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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015 edited
    Hey guys im very new around here, made an account a while back and uploaded a coaster or two on the exchange but this is my first time posting things on the forum.
    This thread will contain any coasters i build/am working on at the time.
    All my coasters and scenery are hand-built, mainly because im used to handbuilding (also because FVD completely baffles me no matter how many tutorials i watch :)

    Custom Coaster Sounds:

    Anyway without further ado i present Aether, an Intamin LSM coaster.

    I currently have built the layout up to the MCBR and are still adjusting some elements, the ones with no supports.

    Here are some more pictures.

    Made some LSMs out of supports that fit the train.

    overview of the layout so far.

    Turnaround into airtime hill.

    Trasition into the airtime hill

    The banana roll from two different perspectives.

    Pretzel knot and loop from a side on view.

    108 degree overbanked turn leading into the banana roll.

    Feel free to suggest any improvements i could make shaping/supporting wise as i am by no means an expert at nl2.
    Any feedback, either positive or negative is greatly appreciated.

    Here is the cartexture i made in photoshop.

    I will try to post updates as frequently as possible, looking forward to your opinions on the ride so far :)
    one thing i want to say and ask.
    Very nice car texture! And how did you make it?

    I hope you keep working on this coaster ;)
    Looks stunningly beautiful...
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    Love all your rides that are on Steam and this ones looks to be coming along really well too. I know you make everything out of supports, but to me, it seems kind of counter intuitive to remake the same style of brake fins that are on the coaster by default (referring to the 2nd and 3rd pics).
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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015 edited
    Why thank you!
    I copied the car textures for the rocket coaster from the nl2 folder into photoshop then removed the nl2 logo and added the text, shapes and effects onto the picture, then put the edited picture in my park folder, you have to figure out which part of the picture corresponds to which part of the train by reloading the park... a lot :)
    I probably made that sound more confusing than it actually is, unfortunately i cant find the tutorial i saw anywhere, so hopefully this helps you somewhat.

    EDIT: about the fins, i would make the single LSMs along the middle of the track like the real thing, but i get annoyed by the fact that they clip through the train, you cant see but they do differ from the default ones by only running down one side on the launch section. thanks for the feedback.
    thanks! can´t test it now because Im not home :(
    witch photoshop program do you use? I haven't a good one.
    ^ I use adobe photoshop which a friend kindly gave me a spare product key for (no idea how he got it), however i do believe there are free alternatives with just as many features.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    ^There's gimp, which is basically a free version of Photoshop. Some things are labelled differently, but overall it's pretty much the same program.

    Now that you pointed it out with the brake fins, I can see the difference. I'm not sure how people like you and Turbo manage to build such amazing things out of suppports down to the smallest detail, it's truly amazing.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    This looks fantastic, and I'm confident this will be another outstanding work knowing Agartha which was extremely well done, too. Gotta love the car texture and your support scenery.
    Quick question, does anybody know where i can find a good LSM sound to play during the launch, im currently using one from maverick but its very low quality. Thanks.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    I love how it packs a punch despite it being so compact. Amazing work :)
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    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015 edited
    I decided that the current pre-MCBR layout was lacking slightly in the airtime department, so i added a second twisted airtime hill that travels through the banana roll.

    While im here, i might as well show off some scenery i had hidden in the first pictures, including a fly through fog filled tunnel, some more LSM shots and the LSM power room.

    The current layout is as follows: LSM Launch - Pretzel knot - Vertical Loop - Over Bank - Banana Roll - Small Ejector Hill - High G Turn - Twisted Airtme Hills x2 - MCBR.

    Let me know what you think so far.

    P.S future updates will be a take a bit longer now as im going to fully perfect the layout up to the MCBR before continuing.
    • CommentTimeFeb 12th 2015
    That tunnel looks great. And your LSM fins look amazing as well. Can't wait to see more.
    After hours of placing support nodes, coping, pasting and all that jazz, i present to you.... the cloud towers.

