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    Hey guys! First of all, Happy New Year! Secondly, this year I had the fortune of going to Japan for Christmas break and spending the new year there. The eight-day trip was great -- there were a lot of awesome sights to see. No shortage of amusement parks either, so watch out for those. Here's a Photo TR for you guys! In advance, I apologize for the low-quality photos that will be appearing in the middle of the TR -- my camera broke down and we had to buy a new one.

    ^ First picture of the trip. Shortly after leaving home around 4:00 in the morning.

    ^Arriving at the airport, about an hour later.

    ^Inside. SO MANY PEOPLE :O Because it's peak season, I guess? Holy cr@p!

    ^ A plane.

    ^ Our plane.

    ^ The view outside the plane

    ^ And we're off!

    ^ Cool view outside

    ^ Laaaand ho!

    ^ A "Welcome to Japan" banner upon arriving at Narita International Airport just outside Tokyo. I'm excited!

    ^ But, we needed to make another connecting flight to Itami Airport near Osaka. It was about 5:00 when I took this picture. As I live near the equator where sunshine is pretty much even year-round, the fact that it was this dark this early was kinda surprising to me.

    ^ Here's something cool -- they had cameras mounted outside the aircraft so you could see a live cockpit POV on the screen. Nice touch, and great for those not seated in the window seats.

    ^ And we've landed (again)! :P

    ^ Dinner for tonight consisted of udon and tempura. It tasted great!

    ^ Our room, which I shared with my brother.

    By the way, Japan has drinkable tap water! It was pretty weird at first to drink directly from a faucet but it was cool. Tomorrow we would head for Universal Studios Japan!
    Day 2 - Universal Studios Japan

    Today we would be heading for Universal Studios Japan. In advance, I'll be telling you that we had some bad luck and learned some lessons to be used in the near future. We still had some fun though and I liked the park nonetheless.

    ^ Because I want to start every day with a half decent pic. :P

    ^ Good morning! This is the view from where we had our breakfast.

    ^ My breakfast consisted mainly of noodles, scrambled eggs, tofu, some vegetables, and curry.

    ^ Kansai International Airport in the distance. The airport in the middle of the sea.

    ^ My first glimpse of Universal Studios Japan.

    ^ Just outside the entrance. Hollywood Dream looms over us. (BTW this would be the last image I would take with my Canon PowerShot S100. Shortly after, it broke down and I would be using my cellphone camera for the vast majority of the trip. RIP Canon PowerShot. :( )

    ^ Here we are -- Universal Studios Japan!

    ^ Constantly darting across the park entrance was GateKeeper- erm, Hollywood Dream. It looked great!

    ^ I kinda like how part of the Universal Studios parks are covered like this.

    ^ We wanted to get to the Harry Potter section of the park first. We consulted our park map, which told us to follow the yellow brick road- I mean, Hollywood Dream (which had a long line btw, around 1 1/2 hours when we first passed by the entrance) towards that portion of the park.

    ^ We got there, but apparently you had to get a ticket first, similar to the Disney FastPass system where you could only enter the Harry Potter portion of the park during a set time.

    ^ So after we got our tickets, we headed straight for Space Fantasy. Just so you know, my dad and I are the only ones in our family who like riding roller coasters :( So we chose this over Hollywood Dream, and even then my siblings were a little reluctant on riding this ride after I told them this was a coaster. :P

    ^ Waiting time was long here as well. We headed for the locker area first, but I couldn't find the area for large bags right away (I brought a large bag) so although I didn't mean to, I extended our waiting time further.

    ^ Dat line. 4 switchbacks between long stretches of pathway. This is barely 1/3 of the queue.

    ^ Sorry for the blurry pic, but again, dat line.

    ^ There was this cute robot thing which spoke. :)

    ^ After the preshow (I couldn't take good pictures of the preshow area, sorry) these guys guided you towards the station.

    ^ The station.

    Space Fantasy was great! The first portion consisted of the larger drops, the second portion was more calm than the other two, and the finale had smaller drops but was more intense. The theming was great and the finale was amazing! I guess it's too bad that I spoiled myself here or I probably would have liked the ending even more. Nonetheless, I really liked Space Fantasy.

