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    I went to Six Flags Over Texas this past Friday and Saturday, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas on Sunday. My n***a Keegan was there too, he might follow up with some pictures and comments after me.

    I put it off for a few days lol. But here are my reviews of the rides we hit, and some photos! SFOT was dead on Friday night and SFFT was *dead* on Sunday!! We never waited more than 6 trains at SFFT, and that was for Iron Rattler, once. The rest of IR's waits were like one or two trains. A lot of walk-ons had on this trip and we had a blast!

    I'll just post them in the order that I think I remember that we rode them...

    **Six Flags Over Texas**

    1) New Texas Giant- We did not waste any time. We just hauled ass right to this because we were excited for it. We waited one train for the back row. It was pretty fun. It got a lot faster during the night and by the end of the night on our last ride, it was absolutely flying through the layout. So many moments of airtime and quite a few sporadic lats too. It was a great ride. We rode it about 5 times. The only thing I want to add is that it was not as good as everybody is hyping about. Like really? This is the #2 steel coaster in the world? Not a chance.

    2) Titan- I cannot express how underestimated this ride is. It is freaking insane. So fast, so powerful, such a cool layout. The drop is incredible in the back with a very noticeable radius tear that I don’t think a lot of people know about. It creates a lot of airtime. The ride literally feels out of control towards the end of the night. The hammerhead is filled with lats and the camelback is indescribable. So long and so fun. The first helix was bending my neck and the second helix made me suffocate during the last ride of the night... I like it like that. This was definitely one of the top rides of the trip. We rode it 6 times.

    3) La Vibora- A first bobsled ride for me. It was a lot of fun actually. Way more fun than I thought it would be. It’s a really awesome sensation.

    4) Judge Roy Scream- We both enjoy classic wooden layouts as much as the next guy, but this one did not have any good moments of air at all. Very disappointing.

    5) Runaway Mountain- Impressive actually. It has a strong, concise layout, and it was a lot smoother than I would expect from a layout like that.

    6) Shockwave- Queer shaping and ridiculously powerful Schwarzkopf loops. A lot of fun and always worth the ride.

    7) Runaway Mine Train- The finale on this one through that odd final scene into the underwater tunnel in the back row was actually pretty fun. Just a typical mildly fast three-lifted Arrow mine though.

    8) Mini Mine Train- Not sure exactly why we decided to ride this but it was hilarious and kind of entertaining.

    **Six Flags Fiesta Texas**

    1) Iron Rattler- There are literally no words for this roller coaster if you have not ridden it. The fact that NTG is doing so much better than IR in polls is just so completely incorrect I cannot even hope to explain it, other than with the fact that NTG has 2 full seasons on IR and more people have ridden NTG. NTG is great. IR is absolutely remarkable. The back row with the curving drop has insane laterals and airtime, and it's so crazy! The amount of airtime on the ride in general is retarded. Way more powerful than NTG. But the most notable, impeccable feature was that fantastic roll. Perfect zero-g feeling with a very constant rotation, and it flies into a small pop of airtime at the end of it. The roll is unparalleled and I miss it painfully as I type this. The overbanks were insane and the smaller overbanks were fun and lateral filled. The final drop over the cliff was insanely strong and long lasting in both front and back rows. The turn into the brakes has incredibly powerful laterals and airtime at the same time. It’s extremely underrated and its current reputation in comparison to NTG's is vomit-worthy. Iron Rattler is the boss. We rode it 8 times in one 5 hour operating day haha.

    2) Poltergeist- I was glad this ended up being open because we were told it would not be. Awesome forces and a lot of disorientation, in a good way! I was happy it did not make me dizzy at all! It’s so much fun, especially after chugging a beer. This ride has an insane banking transition towards the end. All of the moments are very strong and fast and it’s just a spectacular experience! We rode it 4 times.

    3) Boomerang- I absolutely hate this ride. It’s useless and I hate it. Okay?

    4) Goliath- I love this layout. I know it’s a clone but it’s so much fun. We rode it 3 times in about 20 minutes.
    **Picture Portion**

     photo IMG_1782_zpscc4fc7e6.jpg
    Titan against the parking lot.

     photo IMG_1783_zpsc6685678.jpg
    La Vibora looks cool with the tri-coloring.

     photo IMG_1784_zpsc16458d1.jpg
    NTG's sexy shaping.

     photo IMG_1787_zps2fba079d.jpg
    NTG is so SEXY during the sunset.

     photo IMG_1792_zpse056894b.jpg
    All stations remained this way for SFOT on Friday and SFFT on Sunday haha.

     photo IMG_1794_zpseaba2a06.jpg
    Titan is amazing.

     photo IMG_1795_zpse8b71544.jpg
    Again, Titan is amazing.

     photo IMG_1797_zps9b50b8fa.jpg
    Titan's station... be jealous.

     photo IMG_1828_zps1be3500b.jpg
    SkyScreamer at night... I was pretty much petrified the entire time.

     photo IMG_1829_zpscbc85c02.jpg
    A picture of the park from Judge Roy Scream's station. It's such a beautiful park.

     photo IMG_1829_zpscbc85c02.jpg
    Day #2 at SFOT. We were so excited for Titan. Most lines were a little longer on Saturday so we did not ride as much later in the evening.

     photo IMG_1838_zpsee72cec0.jpg
    Hammerhead sexiness.

     photo IMG_1840_zps62467ece.jpg
    More Titan... obsessed with Titan.

     photo IMG_1842_zps9d7014a2.jpg
    And more Titan...

     photo IMG_1848_zps2dece116.jpg
    Goes from 100 to 0 real quick.

     photo IMG_1851_zpsa4c03fca.jpg
    Insane Schwarkzopf RIDICULOUS Double Loop Green Track Coaster!
    **Picture Portion Continued**

     photo IMG_1853_zpsbe32270d.jpg

     photo IMG_1855_zps60148fa0.jpg
    So high up.

     photo IMG_1928_zps643b03db.jpg
    I did not get very many pictures from SFFT because my phone died, but Keegan has some that he'll probably upload. Especially of Iron Rattler's ridiculous station traffic :lol:

     photo IMG_1933_zps15056ece.jpg
    We were sad to see SKC was closed but we were expecting it. What we weren't expecting was that Road Runner would be closed instead of Poltergeist! Amazing news.

    Coaster count is now 68 (going to Orlando in 3 weeks... gonna push it up even more, but I'm moving up slowly at least :lol:)

    Here is what my coaster ranking stands after this trip! This trip caused for a lot of revisions. I stand by this list.

    1) Iron Rattler
    2) SheiKra
    3) Kraken
    4) Titan
    5) Raging Bull
    6) Poltergeist
    7) Dragon Challenge: Chinese Fireball
    8) Manta
    9) New Texas Giant
    10) Montu
    Awesome tpr, thanks for posting.