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    please note that "updates" to the coaster will happen much more frequently then they would in real life

    Also note that I am putting the first few updates together because I already posted them on a different rollercoaster site and I forgot to post them here, so just imagine that a lot of time passed between each the first few posts. It is double posting though, so sorry for that

    Today I was driving by the highway and I noticed something strange. It seemed that some of the trees were missing where they should have been. To add to the suspicion, it almost seemed like the trees were cleared to form a path. Could this have anything to do with the recent rumors regarding a rollercoaster being put in the area? If it is a rollercoaster, I wonder what kind it will be? I will try to stop by this place in the near future to see what is really going on. All I know is that if a rollercoaster was built here, it sure would have to be pretty interesting and creative considering the pretty bumpy and wild terrain.

    My friend brought his drone to the site and took some pictures and sent them to me. This is the best shot he took. The picture doesn't really show much, but maybe you guys can make sense of it and find some clues about what is happening.


    Big update, it is officially a coaster! When I checked in on the location I saw some track peeking through the trees. As I ventured farther near the track, I saw some trucks and cranes that were almost hidden from view, plus, some workers taking a lunch break. Although I knew it was trespassing, being the crazy coaster enthusiast that i am, I stealthily rushed past the workers and hopped over the flimsy orange fence that they installed around the site and took some pictures. After a while the workers found me and kicked me out. I was lucky enough to take a photo from a tree on the top of a hill to get a good view. Now it is pretty obvious it is a b&m of some sort, but what kind is it? Any guesses?


    It seems like a turnaround of some sort is starting to form.


    Every time I visit this site it is harder to sneak photos. There are many more workers then there were before and there is a lot of equipment on site. Since I last visited they added a huge camel back and added to the turnaround, and by my rough estimations, I think the camel back must be over 140 feet tall! Although I am very happy with the progress, there is still a lot I want to know about the coaster, especially the height of it. By the looks of the elements, it seems to me that the drop should be very tall, but I guess I will just have to wait a while to find out the exact height. Also, I was fortunate enough to get another aerial photo from my friend. Despite the fact that the track in the picture is pretty hard to see, I can tell that it only occupies about a third of the space cleared so far, which leads me to believe the coaster will be pretty long.

    Here are the pictures

    • CommentTimeDec 14th 2014
    From what I can see, the camelback looks a bit too steep. Other than that, nice job on the presentation :)
    Holy ****!
    I just got an email that saying this...

    Dear TheCoasterMan589,
    I would like to keep this message anonymous because some people might get angry at me if they find my name, considering I have leaked a lot of coaster related information to the public in the past, but this was just too good to not share. Using my knowledge in computers and hacking, I managed to leak this picture from the b&m company. It seems like it is the original sketch/plan of ride you are posting updates on and may reveal some things about the ride. Also, it seems like there is some writing in the top right corner, but I cannot read it (I have very bad sight). I hope you like it!

    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2014
    The coaster better be bloody amazing after all of these updates bigging it up. I hope it lives up to our expectation.
    Are you threatening me? Haha jk. I just want to present this coaster in a different way that attracts people's attentions. It will not be a crazy, 3ds themed project that took me 3 years to work on, it is just going to be a well made and fun ride that is realistic.
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2014
    That's all we want:')
    The turns are not circular aghhh

    I can not believe the lift and drop are already up, plus the turnaround is finished! It seems like the crew is working super fast.

    I think climbing a tree was worth this great shot of the drop!

    It is almost certainly a hyper, unless my height estimates are way off