    ^ Anyway, the waiting time for Space Fantasy was long enough that after getting off, it was already time to go to the Harry Potter section. We decided we would eat lunch there. There was this nice, foresty area leading to Hogsmeade.

    ^ Hogsmeade :D

    ^ The Hogwarts Express (unfortunately not the version in Orlando hahaha)

    ^ There was this moving image of Sirius Black. Pretty cool!

    ^ But first, butterbeer.

    ^ Butterbeer


    ^ The butterbeer was excellent! I loved it! It was some kind of softdrink with a sweet butterscotch cream on top. "H2O, lean, same thing"? No, "H2O, butterbeer, same thing"! Anyway, this was, Three Broomsticks Inn, which was a restaurant inside the park. We fell in line outside for the food -- big mistake, as we would find out later. We eventually got out of line after 30 minutes because the queue went all the way inside and there was a long hallway with 1 switchback before you could actually order. Besides, we wanted to ride Forbidden Journey as well so we decided to eat some pumpkin pie at a nearby kiosk instead.

    ^ There was a live show here. It was interesting but we had to get to Forbidden Journey ASAP or we'd be facing a ridiculously long line.

    ^ Hogwarts. Turns out we wouldn't be able to ride Forbidden Journey after all -- the line was apparently 4 HOURS LONG! That was far beyond what we expected. Although we knew that this section of the park was brand new and it was peak season, we didn't expect this ride to have a queue that long. We wouldn't be able to get to our bus on time, even if that ride was the only ride we rode during the remainder of the day. So we walked away kinda disappointed.

    ^ Inside the Dervish and Banges souvenir shop.

    ^ A moving Monster Book of Monsters.

    ^ My dad and I left after buying some stuff from the souvenir shop and decided to go for Hollywood Dream. We saw that the single rider line was 40 minutes long, just barely long enough to squeeze in another ride before leaving. Since my siblings wanted to ride Terminator 2: The Ride, we decided to try our luck and join them. Hopefully we would have enough time for Hollywood Dream.

    ^ The live actors were great but the fact that they used clips that weren't first-person POV shots kinda killed the effect. The "Hasta la vista... Baby" line at the end was said in a fluent Japanese accent. :P The ride was fun.

    Afterwards, my dad and I rushed back to the Hollywood Dream entrance to see if we still had enough time. Would we be lucky enough to ride the coaster? .... Unfortunately not. The single rider queue extended to 2 hours when we got back. Disappointing, but that's life.

    ^ We went to a gift shop to spend the rest of our time in the park. All the lines were already too long :(

    ^ But hey, at least I got this really cute Snoopy case filled with cookies inside! :D

    ^ Ah, what I could have experienced! D:

    ^ Dinner was nice. The hot soup was welcome as it was a bit cold outside.

    I liked USJ. I guess a little more research about the park would have helped us. Had we not lined up for Three Broomstics and not taken a relatively slow pace, I'm certain I could have ridden Hollywood Dream. :( Oh well, we've learned a couple things. Next time around we would not be taking any chances. Good night! :)
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    Awesome trip, why didn't you ride Hollywood dream the ride?

    Posted By: Luisvaldez989By the way, Japan has drinkable tap water! It was pretty weird at first to drink directly from a faucet but it was cool.

    In the Netherlands we have too :)
    I wasn't able to ride Hollywood Dream because we didn't have enough time :( After we got off Terminator my dad and I realized we wouldn't be able to ride any more rides. I wanted to prioritize being with my entire family before riding a roller coaster, especially because this trip was pretty much the only time all of us could spend time together. If my siblings liked roller coasters more I'm sure we would have ridden Hollywood Dream all together and it would have been awesome hahaha

    Posted By: nolimitersIn the Netherlands we have too :)

    ^ Wow that's really cool!
    • CommentAuthorStevenX
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2015
    Sounds like a fun trip! I was just in Japan (Osaka/Kyoto/Nara) over Christmas and had a great time; Japan's an awesome place to visit! We didn't have enough time to visit USJ whilst in Osaka.

    I'm not particularly surprised by the lines; I went to Tokyo DisneySea two years ago on New Year's Day and it was pretty manic there too. Luckily we'd done research and used our time wisely, using single rider lines and Fastpasses strategically to see everything; and even get in re-rides on the major rides. It really helps to have the day planned a bit when going to a Japanese park I think.

