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    ^^ Thanks, I'm Aware of the smoothing function and i will use it to export the final model only because i need those clear edges to model details around them at the moment. What you see above already is a .dae file ;)

    ^Haha! I was actually working on something quite a while ago but it didn't really turn out great so i kind of threw it away:

    ^ doesn't look too bad actually!
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    Posted By: CoasterdudeHaha! I was actually working on something quite a while ago but it didn't really turn out great so i kind of threw it away:

    Yeah, that doesn't look too bad. But it's prob easier to just do some custom parts to attach to your rocket train (nose, rear) rather than making a full custom train.

    Also, if someone could give me a heads up on how to do smooth edges in sketchup, and have them STILL smooth after you export your .dae file, i'd be very happy. I wasn't even sure if that was possible in sketchup, lol. Every curved surface that comes out of my sketchup ends up with horrible sharp edges.
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    Be very afraid...

    ^ Been waiting for so long for someone to do this! Very cool. Produced a similar concept myself but with a flyer. Good luck supporting though ;)

    Decided that most of the queue building is going to be supports.
    It's important to know that even though this ride is UP themed, it's not going to tell the story of the movie, I don't want to have people leave crying.
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    Very nice, Tim! I think the structure is a bit overkill, tho. Maybe try a smaller beam size and a smaller width of the truss. Another nitpick, but the flanges make no sense, haha, as he slanted beam already stick the pieces together anyway...

    But I really like the idea, especially the little sky. It's not too much ; just a stylized fresco to give the idea of the sky. Nice.

    @I305: Those tracks... That's a steel monster!
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    4D Shuttle
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    ^ Hey, me too. Yours is better.

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    hey i was here first...
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    I added a ride op booth to my jet coaster.

    I got it from

    Trying to make a gerstlauer infinity, currently messing around with the shaping of the top hat. (the first turn goes 90 deg to the left, so its not quite like junker)
    Just finished a B&M flying coaster

    Continued the layout on the infinity, not too sure where to take it after the tunnel drop. Any suggestions or feedback?
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    Listening to Pretty Girl Kotch Dancehall and working on the huge water slide in Jamp Up Land!

    I love the "wine wine wine wine wine wine" "wine wine wine" "Pretty Girl Kotch" part!

    Yes the water slide will start ontop of the drop tower.