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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015
    I have recently started using NoLimits 2 and I love it! Rollercoaster Tycoon was never versatile enough, and i love the node based system and the capabilities of the simulator. Unfortunately, I am confused on several points:
    1. Is there any FREAKING place where I can download a bunch of 3D models, CTRs, etc. I have looked through a bunch of threads here about some really amazing models, but there aren't downloads on any of them. One example in particular is the Intamin Super Pack. That thing looks amazing, but a download is nowhere to be found.
    2. I know how to use sketchup, Autodesk 3DS max, and Blender fairly well, but I've never been able to obtain the insane detail found in models you see here, like TheCodeMaster's stuff, among others. Is there a big thing to make it easier? I owuld like to take coasterbuilding to the next level with models, etc.
    3. How does one get the measurements for a station, trains (wheel alignment), etc right within your modeling program? is there a list of such measurements anywhere?
    4. Textures! Where the heck do all you all get your amazing textures. I have made some primitive models but the default Sketchup textures are crap, pardon my french.
    5. One last thing: Lighting scripts, etc are something that interests me. any tips/starting points? I would like to download and look at some preexisting one and eventually make my own, as I know a fair amount of java.
    6. I'm sure there will be more.

    Finally, Feel free to use this thread to ask the pros other questions, fellow newbies.

    Note: I posted this separately from the tips and tricks thread that is stickied because I feel like this is more specific. I will move it if necessary.
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015 edited
    1 Not really. Everyone makes there own custom stuff, with the exception of the new foliage set released by nSeven (I recommend downloading btw)

    2 It takes practice and patience to become good at modeling. Use reference images and observe small details on real life things. Good textures don't hurt either.

    3 I and allot of others use supports. create a beam and click on it (it should tell you how long it is in the bottom left)

    4 Like I said you need good textures. I sometimes spend hours looking for a good texture, but there are sites that have them like CG Textures. You have to make a account but it worth it, it has thousands of free textures. The limit is bs and dose not work btw.
    { }

    5 Ask TheCodeMaster lol. He is king of that kind of stuff.

    6 Use the official ask thread or try whispering a member on the forums :)
    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2015 edited
    As most of the points have been answeres I'm just going to point a few things:

    1 You can download some models from sketchup warehouse and import them to the game. Not as good as RCT3, but you may find some useful things. Also, there are some released flat rides. Look for Magu's and Projektion's ones.

    2 Practice, practice, practice. Not an easy way to do it. Also keep in mind the poly count in your objects.

    3 As 1blueshe said textures are REALLY important. For both the aesthetics and for reducing the poly count. A good texture may save you from modelling a lot of things.