    And most Westernised countries have drinkable tap water. May I ask where you live?
    • CommentAuthorElvenage
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2015
    I hate to be that guy, but if you ever find yourself with an opportunity to ride FJ, TAKE IT. Living in Orlando, I still get chills every time I ride it.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2015
    I loved that ride when I went USO. My family just used the single rider line as the wait was only about 10 minutes compared to the 2hr standby line.
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2015 edited
    Posted By: Luisvaldez989"H2O, lean, same thing"?

    Ahahahahah, loved reading this trip report! :^)
    • CommentAuthorJAKool
    • CommentTimeJan 2nd 2015
    Japan is probably the coolest place I've visited! Shame that you couldn't ride everything you want, it looks like a really cool park.
    StevenX: I live in the Philippines where drinkable tap water is, unfortunately, hard to come by.

    Glad you guys are liking the TR so far! Here are the third and fourth days of our trip. :D

    Day 3 - Kyoto and Osaka

    This day would be more of a cultural trip. The majority of our day would be spent in Kyoto, but we would be going back to for Osaka in the afternoon for a great view on the top of a building. We visited the Kiyomizu Temple, the Heian Shrine, the Umeda Sky Building, and the Osaka Castle.

    ^ Pathway on the way to the top of the hill, where Kiyomizu-dera is located.

    ^ And here we are! Apparently this structure was made to protect the temple from evil spirits trying to enter the area.

    ^ Towards the main tower

    ^ The view outside the temple. There was a scenic view of Kyoto from here.

    ^ Apparently there were no nails used in the construction of the temple!

    ^ Apparently the water you could drink here was sacred.

    ^ Ice cream in the cold because YOLO. Matcha (green tea)-flavored ice cream tasted awesome. :D

    ^ Lunch, which included sashimi, raw food. I loved it!

    ^ After lunch, we headed for the Heian Shrine.

    ^ Before entering the area, your hands had to be cleansed with sacred water.

    ^ Heian Shrine. Something interesting -- after making a wish to the god, turning around to step away is forbidden as it is seen as a form of disrespect.

    ^ Traditional Japanese houses.

    ^ And now we're back in Osaka! This is the Umeda Sky Building; there was a cool view of Osaka at the top of the structure.

    ^ View inside, before going outside. It was pretty high up.

    ^ Cool view at the top.

    ^ Again, cool view.

    ^ Anyway, we had to hurry towards the Osaka Castle as we started the trip late today and we were running out of time :P

    ^ The famous watchtower of Osaka Castle, beautifully illuminated at sunset. Unfortunately my phone camera couldn't capture the beauty that well :( But it looked BEAUTIFUL in person!

    ^ Anyway, afterwards we needed to go eat dinner. We passed by this store and the food looked DELICIOUS! But our plans would have to take us somewhere else D:

    ^ FUNKY Ferris wheel!

    ^ Sukiyaki dinner.

    ^ You dipped your food in raw egg yolk! Apparently the eggs used for sukiyaki in Japan is so good that eggs with microscopic cracks didn't make the cut. :O It tasted excellent!

    ^ It was a bit cramped in our room, but that was alright. Good night!

    Day 4 - Mt. Fuji

    This day we visited Mt. Fuji, but poor visibility meant that we would not be able to see the entire thing in its full glory until the following day. Still, it was amazing!

    ^ We would be leaving Osaka today. This is Shin Osaka Station -- where the CRAZY FAST Shinkansen bullet train awaited us!

    ^ The Shinkansen!

    ^ "Remember, once you hit 88 miles per hour...." "I'm about to see some serious s**t?" "No! You'll be breaking the speed limit!"

    ^ I don't think this image captures how fast we were going. Maybe I should post a video.... ;)

    ^ My first real glimpse of real snow. :D

    ^ Train food

    ^ Lunch in Gotemba was tempura and udon -- kind of the norm for the trip. That's one thing I think could have been improved; we weren't able to really explore Japanese cuisine :(

    ^ Gotemba Premium Outlets. Seemed like a nice place, but again, we had little time and had to hurry up.

    ^ This Nike store had their products at really low prices -- two pairs of shoes for less than $115!

    ^ Heading towards Mt. Fuji. The fog was insanely thick! Also the reason why although we visited Mt. Fuji today, there would be no pictures of the iconic snow-capped mountain.

