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    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2015 edited

    Welcome to my creations thread!

    A few comments:

    I have created this thread to share all the stuff I create, as many people have. I just figured it is a good idea to consolidate everything I make now and in the future in one spot. I'll be posting off and on, depending on how much time I have. I just hope that the comments in this thread will be kept constructive and that you guys will enjoy my work! Happy coasting!

    Now, My first post on this thread:

    Origin Park

    (Yes I know this is a terrible name, I was at a loss of creativity).

    A Rocket Coaster: La Fusée


    Well, this is my first coaster that I have actually finished to my liking aside from testing and tutorials. It is a rocket coaster with a 50mph launch, a top speed of 78mph, and is 5073 feet long.

    Track Elements

    (In order of appearance)

    • Non-powered beggining elements

    • Corkscrew

    • 50mph launch

    • Upwards Helix

    • Corkscrew Diveroll

    • Upwards Helix

    • Dive loop

    • Vertical Loop

    • Upwards inverted dive loop

    • Double Crossover helix turn

    • End Lift hill

    • And some headchopper supports here and there!

    And an awesome french name.


    Completely custom scenery with custom autopaint layers (Feel free to delete the coasters and use the terrains, I quite like it).
    ENTIRELY custom supports. As this is my first coaster ever, I am very proud of the supports, but I see room to improve.
    Unloading/Loading stations
    A flat ride (enterprise) and a bunch of scenery. I would have added more trees, but that means a serious sacrifice to performance.


    Click here for Imgur Album


    (Coming Soon)

    The Next ride in Origin Park:

    A small wild mouse style ride: Silly String!


    Originally I was only going to have la fusee in this park, but then I decided to build a small, rectangle-style, mini coaster called silly string. It is just a small, short, but entertaining ride atop a hill. With four single car-rotating trains, this one will be sure to make you puke. Length: 965 feet, max height (relative to station): 43 feet, Top speed: 32 mph. Plus an awesome green and purple theme.

    Track Elements:

    • Curved Drop

    • Larve overbank (with a cool support)

    • 3 small airtime hills

    • Wave curves

    • Small, steep overbank


    Click here for Imgur Album


    (Coming Soon)

    I hope you like it. Download here: NE page

    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2015
    I think it's better to show the images here, there are some lazy people who don't click the link for images, including me most of the time.
    You can embed the images here using HTML.

    Comments on your images:
    - Lower the FOV of the images;
    - The same picture with different train positions isn't really needful, one pic is enough.
    - Keep trying to make the ride as smooth as possible, how more you try how better future rides will be.