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    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2014
    I've decided a to create a thread for people to post concept art of roller coaster that they're going to plan on making, or can let someone else build.

    I for one, normally design and draw out my layouts before I actually take them into No Limits 2.

    I think this thread will be a great way to get people to perhaps help on some concepts or even help others think of ideas.

    P.S. If you see a concept you would like to recreate make sure that you get the creators permission before hand!

    Lets kick this off with something I drew today in class today:

    Its not the best, but I was just adding parts when the teacher wasn't looking.
    ^That looks like a cool ride. Gerstlauer Eurofighter, I presume? Here are a couple I did in some of my classes too...

    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2014
    Saw Mill looks awesome as does your invert dark star, love the batwing underground.