    ^ We got there eventually. We were only able to get to the first station though. But look what awaited us!

    ^ Snow!

    ^ SNOW!

    ^ SNOOOOOOOWWWWWWW- okay, I'll stop hahaha

    ^ We went back down to Lake Kawaguchi, one of the five large lakes near Mount Fuji. Our hotel for the night would give us a great view of the lake.

    ^ You had to take off your shoes and wear the hotel slippers instead. Pretty interesting!

    ^ The food here was one of the best of the trip IMO! The udon and tempura was great, the crab was amazing and the sashimi... Well, let's just say that the sashimi was heavenly awesome! I loved it!
    Afterwards we had a hot spring bath at the hotel. Unfortunately there were no pictures allowed. Understandable as you entered the hot spring without any clothing whatsoever! Anyway, there was really hot water but it was very relaxing. It was great!

    ^ Pocari Sweat ion water. Not to be mistaken for sweat!

    ^ Our room. See ya!
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    Posted By: Luisvaldez989By the way, Japan has drinkable tap water! It was pretty weird at first to drink directly from a faucet but it was cool.

    The U.S. has this as well - I found it interesting that you pointed this out. I guess it shows what we have taken for granted where many of us live.

    Cool trip so far, but I can't believe you didn't end up going on Hollywood Dream! Seems like it would be even more awesome at night with those crazy lights. I really want to visit Asia some time though. Although each Asian country is fairly different, it seems that they're all on another plane of culture independent from Western and European countries. Unfortunately it'd be really expensive for most of us to travel there - luckily you live a lot closer to these countries so you can take advantage of it. Have fun!
    • CommentAuthorA113
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2015
    It's awesome to see trip reports on here, they don't show up usually. Really enjoyed reading so far, glad you are having a great time so far!
    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2015
    This trip report is very interesting to read. It's a real bummer you couldn't ride Hollywood Dream, but I can imagine the rest of the tour made up for it. Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of updates recently as I seemed to have some sort of problem with uploading images. But here are days 5 and 6 of the trip!

    Day 5 - Arrival in Tokyo

    ^ Waking up to this sight in the morning is one of the best things ever.

    ^ But anyway, remember how we couldn't see Mount Fuji yesterday? Well today it looked amazing! A shame my proper camera wasn't working. :(

    ^ Passing by Fuji-Q Highland. Eejanaika and Fujiyama were right next to the road and they looked massive! But we wouldn't be going there this visit. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? :P I would have loved to have ridden Takabisha though.

    ^ Our next stop was Sanrio Puroland!

    ^ I wasn't able to capture it well but the theming inside the park is really, really good!

    ^ There was a lot of this (cute? creepy? idk hahaha) stuff inside.

    ^ Of course, it's Sanrio so there was also some Hello Kitty stuff here too! Like this meet-and-greet thing they have inside.

    ^ Some really good ice cream

    ^ The park's main attraction is this Boat Ride where Hello Kitty invites all her friends to this big party she's holding. Lots of cuteness inside :P I wasn't able to take photos inside though.

    ^ Anyway, about 1 1/2 hours later... Welcome to Tokyo!

    ^ Tokyo Skytree, the world's tallest tower and the world's second tallest building. It was visible from pretty much everywhere.

    ^ Arriving at Akihabara District for a short visit.

    ^ LOTS of anime merchandise!

    ^ New York- er, still Tokyo. Statue of Liberty replica with Rainbow Bridge in the background.

    ^ Rainbow Bridge looks much better at night when it's illuminated!

    ^ Dinner

    ^ FRIED JELLY DOUGHNUT- I mean, uramaki sushi! I cannot believe it took this long for me to eat sushi in Japan! What? :O

    ^ Hotel lobby. Good night!
    Day 6 - Wandering Around in Tokyo

    Today was our free day so we spent our time going to different places in Tokyo. :)

    ^ Outside Shibuya Station. SO MANY PEOPLE :O

    ^ A statue of Hachiko was outside. If you didn't know, the story behind this dog here was that every time his master would leave for work, Hachiko would always be waiting to welcome him back at Shibuya Station. One day, his master never came back (he died) but Hachiko continued to come back to the station every day until the end of his life.

