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    So, I'm finally making a construction thread, but ***no promises*** that I'll ever actually finish anything.

    Anyway, here's the inaugural project.

    I made a couple posts in the Úber Idea Thread about this Intamin LSM coaster, or rather, an earlier version of it. I wasn't very happy with the first version I presented; I just kept finding little faults here and there. Issues with the trackwork, shaping and such. So, I took the original, chopped it back to the end of the launch and completely rebuilt it incorporating some suggested layout alterations. Rather than the big sweeping turn (which had an awkward entrance and just wasn't what I wanted it to be), the new version goes straight from the top hat into the Norwegian. This time I incorporated the roll in the opposite direction first and damnit it makes the ride super sharp. Big "thank you" to whoever I wrongly disagreed with. It completely improves the look and the ride experience. After the Norwegian, there's still a cobra roll, but this one is much truer to Intamin's lead (with Fahrenheit being the main shaping inspiration for most of the ride). After the cobra, a short straight section that leads into the first corkscrew, followed by a turn and another corkscrew that sort of interlocks with the first (a picture is worth a thousand words--see below). The two corkscrews are situated over the bottom of the Norwegian.

    I haven't completely finished the layout. I've tried several things and wasn't particularly happy with any of them. If you have any ideas, please share.

    Anyway, on to the pics, in rough ride order, followed by overall shots. All pics are from FVD++, ignore the color, I just wanted something "not blue". And I prefer the look of FVD++'s Intamin track to NL2's; the tie spacing in FVD++ is better (it's quite a bit closer).

    "It's always best to start at the beginning."

    A twist so nice I've showed it twice. Haha

    I was going for a mirror image shot of one on Fahrenheit's rcdb entry. Needless to say, the shot didn't work out so well.

    Shows the latter part quite nicely.

    I swear, it's not nearly as close it looks. Besides, the tracks are perpendicular with each other (the roll too) at the closest point.

    Finally, an overall shot.

    Comments/questions/observations? Thoughts/opinions/criticisms?

    If you want more pics of anything just let me know. I'll be happy to post them.

    EDIT: Stats if you're into that sort of thing.

    Speed: 115 kph (71.5 mph)
    --Top hat: 55.9 m (183.4 ft)
    --Norwegian: 38.7 m (127 ft)
    --Cobra roll: 36.2 m (118.7 ft)
    --Cork #1: 21.6 m (70.9 ft)
    --Cork #2: 20. 3 m (66.6 ft)
    --Max: +4.9 (bottom of Norwegian)
    --Min: -.95 (on the top hat)
    Length (11/5/14 11:50 EST): 904.65 m (2968 ft)
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2014
    The only thing I really see 'wrong' would be the shaping of the top hat's crest, but that can be tweaked in game as to not force you to redo your entire layout. Other than that, looks good!

    Btw, any particular reason for the long straight before the first corkscrew?
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2014
    I really like that, actually. A lot.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2014
    Make that straightaway a small pop of airtime, similar to Colossus' speed hill into the Cobra. Other than that, it looks fantastic.
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2014 edited
    The layout that you've made so far look so fun, and I'm really amazed by the shaping on each element! For the final product, please choose unique colors, as this accelerator coaster looks just looks plain awesome!
    • CommentTimeNov 6th 2014 edited
    I really like the layout, and the shaping seems to be of good quality in most cases. The only issue I'm finding now is that I detected a bit of a pattern in your layout that may unfortunately make it a little boring.

    The theme thus far is repeating elements. Right now you have a top hat, then a twist/half loop [x2] (Norwegian Loop), then half cork/half loop [x2] (Cobra Roll), then corkscrew [x2] (Horseshoe Roll). You can probably see what I'm pointing out now. If you look at your layout you'll notice everything is happening in cloned pairs, which I'm afraid would get a little monotonous from a design perspective. I doubt most "riders" would really care much, but it adds a basic pattern to your ride that might not be desirable.

    One suggestion that could keep your layout similar to how it is now is to replace the first corkscrew with a Mega-Lite twisting hill. Keep the pace break, it's cool and gives you the breathing room to set up the twisting hill just how you like. Then execute the element - make it fun with some banking tricks, unbanking on the dive out before rebanking into the flat turn. Place the second corkscrew to follow along underneath as it is now.

    After that, I'm not sure what else you have planned for the layout, but maybe think a little more about keeping it spontaneous!

    Great ride so far though.
    Fahrenheit does the same thing AJ...I think the sensations are different enough on the first and second halves, other than the corkscrew which works as an exception. I think Fahrenheit's layout as it is works well, only issue for me (maybe, not really sure lol) is it can never really pick up a ton of speed because there isn't anything low to the ground to break up the high elements.

    My criticism with this layout is more that it's almost exactly the same as Fahrenheit, though to be fair Intamin does that a lot: Rita/Desert Race/Formula Rossa/Skyrush, Dragster/Kingda Ka/Stealth, etc.
    I guess you're right. Somehow it doesn't seem as bad in Fahrenheit's pictures, maybe due to the placement of everything. Might still be nice to mix it up with a twisting hill through IMO. Any plans for the rest of the layout?