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    Hi all,

    This is my first recreation (EVER) and my first recreation attempt of the best amusement park in the world. I will be building Cedar Point in packs, the first pack will include GateKeeper, Raptor, Wicked Twister, etc. It'll be basically the front section of the park. I hope you guys will enjoy this project, and constructive criticism is appreciated! Pics of first coaster (and my fave)...


    Btw, collaboration will be needed with this project! Whisper me if interested in helping with the recreation! I will need support builders, 3ds designers, track designers, scripters, and cartexture designers!

    Side view, think it looks right?


    Train going through wingover drop

    Trains cuz I feel nice

    (Keyholes by TheArrowist on YouTube, not me! Love to have the updated keyholes! ;D)

    Check back later with later updates!

    Update 1

    Coaster - GateKeeper

    I have added the airtime hill and immelmann. I have also added all of the footers for supporting. Any thoughts on shaping or other critiques you guys have?

    Immelmann and airtime hill

    Side view with immelmann and train

    Side view starring airtime hill

    Another view of lift

    So close, but so far to reach the keyholes

    Check back later for more updates!

    Anything guys? Theres so little activity on this website I have to ask for critique.
    Shaping is looking good so far, I cant wait to see more!
    Try tightening the radius at the top of the dive drop and immelman . It looks a bit off. And the airtime hill should be taller and steeper.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2015 edited
    Taller, steeper and more 'pointy' at the top: Click here

    The light blue looks also a bit off. Try making it a litte lighter.
    Hey guys,

    It would mean the world to us if we (CoasterGuy and me) had more contributers to this project! Anyways, moving on:

    Update 2

    Coaster: GateKeeper

    I have made the airtime taller and steeper. I have also tightened the radius of the wing over drop and immelmann, and expanded the ride to the keyholes. Pics are below.

    Improved lift and immelmann

    Improved airtime hill

    Threaded the needle

    Progress so far

    I don't think this corkscrew looks right... Thoughts?


    Hai again.. Why u get in my pics train? Your not the star of this show!! NOT TODAY!

    Ok train.. NOW I need you.. See it passes clearance! :D

    Ahh.. So iconic.. Shaping looks right, right?

    Passes clearance again

    Thats all I can give you guys today! Would love to have the new front entrance and real keyholes..

    Check bater later for more updates!

    WOW looks really cool... and the shaping for me looks nearly perfect ;D
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2015
    Looking good!
    Thanks guys! I hope all of you are enjoying this recreation process. I have always wanted a CP recreation, but I've never seen it on the forum. So I decided to it myself! More updates will come tomorrow!
    If you want I can look into helping do a couple of CP coasters, I'm happy to contribute to any full park recs wherever I'm welcome :)
    Sort of off topic, but:

    A leaked memo from @CedarPoint describes a proposal from B&M for a $15M Dive Coaster for 2016. More details:

    Holy crap a dive machine at Cedar Point for 2016 (probably)!!
    Woo! More double posting!! :P

    Update 3

    Coaster: GateKeeper

    I have finished the inclined diveloop and other 0g roll. Pics below:

    All of GateKeeper so far


    Side view of diveloop

    Train going to diveloop

    Artistic shot (I think? Didn't turn on FOD)

    Diveloop side view

    All of GK

    What I did to GK :D

    Constructive criticism is appreciated!

    Check back later for more updates!

    With every update it looks better and better and better ;D
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015
    Your dive loop seems to be too wide on the top in reference to this picture. Also, don't forget to add the gap between each gate.

    Good luck for the recreation! :)
    ^^Thanks! I appreciate the compliment.

    ^Thanks for telling me. Also, I would LOVE to have the gap between the keyholes, but I need someone to model it. D:

    Update 4

    Coaster: GateKeeper

    I have tightened the radius of the dive loop just a bit. I have also moved over the airtime hill just a bit. I have also put in the MCBR. Pics below:

    Improved airtime hill


    Started with a LITTLE bit of supporting

    Improved dive loop

    All of GateKeeper

    Another view of MCBR starring train

    Threaded the needle

    I srs need models for the keyholes.. Anyone willing? :D

    Check back later for more updates!