    ^ A five-floor Forever 21 store, if you're into that stuff :P

    ^ Lunch. Now this is a pretty cool system: Here is where you pay for a "ticket" for the food you ordered. Then you would present your ticket to the counter then wait like you would at Starbucks. Pretty cool.

    ^ Udon and tempura :)

    ^ Okay, so while we were at Shibuya my dad was at Shinjuku buying me a Fujifilm XF1 without me even knowing! Expect more decent pictures for the next day in this trip. My dad is awesome :D

    ^ Next stop - Harajuku. And again, so many people!

    ^ Lots of funky shirts were for sale, like this one. :P

    ^ Crepes at Harajuku tasted awesome too!

    ^ Afterwards we went back to Akihabara (we went there yesterday) to buy more stuff.

    ^ Mos Burger is a famous fast food chain in Japan! We'd be eating dinner here.

    ^ Food at Mos Burger tasted great :D

    ^ Night time at Ikebukuro. Tokyo looks so great (and is great!) especially at night. :D

    Tomorrow would be New Year's Day! We would be visiting Tokyo DisneySea. I had really high expectations for this park and I tried my best not to spoil myself of any secrets the rides might hold. Being New Year's Day we knew there would be monster lines everywhere, and having learned our lesson from our visit to USJ we were able to plan ahead. But would we be able to make the most of our time? We would find out the next day.

    Good night!
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2015
    While you would have missed out on Takabisha and Dodonpa, not going to Fuji Q is a good thing. I have heard nothing but bad things about the park's operations and overall atmosphere.
    Hey guys! Sorry for the incredibly long time between this post and my previous one :P But here it is, my trip report for our final days in Japan! :D

    Day 7 - Tokyo DisneySea

    Welp, last night was New Year's Eve 2014, and while our friends were back home partying and singing karaoke (and some of our cousins in Manila were bearing witness to this insanity) the night before to celebrate the New Year 2015, by that time we were already fast asleep getting ready for the next day. And boy what a next day it was. Today we would be visiting Tokyo DisneySea, and expectations were high since pretty much every single person who's been here would come out raving about how amazing the park was. Fun fact -- Normally I research the living h*ll out of the rides in amusement park's I'll be visiting in the near future but I intentionally chose to not know about a lot of major details about the rides here (although I knew some bits, like: 1.) Journey to the Center of the Earth was supposedly one of the best dark rides out there, 2.) The park has a Tower of Terror ride with a completely different story, and 3.) The Gyoza Dog is apparently incredible). So would our visit be amazing like everyone else's?

    ^ Good morning! Really cold outside right now -- internet told us average temperature today would be about 8 degrees Celsius. It would feel much colder later today because of the wind!
    I was able to see Thunder Dolphin (kinda sorta) on the way to Tokyo DisneySea. I saw the iconic ferris wheel part of the ride reflecting on some random building out of nowhere, but it was so fast that I couldn't get my camera and take a picture of the other side. :(

    ^ First glimpse of Tokyo Disney Resort. The anticipation was real at this point (at least for me)!

    ^ Aaaaand we're here!

    ^ We came to the park 30 minutes before opening and the line was already so long that my camera couldn't even capture half of it at once, even from a distance. :O

    ^ Just look at how beautiful the freaking ENTRANCE is! Once we were able to get in, and as soon as we were out of the massive crowd, we practically ran for Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    ^ Mount Prometheus alone already looks incredible.

    ^ Does this park not look amazing to you?!

    ^ You're kidding yourself!

    ^ Finally here! (Sorry for the blurry pic) And only a 45 minute long line waiting for us. Not bad considering Space Fantasy about a week ago had a 1 1/2 hour long wait!

    ^ Theming in the queue.

    ^ Just think about it for a second -- who puts this much detail in a freaking queue line?!

    After the queue line, you enter this elevator-type thing that carries you "underground" (into the station). Unfortunately, taking pictures was not allowed as we went farther into the queue so no pictures of that. :( But I just have to say that Journey to the Center of the Earth was phenomenal! Everything was executed pretty much perfectly, and I absolutely loved the "launching out of the volcano" sequence (which I somehow managed to not find out about, although I knew it had to be in there somewhere). I thought that part especially was masterfully made, with everything building up to that point in the ride. And somehow there was actually some airtime coming out of the volcano! It was really incredible and if we had enough time for a reride later on in the day I would have gladly taken that opportunity a million times.

