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    • CommentAuthorHyde
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2015
    hello all,

    I have been hired to create a few sound effects for a scale model private exhibit. they have built working wooden coaster model and need the sound effects to go along with it. the cleanest samples I have found are from the NoLimits coasters. they want the coaster sounds as well as the screams (and I have to mix in amusement park background noises as well). professional sound effects sites have had very poor/dirty effects.

    I am looking for someone to run through 2-4 of their coaster tracks with the screams added and make a vid so I can extract the audio or make just the audio available. I bought NL1 and NL2 but don't see any sound effects for passengers but have seen vids of NL2 where you can hear the passengers. most uploaded vids of roller coaster sims have music over it so I can't use it. POV actual coaster vids are either empty or people talking (and often cursing) or of poor quality/windy so I can't use those either.

    this is only for a single person's coaster model (not mass produced or anything).

    any help would be appreciated. am willing to pay for your time if necessary. please let me know.
    • CommentAuthorAyTrane
    • CommentTimeFeb 10th 2015
    Be careful of using other peoples audio or video. Many copyright laws prohibit use of these materials without the owner's consent (NoLimits and YouTube included). Since you have been hired, I would recommend going to a park and recording audio yourself.

    When I do sounds/screams in my videos, they are all sounds that have come from either videos I have recorded or ice have permission to use for their application. I would suggest creating an audio library if you plan on doing this sort of thing more than once.

    Best of luck, sounds interesting!