    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015
    You need to seriously to refer back to images of the ride. Your elements are way off

    soz not soz
    ^I am. I am using a bunch of overlays. :P
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015
    ^I'm not sure if overlays work, real pics are never perfect for sideviews for example.
  15. (scroll down just past halfway) <--- Can't you use this? It would help get your scaling and proportions correct if you set it as an overlay...
    ^I am using the GateKeeper blueprint actually...
    Time for the first raptor update



    Spiraly bit and Cobra

    More Cobra Roll

    First Drop

    Wide view of the drop

    Ground view

    Does anyone know what the eights of the zero-g, cobra and mid-course are?

    The cobra roll is waaaaaay too tight

    sorry, screwed up image sizing. Should be better now?
    Loop is way too round, and exits higher than it enters?
    • CommentTimeJan 16th 2015

    ^Yes it does.

    I'll fix the loop but for now here's a pov
    • CommentAuthorcaptfido87
    • CommentTimeJan 17th 2015
    Your loop is not leaning enough like the real version.
    Sorry for the lack of updates, I just want to let you guys know that this project is still ongoing, it is only "dead" because of schoolwork and such. Stay tuned for more updates (I'll probably update GK on Saturday!).

    I'm looking for some modellers on this project! I cannot model (very well), so I am looking out to the community to help me on this gigantic project. I am looking for these qualifications:

    -Someone who is experienced with 3D modeling, especially with recreations.

    -Someone who is mature, and can be available when needed.

    -Someone who can be willing to undertake ambitious tasks (like modeling the entire front entrance of Cedar Point 2013 era)

    Please whisper me your Skype or Steam name, and at least 1 screenshot of previous models.

    Check back later for more updates!


    Check back later for more updates!

    ^ niceeeeee
    Ooh, I'm excited for this. But shouldn't you have done a first single coaster recreation before an entire park? xD (Unless you meant this is your first park recreation)
    Looks cool so far (hadn't seen it before).
    Quick update. Just finished supports for almost 1/2 of the ride. What do you think so far?

    Looking amazing! Love what you guys are doing. 10/10 so far.

    GateKeeper is done. :)
    looks nice! Is that the final gate, or is it temporary?
    ^It is only temporary. Btw, you have the liberty to remodel the Keyhole/Front gate if you'd like. :D

    Blue Streak has started.

    PS: Blue Streak is not in the right place, I will fix that once I am done with the ride, and

    PPS: I did not make Raptor, as the raptor you see in the pic is lodogg's Raptor. I am using it as a placeholder.

    Progress update:

    Blue Streak is finished, now only needs the custom station and surrounding scenery (Same with GateKeeper if anyone is interested)

    Added fences around Diveloop of GateKeeper

    Another view of the fences and closeup of ground texture (still WIP)

    Check back later for more updates!


    PS: Looking for someone to model the midway carousel, Skyride, or entire Midway. PM me if interested.
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2015
    This is looking really good, like really good. I never even knew there were plans online for Cedar Point so that's a great bonus. The shaping of the coasters also look good so far. :-)
    ^ Agreed, although I'd recommend tweaking the colours on Gatekeeper. I'm fairly sure it doesn't contrast quite that much in real life.
    ^Which color though? The dark blue or light blue? I don't know what you're talking about xD

    Just make the dark blue a tad lighter - the light blue should be fine. It looks a bit overly vibrant to me - just a little nitpick.
    I know lighting factors in on how the colors look, but still.

    By the way, that shot which shows all the coasters (a few posts back) is cool :) Should look so awesome when it's done.
    Thanks for pointing that out. I'm excited for this project to be done! :D

    Changed the colors a bit, what do you think?
    Perfect :)
    Did you make the fence panels?
    ^Yes I did.
    Now, for all you amazing modelers, I need something from you guys.

    I need people to model:

    -GateKeeper Station and/or plaza. Person: Roller_Coaster_World

    -Wicked Twister station and/or wicked twister midway. Person: mcrc.2305 (Station)

    -Main Midway, including Skyride and such. Person: ___

    -Kiddy Kingdom with working MaXair (MaXair is optional). Person: ___

    I will be updating this post for whoever wants to take it up!