    ^ Mount Prometheus looks amazing from all angles.

    ^ Our next ride! I really love the look of Tower of Terror.

    ^ "Architectural excellence" seems right to me!

    ^ Hotel lobby queue area, before the preshow. Love the atmosphere of this part.

    ^ The guest list everyone wants to be on. Come on, admit it! :P

    No pictures allowed after this point, unfortunately, but I can tell you about the things that happen after. There's this preshow area (video here) where the story of Harrison Hightower III was told. Apparently, one of the artifacts that Hightower obtained while traveling around the world, Shiriki Utundu, was the protective idol of the African Mtundu tribe. Hightower stole this artifact and kept it for himself. Little did he know this idol was cursed and this led to his mysterious disappearance in the Hightower Hotel.

    I love the preshow effects here. The gramophone, the stained glass which changes, and most of all, the disappearing Shiriki Utundu. Apparently it drops into the stand below it, but you wouldn't realize when it happened even if you knew (which I didn't)! Seriously mind-blowing effect.

    As for the ride itself, it was pretty good and the effects were amazing! But I think the drops could have been larger. That seems to be a sentiment I share with many as those who have ridden this version as well as the ones in Florida and California say that those versions are better when it comes to the drops. But the effects here are incredible!

    ^ Toy Story Mania was unfortunately closed. :(

    ^ Next on our ride list was this pointlessly hilarious ride. :P

    ^ I liked Aquatopia! Couldn't help laughing at all of the spinning and turning that was going on. :P

    After this ride my dad and I decided we wanted to ride Raging Spirits after lunch so we got Fastpass tickets for the two of us.

    ^ At this point there was some light snowfall! It really is an alien experience to see snow for someone like me who's lived close to the equator virtually his entire life, where there's no snow, only rain. Lots of rain.

    ^ Where we ate lunch.

    ^ I hope I'm not the only one who loves an ice cream sandwich in the middle of freezing, windy weather!

    ^ What I ate for lunch: This creamy soup (forgot what was in it, but what I do remember is that it was great!)...

    ^ Some noodles and shrimp tempura...

    ^ And crème brûlée. As always, the food was really really REALLY good!

    ^ Loved the interior of this building.

    Sadly, the long line outside before we were able to get inside meant that we wouldn't be able to eat DisneySea's famous Gyoza Dog. :(

    We decided that our next ride would be the Indiana Jones ride.

    ^ Sorry for the blurry pic but the theming for the ride was great too!

    I liked the ride. The theming and the effects were great! Though I still prefer Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    ^ Next was this ride:

    ^ Raging Spirits' layout looks like Intamin knocked-off a Pinfari looping roller coaster. :P

    I thought the ride was okay. The drops were decent, the loop had a bit of hangtime, and the helix had some decent forces. The ride seemed to die down after the helix though. The theming was cool too, although not as great as the theming on most other rides at Tokyo DisneySea (but then again, so is every other ride in existence compared to DisneySea's rides! :P)

    ^ After Raging Spirits, we only had about 30 minutes left to ride the stuff we wanted to ride, so we decided that our last ride would be the Venetian Gondolas.

    ^ Nice view!

    I thought the ride was a great way to relax and end the day with. The views were great and the cast was quite entertaining!

    ^ Tell me this isn't a beautiful view!

    ^ What a beautiful park.

    ^ Seriously!

    ^ Pretty sad we had to leave so early (it was only around 6:30 right now) IIRC.

    ^ Our last dinner in Japan would be in this Chinese restaurant. I think there were probably better options; being Filipinos we're used to eating stuff like this.

    ^ Tonight we sleep in Japan for the last time. :(

    Day 8 - Goodbye!

    Today would be our last day in Japan. :( It was a great experience and we got to do a lot of things during this trip!

    ^ One last look at our hotel lobby.

    ^ Haneda International Airport

    ^ We couldn't resist buying some of this -- Green tea-flavored Kit-Kat! :P

    ^ My last meal in Japan -- some nice yakisoba. It was great; very spicy and flavorful!

    ^ Our plane back home.

    ^ Up in the air...

    ^ I "see" land!

    ^ And finally back.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this 8-day trip report! :D