    These structures will make up the centerpiece of this coasters scenery, featuring fog machines around the top level to generate a small cloud around the peak of each tower.
    The bridge features a double headchopper, the second of which passes through a damaged section of the bridge to create a sense of speed.
    The towers and bridge support also have many close calls with the train as it travels through the layout.

    Here are some more angles.

    The Train passes the clearance test.
    Trackwork has also been refined and i will soon resume the supporting of the coaster up to the MCBR.

    Hope you like it :)
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2015
    Omg. Love it.
    • CommentTimeFeb 13th 2015
    That's really cool. Great layout also.
    • CommentAuthorKamui
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2015
    Nice little coaster and great objects for the launch.
    • CommentAuthorMGCD
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2015
    Make sure to get some shots of this for SSS!
    The theme and scenery looks great! Nice work
    ^Ill wait until i've finished the terrain and foliage first.
    After suffering an external hard drive failiure while changing computers, the original aether was sadly lost. However i did not give up, and now, Aether 2.0 is coming along nicely. The launch has been replaced with a 190 ft lift hill, the entire coaster has been completely redesigned, while keeping some original elements, it more closely resembles a mini intimidator 305 with inversions thrown in, using a single spine variant of the double spine track and a full throttle esque loop and tophat combo.
    Pictures below:

    Layout is complete along with the custom track, (made from supports btw) Still lots to do including station, scenery and ride supports, Quadruple backed up on two USB Sticks, an external hard drive and my computer:)
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2015
    Love it!
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015
    • CommentAuthornSeven
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015
    So it is made of

    This is such a graceful coaster - one of the prettiest things I've seen here.
    Ive come up with an extended ending to the layout, but im still not sure on it. Before i go ahead and use it id like to see all your thoughts on it:

    Should i use this or keep the layout as it is currently?
    Your layout already looks fairly long. I think you should keep it as is. I like the little section you just showed, but I don't think it adds enough to justify cost given the magnitude of the rest of the ride.
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015 edited
    Agree, the layout is already pretty long. I'd actually ends it after the turn right after the loop, that last drop feels a little bit too much.
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    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015 edited

    I've decided to stop fiddling around and just keep the layout as it was, as i'm overall pretty happy with it, i tried a few other things, but it just didn't look "right" so i fine tuned the upwards curve and did some minor re-profiling here and there.

    I'm now starting work on the terrain around the coaster and terrain textures, water, ETC.. Here's some pictures of the progress so far:

    This may be the last update for a day or so as i finish off the terrain and begin supporting the coaster.
    Looks like a really fun and unique layout, definitely looking forward to this one. Agartha (the Steam version) was great.
    • CommentAuthorMaverick78
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015
    Very very beautiful! Thumbs up!
    • CommentTimeApr 23rd 2015
    This looks fantastic, very unique layout while still keeping a realistic feel. Looking forward to ride this one!
    So i took a small break from this project but some more progress has been made:

    ^^This is the start of Aethers station, which will include a baggage store on the ground floor in between the two sets of stairs, (entrance on the left, exit on the right)

    ^As you can see ive changed the track over to the new double spine, sorry about the trim, dont worry that hill still pulls -1.6 g in the front and back rows!

    ^^^Some of you may remember these from the original Aether, im in the process of rebuilding them, the track now runs through the middle of one of the towers, with inches to spare providing an awesome headchopper.

    ^Also starting work on the fencing around the area

    ^Heres an overview of the whole coaster so far, Let me know of any ideas for more scenery, headchoppers, or near misses, i plan to include lots of interaction with scenery.
    I added Codemaster's awesome roar sounds, (not very intamin like i know, but 1000 times better than the default sounds) I also added custom sounds to the magnetic brakes, trim brake and lift hill.
    As always tell me what you think so far and let me know any improvements i can make.
    • CommentAuthorMGrides
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2015
    Don´t get me wrong .. i like this stuff but the lifthill construction looks like a dwarf on short legs. I think one of the matters because it is so massive could be a super fast lift. Or... design. Otherwise it looks great =) Great layout and a wondeful, hugging terrain. I really loved Argatha and i´m excited what this beast will be :D
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    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2015 edited
    Here is a video of the lift and brake sounds, the siren will probably be removed.
    • CommentAuthorBrawly
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2015 edited
    edit: Nevermind

    I love that lift and brake sound so much.
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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2015 edited
    The siren sound i just pulled off of a youtube video, the magnetic brake sound is actually taken from the gyro drop tower ingame (but slightly extended) the lift is a heavily modified version of an electirc motor recorded in a garage lol, the length of each sound cannot be changed as they are made to the perfect length of my coaster, you could easily edit the siren in audacity or other software though to make it longer or shorter. Let me know and ill send you a dropbox link for the sounds, and the scripts to attach them to the coaster if you dont want to make your own.

