like being sat in a cardboard box being driven around a warehouse and parking in front of a washed-out screen you can barely make out every so often. It's truly a miserable experience.
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017 edited
    Thanks for the feedback Steven! Even tho I'm not really surprised, alas.

    Soaring Dragon looks like a Movie Base from Huss. Then it's up to the park to find another supplier for the screen and movie.
    It's funny that you talk about image distorition and correction because I found multiple recent chinese patents about that. Maybe they are perfecting their systems but are not quite there yet...

    I'm bummed about Storm Chaser, because the medias and set-design was made by the renowed Falcon's Treehouse (video) who made DarKastle for instance. But yeah, poor execution will lead to deplorable experience anyway.

    I also found this dark-ride to be interesting. Not because it's necesarily well made or what (you can see the squinching is off sometimes - although props for making it in the first place), but because it's freaking 10 minutes long. It's a Spiderman with the lenght of a POTC. This allows the ride and story to have some lighter and comedy moments (6:50) and not be action-packed from the beginning to the end.

    Sometimes they have good design ideas too, when not ripped off from their original counterparts. This multi-screen scene is quite well-thought off:

    You can see the (indeed wonky) result here.

    Bottom line is, I'm really impressed by their boldness, even thought the final experiences might lack the attention to detail needed.
    • CommentAuthorStevenX
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2017
    Wow, they've made the bits of Storm Chaser they show in that video look actually kind of presentable. The vehicle they show at 1:20 is the Storm Chaser one - it hardly moves at all and feels like an incredibly cheap knock-off of the Spiderman/Transformers/etc. version. It felt like a kids' car ride type vehicle which had some plywood sides stuck on for some reason, and whatever motion it did have was severely limited. You can kind of tell if you pause the video at that point that it's a pretty crappy vehicle.

    All the scenery from 1:23 to 1:40 I don't think is actually Storm Chaser. Whatever scenery there is is just corrugated iron walls and really flat facades surrounding the screens - all of which are super flat and washed out. You can kind of tell from the layout at the end of the video that there's not even really much space for physical sets - and a lot of the time it was pretty much just blank walls between screens. One of the sets looks like a half-arsed version of the drawing shown at 1:47. The animation shown after that is from Storm Chaser. It looks OK-ish from the brief clips, but honestly for anything longer than a few seconds, it looks dreadful. The physics and perspective particularly are all over the place (see the swinging crate and the sea in general at 1:52). Of course, it looks even worse in-situ with the bad light leakage they have in that building. The whole thing really just makes a terrible impression. It's quite funny to see the faces of the few people who bother going on it when they come off, as most look super confused and massively unimpressed.

    Something else kind of amazing(ly bad) about Storm Chaser - in some scenes, they have what appear to be desk fans suck to the walls in front/to the side of the vehicle a few feet away, in full view to simulate some kind of insanely weak wind.

    Could be worse though; it could be this.

    In slightly more accomplished dark ride news, I went to Efteling two weekends ago. It's an incredible park with some wonderful theming. I'd say it's probably my favourite park in Europe after Europa Park. Some of the theming flourishes are pretty great, and really world class. Baron 1898 in particular is really great with the pre-show and on-ride show and pretty much a perfect attraction for the park. I wasn't such a fan of Symbolica though; although it's themed really well, it really has no story at all and I didn't go back for a second ride-through to try out another ride path. It seems popular for now, but it doesn't seem like a great use of the money or space they used to build it.
    • CommentAuthorPopFilms
    • CommentTime7 days ago
    The Circle-Vision theater is like the Universe of Energy finale with circle-vision screens, something that Disney kinda did in 1982 when the Energy finale had mirrors that reflected the animations on the walls.
    • CommentAuthorPopFilms
    • CommentTime20 hours ago
    Top Thrill Dragster is down for the rest of the year
    • CommentTime19 hours ago

    ^I don't think those are supposed to look like that. Wonder if it happened during operation or morning testing?

    From what I've read so far (nothing official), people seem to be saying it happened with a fully loaded train, but no reported injuries.

    Again take that with a grain of salt
    • CommentTime7 hours ago edited

    Alas, the Dragons have been slain...

    Such awful disrespect and disregard for everything this coaster was.

    Video of the destruction, proving that neither of the Dragons are being saved.
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTime7 hours ago
    Why would they go the extra effort to carefully disassemble when it's going to be scrapped anyways just to be respectful?
    • CommentAuthorTheBeatles
    • CommentTime7 hours ago edited
    Logical or not, it hurts.

    But dammmmmmn that pic makes the spine on the loop look thiqqq. Check out the blue loop in this pic. The way the pic is cut off makes the spine look gigantic (I know it's because of the support connector, still weird)
    So disappointed that I never got to ride them. JK Rowling can choke for allegedly hating the rides, also besides Hulk, I literally have no desire to visit this park anymore because I literally could not hate Harry Potter anymore (it's severely overrated and now these amazing rides being removed to put more mediocre crap in their place)