    [EDIT i forgot to whisper this. Anyone can have the sounds if they want though as they are technically not mine, i just edited them from videos.]
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2015
    I love this coaster. Interesting layout and perfectly fitted into the terrain.
    Don't have an idea for theming, but the towers structure looks very similar to this.

    Maybe this helps for further construction.
    And nice sounds you collected there, would be awesome if you would share them with us!
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    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2015 edited
    Custom Sounds have been released, the lift motor and alarm sounds do contain loops so can be edited in audacity or other programs to make them longer/shorter.

    I may add more sounds in the future if i need them for a coaster, if so i will add them to the pack.
    Sorry for the double post but i thought id show you guys the cartexture im working on atm:

    Let me know what you think, will update you with the finished towers in the next day or so.
    • CommentAuthorTOGO Fan
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2015
    Where did you get the lift and brake sounds from? The codemaster?
    I like it. Looks clean and realistic.
    ^^ found the sounds on youtube videos, the brake sounds are edited versions of the ingame gyro drop tower
    • CommentAuthor-Divotik-
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2015
    This coaster is incredible, looks so realistic, keep the good work up!

    I don't comment often but when i do that's for sure some excellent work!
    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2015
    Great work on those car textures! I like the design, simple yet modern. Lovely coaster you have going here!
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    • CommentTimeMay 9th 2015 edited
    Okay a very fortunate series of events just happened, i found my old layout

    Due to similarities between this and my current coaster, [the pretzel knot] i may re theme this and release it separately after Aether is complete as i am i big fan of this layout.
    My Eurofighter contest entry (and the only entry in the contest lol) Maelstrom is now on the exchange.

    Give it a try and let me know what you think.
    Heres a wip pov of Aether
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2015
    Will you be scripting a cable lift?
    I would love to script one, but im awful at coding anything lol. I might try to make a static one out of supports but that might be a bit strange.
      CommentAuthorelement 115
    • CommentTimeJul 12th 2015 edited
    So ive slowed down a lot recently due to work etc, but Aether is still going strong and will be finished someday this year. Heres some of the things ive been planning/working on recently

    Firstly ive restarted support work from scratch starting at the brake run and begun supporting the tophat/loop aswell

    I am also creating a bridge through the loop which will have a footpath running parrallel to the track on the left hand side (details and fences will be added later obviously)

    This path will take you to a veiw point overlooking the valley and out to the dive loop and brake run slope, the track also curves around very close to one side for some great action shots of the coaster

    Some themeing elements are also being added (well done to anyone who recognises this pyramid, you probably wont) this provides an mist filled headchopper at the coasters fastest point

    That's all i have atm, let me know what you think, feel free to come up with ideas for more scenery and let me know if you spot anything odd or anything that could be improved.
    the themeing stuff like the pyramid etc will make more sense when you know the story behind this ride which i also plan to add onboard audio to. This brings me neatly to a question, is there an onboard audio script anywhere that plays the audio so you can hear it outside the train? Like a radius of 15 m or so, the script im using atm only plays in ride view and is silent even when stood next to the train, if someone knows a script, or how to script such a thing i would greatly appreciate it.
    Quick question, would anyone with some modelling and scripting experience be willing to make me a cable lift, i could make a static one with a light pattern or supports but it would be awesome to have a fully working one to add to the realism. You would be doing me (and my coaster) a massive favor and full credit will obviously be given upon release, i would greatly appreciate it, if you're up for it let me know via a whisper/pm/whatever. Thanks in advance:)